Perfection (Jin)

Type: Fluff

Request: aigooo baby moods are always cute. how bout a jin scenario where you’re super pregnant, like 8 months or something, and you’re feeling really insecure about yourself so he does really cutesy things for you to make you feel better. 💕

Summary: you’re perfect no matter what you say about yourself

Nothing seemed to go right this morning. Hormones raging through you like no tomorrow, everything hurt, and all you could do is talk down to yourself. You looked at your extra large stomach in the mirror. You and Jin’s son Jaejoong was making you bulge out largely and it made you want to cry furiously. Jin had to help you out of bed each morning. 

“Baby what’s wrong?” he asked as he came in seeing you stand there “I look horrible” you tell him. “Ah I think you need to get your eyes checked love” he says wrapping his arms around you. “I’m fat” you say “you’re 8 months pregnant with my baby, he’s made you very hungry. Jaejoong is like his appa” he joked. “I don’t like being this big” you whimper. “No baby no tears come on I know what makes you happy” he says as he helps you through the house to the nursery. 

“See in less than a month Jaejoong will be in your arms as you feed him right over there in that chair” he said pointing to the plushy seat beside the crib “now I thing you need a massage and then a warm cup of cocoa” he says guiding you to the living room and putting you on the couch “which do you want me to massage first?” he asked laying you down. You shrugged. “Ok how about we start with your cute little feet” he cooed grabbing your foot. 

It didn’t take long for you to feel the nice soothing feeling he was providing “no matter what you say Y/N you’re perfect, you’re getting more and more perfect each and everyday” he tells you giving you a smile. “I love you more than anything” he cooed when he was done he leaned down and placed a kiss onto your mouth “now do you want whipped cream on your cocoa?” he asked. You smiled at the perfect man in your life. “Whatever you want” you tell him with smile.