Rest in Hell, Nancy Reagan

Mourn the loss of Nancy Reagan all you want, but just remember that her and her husband’s administration orchestrated one of our country’s largest mismanagement of a public health crisis, ever. Approximately 90,000 people, mostly gay men, died of AIDS during the Reagan administration and it wasn’t until 1987 that he finally addressed the issue, nearly six years after the beginning of the epidemic and 41,027 bodies later.

Before that, his administration mocked gay men afflicted by it, some even saying that gay men diagnosed should be cataloged and marked on their butt to let others know. They treated the subject as a joke before AIDS activists began dumping the ashes of friends and family who died, due to the lack of funding and importance placed on research for adequate treatment, on the lawn of the whitehouse. If sufficient funding by the government had been provided sooner, it’s possible that tens of thousands of people could have survived.
Nancy Reagan was actively apart of denying gay men access to treatment.

In his 1987 address, the first time Reagan ever uttered the word “AIDS” in public, it was to say, “How that information is used must be up to schools and parents, not government. But let’s be honest with ourselves, AIDS information can not be what some call ‘value neutral.’ After all, when it comes to preventing AIDS, don’t medicine and morality teach the same lessons.” This statement was in regards to public education on condoms and the benefits of safe sex.

My elders, the people at the forefront of the modern day gay rights movement, died because Ronald Reagan did not believe public education should teach about contraception and the prevention of STD infection. They died because Ronald Reagan did not take the tragic deaths of this plague seriously. They died because of the Reagan administration’s lack of respect for their humanity.

The Reagans were murderers.



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