shinee gets hungover

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  • taemin: what’s this ball on the couch *shakes it* / onew: *eyes closed* ohdeargoddon’tmoveme iwillthrowup
  • googles “how not to be hungover” 
  • largely unhelpful 
  • whoever tucked a water bottle under his arm, he owes you his life  
  • lies there and just accepts his fate (”let the sweet release of death come to me i am ready”) 
  • does hair of the dog actually work (taemin: brings over a shot / onew: *puts his head into the garbage can placed conveniently right next to him*) 
  • crawling everywhere bc walking is pain


  • woke up like please???????
  • completely fine 
  • YES still hangover proof!!!! 
  • whistling and cooking eggs (key, onew, minho: we hate you / jong: welp no eggs for you)
  • put the ketchup in the form of smiley faces on the members’ eggs and they stare down at red smiles v angrily 
  • clearly enjoying everyone’s misery and smiling like an asshole 


  • sitting at the table staring 
  • at what? who knows 
  • “i’m not hungover it’s just that sometimes i feel nauseated” 
  • @ everyone: stop yelling 
  • “nursing” a coffee but in actuality he can’t bring himself to actual lift the cup up bc it’s too much effort rn 
  • holy fuck his eyes are so swollen 
  • pressing cold spoons to his eyes 
  • “today is going to be a rough day” 


  • throwing up in the bathroom and he sounds like he’s dying (jong: hey ming speaks whale) 
  • members come in turns and pat him on the back like “there there” and he’s like nooooo leave me alone with my shame 
  • comes out and acts like he’s not hungover as shit
  • you can’t lie to the fans minho can’t do that
  • yesterday was a pretty chill night / onew: *still dying on the couch*: minho you threw up in the potted plant in the lobby / taemin: we have a new plant now) 
  • okay it’s come to his attention that he remembers zero. 


  • woke up splayed af on his bed, minho’s on his floor (”oh hi” while stepping over him) 
  • his shirt is backwards but ~that young bounceback tho~
  • looking at the v sorry states of his hyungs 
  • 6v6
  • they’re so old
  • orders chinese food and everyone else is watching him like eww…w…w….. why / taemin: *mouthful of noodles* you don’t know me / key: stfu
  • eats half a loaf of bread 

130620 EXO at Arirang Radio Sound K

Kris was asked regarding ‘having 10 children together’ and Suho’s response

DJ: So Suho-sshi, as the mother, what do you do to the members? Suho: Firstly, I’m good at nagging. Nagging is the most important. (Chen: Yes, that’s important) That’s the most representative quality of a mother. DJ: Who got nagged the most? Suho: Firstly it’s our magnae, Sehunnie. Sehun-ah, are you listening? Sehun and also M’s magnae, Tao; I found myself nagging at them a lot. They listen well, but still (mumbling) I don’t know why they are like that (Kris & DJ chuckling at that)