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Adopted Native, Happier Connected with his Roots

@sire-aie asked:

my MC is half native half white.he is not close to his culture+background because his native parent doesn’t not live with him.where he lives it is also considered by others shameful to be native because of political reasons.he later on meets a group of natives and starts to become more spiritual and happy w/ himself. is it bad to make him happy only when he starts to learn more about his heritage? is it cliche? he also starts to grow his hair at this time to feel more connected to his heritage.

Alright so. I’m going to remind everyone that if you’re going to send in a question, pick a tribe. But this question in particular is hitting a note with Indigenous cultural experience that I feel very, very necessary to address.

Forced seizure and adoption of Native individuals is a very real part of being Native. A Cree elder I spoke to is a lawyer who specializes in stopping these seizures. One particularly memorable reason she had to stop a child being taken from an “unfit parent” was the parent didn’t have laundry on site. That’s just one of many ridiculous examples that happened, and still happens to this day.

If you’re dealing with somebody mixed who doesn’t have his Native parent live with him, you’re potentially dealing with an unfair custody ruling and a whole whacking bunch of racism around the start of it. The assumption that he lives in an area where it’s shameful to be Native points to a massive lack of cultural sensitivity from the white parent, which is sadly extremely common.
As a result: it would be very much not cliche to have him be happier when he reconnects with his heritage. He’s going to stop learning to be ashamed of himself and start undoing the colonial legacy of the 60s Scoop and residential schools. He could always feel conflicted about what to pick, but starting to accept part of your racial identity is a good thing! It means your self hate goes down, it means you stop feeling like you can’t exist the way you are, it means you start to breathe.

I wouldn’t treat it as a completely magic pill— the amount of work that goes into not hating part of your identity is an incredible amount— but no, it is absolutely not cliche to have reconnection= an increase in happiness. 

Just please, please educate yourself on the reason Native kids are taken away from their cultures, and understand the white parent should be treated as not a very good person for putting their child through that. Because they aren’t. Teaching your child to be ashamed of their identity is abusive. While you haven’t mentioned the parent directly, that parent still moved to a place where there weren’t many other Natives and there was a cultural message of white as superior. Unless they advocated for the child’s identity, they’re an abuser, full stop.

~ Mod Lesya

A brief look back.

This is a compilation of some of the things I’ve designed since beginning my game design course with AIE.

With the end of the first module, I’ve one side of me which is extremely proud of what I’ve learnt in the short time and another that is keen to learn even more. 

Looking forward to more of an awesome year.

The Subjunctive


I know I haven’t covered the Subjunctive on this blog yet, but for some of you this is review. I hope I can make this as clear as I can (because anyone who studies French knows how murky the water can be).

The Subjunctive uses:

  • To express doubt
  • To express an attitude
  • To express and opinion
  • To imply a hypothesis

How to Conjugate the verbs:

  1. Conjugate your verb for the 3rd person noun (Ils/Elles). For Nous and Vous, use their “Imparfait” endings
  2. Take off the ending -ENT and add the following endings
    • Regular -ER verbs
      • Je parle
      • Tu parles
      • Il/Elle/On parle
      • Nous parlions
      • Vous parliez
      • Ils/Elles parlent
    • Regular -IR verbs
      • Je finisse
      • Tu finisses
      • Il/Elle/On finisse
      • Nous finissions
      • Vous finissiez
      • Ils/Elles finissent
    • Regular -RE verbs
      • J’attende
      • Tu attendes
      • Il/Elle/On attende
      • Nous attendions
      • Vous attendiez
      • Ils/Elles attendent

    3. Enjoy the easiest part of the Subjunctive because it’s about to get real.

    4. Cry because of all of the irregular verbs

    • Aller -> aille, ailles, aille, allions, alliez, aillent
    • Avoir -> aie, aies, ait, ayons, ayez, aient
    • Être -> sois, sois, soit, soyons, soyez, soient
    • Faire -> fasse, fasses, fasse, fassions, fassiez, fassent
    • Pouvoir -> puisse, puisses, puisse, puissions, puissiez, puissent
    • Savoir -> sache, saches, sache, sachions, sachiez, sachent
    • Vouloir -> veuille, veuilles, veuille, voulions, vouliez, veuillent

Now that we know how to conjugate the tense plus we know the irregular verbs, it’s time to make the uses clearer:

The Subjunctive follows by expressions. Here are some expressions to know:

  • Ce n’est pas le peine que… -> It’s not worth the effort…
  • Il est bon que… -> It’s good that…
  • Il est dommage que… -> It’s a shame that…
  • Il est essentiel que… -> It’s essential that….
  • Il est étonnant… -> It’s surprise that…
  • Il faut que … -> It’s necessary that… (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT)

That’s a very, very brief list. Now, let’s put it all together!

