aiesha v

What the fuck!

I CANNOT stand it when people aren’t unique. I cannot stand it when their sole purpose of living isn’t to live, but to imitate those they’re around. I choose to surround myself with people who have a love of life and a love of creating/defining their own identity in this crazy world we call home. But to mimic me, is to piss me off. Not being your own person is a waste of existence and practically a slap to God’s face. If he wanted two of me, he would have made two of me. If you can’t be you around me, then don’t come around me. If I wanted to chill with “me” I’d stay the fuck at home. I’m noticing that the more we’re together, the less I see of you and the more I see and hear of me. I don’t have time for that shit. I know who I am. And judging by your lame actions, you know who I am too. But believe me babe I’m far from flattered, I’m fucking infuriated. Be your own fucking person. Live your own fucking life. If you’re not doing that, then what the fuck are you doing?