Sleepy Head

You were tired from a long day of work. Maybe staying up trying to finish the last few chapters of your book wasn’t a good idea. Your arms were lugging the groceries you had to buy after work. “Uh… I should’ve just ended it at page 231…” You mumbled as you reached your apartment door. You sighed as you opened it and waddled up to the small kitchen table.

You thrusted the groceries on it and speed walked to your bedroom. You threw yourself on your bed. “Oof…” A voice mumbled next to you. You instinctively screamed and grabbed the nearest pillow. You started smacking the source of the noise mercilessly. “Hey! Watch it!” The voice called out, a voice you knew too well.

“A-Aigo!?” You asked and stopped smacking him. His body slowly raised up, kind of like the zombies from Thriller. Aigonorus yawned and turned to look at you. “Yeah?” Your sleepy boyfriend asked through his half-lidded eyes. “W-why are you sleeping in my bed!?” You exasperated.

“Well you didn’t ask me that when we ended up doing certain things here…” He said with a devilish grin. You felt your cheeks heat up. “But, I digress. I kinda slacked off and came here to visit you. Since you weren’t here I took a nap on your bed.” Aigonorus said with his normal expression. “Aigo… You promised me to work more often.” You chastise him. Aigonorus shrugged before he wrapped his arm around you to pull you close.

He kissed your forehead,“Well, I wanted a ___ break.” “A-Aigo…” You said feeling a bit embarrassed. He sunk you both onto the bed. He placed a sweet kiss on your lips. “I know your tired, so just sleep.” He said as you snuggled your head against his chest. “I love you Aigo…” You said as you drifted. “I love you too,___”

Aigonorus smiled to himself. He was happy to be loved by you and to give you love in return. “Heh… My goddess. I’m so lucky to have you in my life.” He said as he joined you in sleep.


Yeah I did a small Aigonorus fic because his sleepy glare and messy hair just makes me melt. But Ichthys over ranks him though…

Admiration Part 2

A/N: I’ve really need to just sit down and work on this more but until then here enjoy this update

Part 1


For weeks you had watched Seunghyun mop around his place for Jaehee. It wasn’t the fact that he stopped going out. Or the fact that he stopped seeing different ladies each night, it was the fact that he kept things inside and wasn’t sharing how he felt. You couldn’t stand it. As you entered into his loft for that day his cloth was everywhere. The place smell horrible  and looked like ti  hasn’t seen light in days. This funk that he has been in for the past days now was starting to get onto your nerve. 

“He owes me a raise.” You grumbled to yourself as you put the pile of clothes into the washer. “What are you doing?” he asked. You jumped causing you to hit your head on the self that he claimed that he was going to fix months ago. “Aigo.” He chuckled. “I’m glad that this is very amusing to you.” “You still didn’t answer my question.” “I’m here to bring you outside of the house. You know there’s something called daylight and I’m pretty sure you haven’t seen it in a while.” Seunghyun groaned as he throw himself onto the couch. “Leave me here to my self-pity.” “You act like you had dated her.” “I would have.” You pulled back the drapes letting in sunlight. He groaned as he tried his best to cover his face.

 “Come get up.” 

“No.” you sighed as you rolled your eyes. 

“If you get up I’ll buy you that coffee from down the road.”

 “Throw a bagel in and you got yourself a deal.” 


“Ok, let’s go.” He said as he hopped up. Sometimes you really didn’t understand him.

You and Seunghyun entered into the cafe that you had forced him to come to in order to leave his house. “Remember a latte and three bagels.” He inserted. You gave him a look as you stopped walking. “Three? Who’s the other one for?” He looked as if you had gowned another head. “For me. Duh.” He answered on his way to find a seat.

 You couldn’t help but to roll your eyes. “Hey is that anyway to treat your best friend.” You walked to the front to order your drinks. You stood in line waiting for your order, just when the cashier called out the order  a stranger grabbed the same drink. He was handsome in your option. His dark brown was combed over like Seunghyun’s and that seemed to capture your attention. He licked his lips as he watched you over analyzed his features. “I’m sorry , but this is mine.” he pointed towards the cup. “I think you have it wrong. But this is mine.” You stated as you grabbed the cup.