  • Il est essentiel que je sois le meilleur. -> It’s essential that I am the best.
  • Je doute que tu aies beaucoup de argent. -> I doubt that you have a lot of money.
  • *Note* Espérer does NOT trigger the subjunctive: J’espère que le nouveau prof n’est pas trop strict. -> I hope the new prof isn’t too strict.
  • Il faut que nous sachions ton âge. -> It’s necessary that we know your age.
  • Vous souhaitez que j’apprenne plus de langue. -> You want me to learn more languages.

Practice! Conjugate these sentences with the verbs in parentheses!

  1. Je pense que tu _____ (être) mignon!
  2. Il faut qu’ils _____ (recevoir) la journal.
  3. Vous doutez qu’il vous ____ (connaître).
  4. J’espère que vous m’ _____ (aimer).


  1. Je pense que tu es mignon! (This is not the subjunctive so don’t conjugate as such. Sorry for the trick question!)
  2. Il faut qu’ils reçoivent la journal.
  3. Vous doutez qu’il vous connaisse. (Make sure you pay attention and you conjugate the verb for the subject and not the direct object!)
  4. J’espère que vous m’aimez. (Not the subjunctive so don’t conjugate as such!)

I hope this was a big help!

À bientôt!

Character Controller Research

I’m trying something different in development this time, taking some time to research. Normally I would just jump into Unity and make things with little thought as to how it should play, which always found myself backed into a corner of my own creation.

So I decided to take a look at a couple of games similar to what I want to see how they did it. Starting with Heart Machines, Hyper Light Drifter.

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French Youtube Channels.(updated)

Une liste de chaînes Youtube françaises, longue mais non exhaustive.

Mon classement est un peu approximatif. Parfois, certains/es Youtubers/euses se retrouvent dans deux catégories, parce qu’ils/elles proposent des émissions sur des sujets très différents.

Il ne s’agit pas seulement de mes chaînes préférées, mais bien entendu, mes chaînes préférées sont dans cette liste. Et celles que je n’aime pas du tout n’y sont pas. M’en fout, c’est ma liste. Par contre, il se peut que j’aie oublié des chaînes intéressantes, toutes les propositions sont les bienvenues.

Tu as des questions au sujet d’une chaîne ? Si je peux, je me ferai un plaisir de te répondre :)


le fil d’actu :


data gueule :

point de vue social :

horizon gull :

Le point rouge :

Revenu de base :

Stupid Economics :

Usul :

le stagirite :

Osons causer :

Télébocal :

la ringarde  :

Dany Caligula :

Monsieur Troll :

Klaire fait grrr :

Dans ton flux :

Zététique / scepticisme :

Hygiène mentale :

instant sceptique :

mycéliums :

la tronche en biais :

Samuel Buisseret :

Handicap / Autism / Asperger (oui, une seule rubrique, pour des raisons pratiques, si tu veux on en discute, hein.)

vivre avec :

Super Pepette :

Genre et sexualité :

Pouhiou Néonaute :

Charlie Foxtrot :

Cordélia aime :

Fujixguru / le papa de l’internet :

Princ(ess)e LGTB :

Xil’cast :

Parlons peu parlons cul :


epic teaching of the history :

pour la petite histoire :

nota bene :

confessions d’histoire :



e-penser :

la minute science :

dirty biology :

Science étonnante :

Podcast Science :

Culture-moi :

Motorsport Gigantoraptor :

la tronche en biais :

Florence Porcel :

Laurence Honorat :

Espace des sciences :

Dr Nozman :

Xil’CAst :

experimentboy :

Experimentboy2 :

Psy et neuro-sciences

le psylab :

Kliko Desh :

La psychhothèque :

Anthropologie :

Anthropodcast :

Langue française, langue des signes, langues et linguistique

linguisticae :

les expressions :–Z1CVSTROLMdLfNA

codemu :

les langues de Cha :

french sounds :

Accent français :


Signe2mains :

Jauvert LAura :

Langue des signes française :

Parlons de surdité :

Pgillot89 :

signe2mains :

la main des sourds :

les mains balladeuses :


Cyrus North : (playlist le coup de phil)


la brigade du livre :

Entre mes couvertures :

Miss Book :

Carbon Copy :

Cordélia aime :

margaud Liseuse :

Musique :

pvnova :

éléonore costes :

les soeurs costes :

comité des reprises :

Partoche :

