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AI Pathfinding

An Update on what I’ve been working on for the Final Defence Fortress prototype. Originally I had planned to use Unity’s navmesh for pathfinding, but because of the way I designed the building system the path finding would need to update during run-time, something Unity’s navmesh can’t do. So instead I’ve been programing an A* pathfinding system which can update during run-time.

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Crafting of Mines. Therefor, Minecraft.

So. Perlin generation and how it makes Minecraft. I knew it was complex, but damn. My head hurts. Low resolution graphics don’t mean a low quality game. The maths behind this is something else.

Questioning Morality

I evaluated and studied a game that really delved deep into how much story is told through its environment, the beautiful score, the use of colour and the unpolished but emotive animations, all of which add to the shared experience of the player and the “protagonist” without the strict use of much dialogue or other zone breaking elements.

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AI Pathfinding - Update

An update on the A* pathfinding system I’m doing for my prototype. I’ve added smoothing to the paths so I get a more natural looking movement. I’ve also added weights, which means I can add a penalty to moving on different surfaces, which the AI will take into account when finding a path.

For example if there is puddle of mud between the unit and its target location (and walking through mud slows the units speed), it will figure out if its better to walk around the mud or walk through it. Another example as shown in the GIF, the grass has a small movement penalty, making the AI prefer to walk along the road instead of straight to the target, despite the path being longer.

A brief look back.

This is a compilation of some of the things I’ve designed since beginning my game design course with AIE.

With the end of the first module, I’ve one side of me which is extremely proud of what I’ve learnt in the short time and another that is keen to learn even more. 

Looking forward to more of an awesome year.

“Job Done” - RTS Prototype

Worked on the basics of a Real Time Strategy game prototype today, with selecting and commanding units, and worker units automatically searching for resources on the map, mining them, and returning to their base to store the resources gathered.

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Tips for better ‘Work Ethic’


Don’t treat AIE like a high school. 

I’m a heavy believer in never saying “I can’t”, this mindset has made learning new things a heap easier. 

Personally for me, setting time limits on myself helps me produce a higher quality project. (2 hours seems to work well).

Work on 2 day projects over the weekend

Finish & push yourself to finish an assessment on the set date, even if the teacher is allowing extensions. 

Nobody is born gifted with skills, you can learn anything with enough practice.

You only go to school 2 ½ days a week, there is so much more time to seek out things to learn. Try and learn things at home before in class.

Don’t get offended when people criticize your work. This leads to you not showing your work, which means nobody knows if any you’re good. 

Share your work, even if it isn’t the highest quality. People will notice and remember. 

Never work without listening to music, music releases dopamine in the brain. So it’s like you’re getting rewarded for working. I find classical music works best for me, but depends on your style.

Try and not be a perfectionist, it only leads to bad things.