“Alright i will just order another. But you would have to give me your number. Cause I don’t have all day.”

“Excuse me.”

“Give me your number so i can take you out.”

You scoff, who did this person think he was.“Do that really work on women. I mean you forcefully asking for their number , and them happily oblige.” He thought before he shook his head.“Yeah, Pretty much.” Unbelievable. How could this guy looked really handsome, but act like an arrogant douche. “Well not on me, now if you’ll excuse me. I have real things to attend to and not wasting anymore of my time on a lame conversation.” You walked with Seunghyun with a pep in your step. You knew that he was watching you leave, so you decided to put on a show.

 He chuckled as you  took the seat across from him. “What?” you questioned. “Guys always seems to hit on you but you just eat them up and spit them right out.” You took a sip from your latte as if not to really go into detail about this topic of discussion. “What am I’m suppose to do. Just sit there and listen to a bunch of bull crap that a guy throws  my way?” He looked at you as if you gained another head.

 “Yes!” he exclaimed as if it was  a known answer to your question. You let out an unladylike snort  looking outside of the window that you two sat by. “I mean come on Y/N. He’s no me, but at least a substitute can be manageable.” You turned back to look at him. You knew that the was playing but your hear couldn’t help but to flip at the sentence. He’s no me “Why would I want another you ? You’re hard to manage anyway.”

 He shrugged his shoulder as he devoured one of the two bagels that sat upon the table. “Can you not eat like a pig. It’s disgusting.” he looked up at you, with his mouth full of the  medium size oval. Little tiny crumbs were on the corner of his mouth and you tried not to wipe them away. “Leave me alone. I’m dealing with a heartbreak remember.” “You never went out.” you shouted just a little too loudly.

 That caused the people in the cafe to look your way. You ignored them as everyone went back to doing what they were doing before the interruption. “I could have Y/N. I mean —” he pointed out. You were curious as to why he stopped in mid sentence. But to your astonishment , you saw that he was watching  Jaehee pass by with a friends. He looked to be in a trance, until she looked your way and gave a small wave. Then as soon as she came she left. 

Quickly Seunghyun he fished  for his wallet. “What are you doing?” “I’m going to reclaim a lost prize.” he told you as he slapped the money down onto the table. “I’ll see you later.” he called. And with that he was gone, leaving you behind  as if you were nothing  but a mere toy that had only captured his attention for a second. You  were at a loss, how can you love someone so much  to the point that it hurts to see him with someone else. You made your way out of the cafe’ and absentmindedly entered into a park that was located across the street. Anger had seeped into your veins as you thought back to how he up an d let you back at the cafe. “That bastard.” you shouted as you threw  your cup of now lukewarm coffee. 

“Hey!” you heard a voice exclaimed  bringing you out of your thoughts. “I’m so sorry—” You looked up to see that it was the guy from earlier. “Oh it’s you.” the tone of your voice was ice cold as you folded your arm across your chest. “Now that’s no way to treat your future date.”

 “Future date. Clearly you are a delusional man.”

 “No, when I see something I like I have a tendency to go after it.” This guy was too forward for your taste. You hated that he was so cocky. Clearly this guy had the wrong idea.

 “Yeah, Okay. Whatever.” you waved him off. “I’m Seungri, And you are.” “Leaving.” you stated. He was wrong if he thought that you was going to give out your name to a complete stranger that you just met no doubt. “Alright then can you at least tell me your last name.” he called out. You turned back to him. He was persistent that was for sure. “If  we meet again, then I’ll tell you my name.” You said planning to never meet the guy again in life.

mijeune replied to your post:‽ ☺ ✌

I can’t help it. You’re such a super star these days because of your solo debut. Don’t forget about unni when you’re all big and famous now. ( ` looks off into the distance as she wiped the non existent tears off her face. )

Are you completely sure about that unnie? Are you 100% sure? Did you not notice how hard fans are screaming for you guys. Like wow promoting the same time as Girl’s Generation is such an honor though. And no, shh, I’m no super star. Though I must admit, I am pretty surprised of all the positive comeback I’ve been receiving, it makes me feel really happy. ( `chuckles at the female’s reaction. ) Aigo unnie! I’ll never forget you, shush!  Anyways, how have you been? We should go get dinner sometime soon!