Silla BO :


ginger force :

in the panda :

durandal :

le fossoyeur de film :

Fabien Campaner :

la fille aux soufflés :

La psychothèque :

Sexy and dumb (les nanarchistes) :

Cinéastuces :–84qgkrqqqYivuuXuQIQg


Pilote, la chronique série :

Ya plus de saisons :

les shows runners :

Laurine Sassano :–sw

Buffy Mars

les ShowRunners

Revue du Web

Mathieu Sommet :

Mr Antoine Daniel :

Sexy and dumb :

Chaînes généralistes : cinéma,vidéos, technologies,culture geek, musique, séries…

VoxMAkers :

Links the sun :

Plus ou moins geek :

Le Geektionnaire :

Jeux vidéos, mangas, comics, pop culture

l’ermite moderne :

joueur du grenier :

le chef otaku :

les chroniques de Vesper :

spatule force :

Geek librairie :

Amicale du geek :

la chaine du canapé :

Pause process :

Jeannot Nymouce :

Studio gaming :

V garou :

Un drop dans la mare :

Usul MAster :

la zone geek :

Fake :

GillusZG :


Web séries / humour

le visiteur du futur :

Golden Moustache :

Bloqués :

French Ball :

franchement point org :

Fujixguru :

le meufisme :

Raphaël Descraques :

Raptus :

Abdel vrai :

Barber show:

Tops :

les topovaures :

Taupe 10 :

Doc Seven :

Didichandouidoui :

le top 5 :

Curiosités, trucs bizarres

Axolot :

Castor Mother :

les questions cons :

les revues du monde :

Dr Nozman :

Romain Tea Time :


cuisine-moi :


Toopet :


la cosméthèque :

Hemp it so :

Douce frugalité :

Crudi Vegan :

CherriPepper Vivre Vegan :

Gurren Vegan :

Art/création/ récuo’art / tutos

designe Moi :

rue des relookeurs :

minute déco :

I’m finally, FINALLY, getting back into programming.

The beauty that you see here is what I have so far of the prototype for my present dropping game, Santa Simulator 3000. (Just kidding, name pending).

@jackw-gamedesign helped me with the programming (thank you) because I’m still very slow at it, and we spent about an hour or so this afternoon trying to figure out the present drop that you see above.

We went from the presents flying upwards, to behind, to the present spawning bonanza pictured above. I think my favourite part is that because the presents are parented to an empty GameObject that Santa is also attached to, the presents kind of just follow Santa and his sled along the rooftops.

Scouting Project

Today was spent “scouting” a location and collecting as much reference imagery as possible so that we could recreate a playable scene in unity, inspired by a real location in Melbourne.

Also, our game has been described as a non-violent capture the flag-like game, with the working title “Mother Duck”. If you’re not already interested, it’s a split screen 1 v 1 game.

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Spinny Spaceship

Spinny Spaceship

For the past 2 weeks i have been working on Spinny Spaceship. Its a one button game where you maneuver a spaceship through a asteroid field searching for precious space crystals! 

A one button game? How does the player move around then?

 The spaceship spins, when the player taps the spaceship will stop spinning and thrust in that direction. When the player stops touching the screen, the ship will stop thrusting and spin in the opposite direction as last time. Its a very simple mechanic that I’m building a game around. 

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N'aie pas peur de mourir. N'aie pas peur de souffrir. Crains seulement de ne pas assez vivre. De ne pas suffisamment oser. Oser risquer.
—  François Garagnon
Maya - Day 01

We will begin our Art module at AIE soon, and I wanted to get a headstart on the program and the way it does things, mainly to find my bearings and to see if most of my 3D knowledge would transfer across programs. 

Unfortunately, I’m not quite efficient with Maya yet, but I understand what all the craze is about and I can’t wait to get more hours into it.

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More “greyboxing”. Not quite.

Our project is getting underway and we’ve all been allocated roles and responsibilities. One of my main ones being the scene builder, so I began shooting out some level designs trying to create something fun, interesting and suitable for the gameplay that we’ve now been exposed to.

I’m still fiddling with the more minor details even though I’m trying so hard not to,(I even have a hard time looking at a player controller made out of a rectangle and a sphere). I need to remember that this is strictly a grey box, it’s a 3D sketch, something I can just smash out and throw away or change quickly and easily.

More tomorrow fiends.

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Endlessly re-typing code

So today a took a look into one of the areas I really lack strength, Programming, following a tutorial I managed to get the very beginnings of an endless runner with the player always moving forward and strafing left or right on a button press. After a fair amount of head scratching and re reading through C# code I realized just how important a semi-colon is. not just for Emojis after all.