Transgender Men Standing Up to HIV

While transgender women face higher rates of HIV infection than any other group within the LGBT community, transgender men also face similar barriers to HIV-related care, yet we rarely hear their stories.

Achim Howard is an openly HIV-positive ‪transgender‬ man. In this article, he shares his experience and discusses the lack of data on ‪trans‬ men living with ‪‎HIV‬.

“I know there are a lot of trans men who sleep with cis men and they’re not being educated on their risk factors or how they can protect themselves… There are more men like myself out there who are HIV-positive but they’re scared to talk about it and they’re not getting checked out… I’m just standing up for the trans men who can’t stand up for themselves.“

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Today’s Black Futures Month poster was created by Edward Rhea Hemphill, and uplifts our HIV/AIDS community. Find him at

The accompanying article by Martez Smith can be found here:

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Bricks & Skin

When I was 8 years old you charmed me into climbing onto a brick wall

Opening my arms like a cross, and gently placing one ked in front of the other, Olympics style.

It was dangerous, but you were always bigger than risks in my eyes

You, loved one, were helium

Unable to be grounded

Full bellied laughter in the face of abuse

I didn’t realize that you were surviving.

I was too young to see that you were being anything more than my favorite cousin.

So when you told me I would be okay if I scaled this wall,

I believed you.

And as I lost my balance, I believe you still.

And As I scraped my face against the uneven concrete,

I needed you.

And there you were.

What I regret most is not that you were HIV Positive.

It is that you didn’t allow me to be brick for you.

That you didn’t trust me to look you in the eye and say “Cousin, you are going to be okay.”

I would have done that for you.

All day everyday

I would have done that for you

Inhaled your heavy so that your fractured feet never once touched the ground

But you hid from me.

Failed to invite me behind the wall that mattered most

Had I known that day would one day come

I would have balanced a little longer just to peek on the other side

I would have scaled it the way you taught me

Because you were bigger to me than the risks

Because you being HIV Positive didn’t mean my love for you ceased to exist.

You told me everything…EXCEPT everything.

Spoke to me about women we both knew you weren’t attracted to

I asked you then to show me

Begged you to scale walls with me

But you refused to hold out your hand.

The first thing I remember after that fall, before the pain of scraped skin set it in

Was your beautiful face.

You were no longer cocky and confident,

You were worried.

Let go of my hand and allowed my mother to take over,

Returning to my side the moment she deemed fit.

I told you that my face was ugly.

You shook your head in disbelief and said,

“No cousin. Watch. This will go away and it will be replaced by skin that makes you even more beautiful. I promise.”

And I believed you, because you were you.

I told you this story as I sat beside your body, half of what I remember it to be.

You cried and tried to talk, but you were no longer able to form words.

I kissed your tears and said,

“Watch cousin. This will go away and it will be replaced by skin that makes you even more beautiful. I promise.”

And you smiled. Because you finally believed me.

Allowed me to hold your hand as you scaled your final wall

And though I am certain that your feet never touched the ground on the other side,

Occasionally, I sit atop brick walls

Swing my legs and touch my healed scar

Imagining how beautiful your new skin must be.

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GET Tested my friends!! It’s quick and FREE at most clinics. HIV & STDS are not a game. Just because you “look and feel” healthy doesn’t mean anything!!Nobody paid me to do this post either lol…it’s something I do twice a year, regardless of whether or not I’ve been sexually active. Ladies👉👉 Pap smears are crucial especially since cervical cancer is at a high rate with women in their 20s. I wanna spend as long as possible on this planet, don’t you?? Nobody can take better care of you than YOU. ☺️💪💋
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ALC 2014: Ms. Ryen Lindsy Reed - AIDS/LifeCycle | 7-Day 545 Mile Cycling Event to Support HIV/AIDS Services

This is a really good cause and is a big issue in the lgbt community. Help her save some lives and donate to her cause.  she’s doing a 7 day 545 mile ride from san francisco to los angeles  to help the people effected by hiv/aids..  SHE needs donates!

Here a link to the video about the ride!

This is something we all need to remember. Also, just because you’re diagnosed doesn’t mean it’s a death sentence. There is much more knowledge now, and medication than there ever was before. Take care of yourselves.

I love you T.A.M. (diagnosed with HIV three years ago, my best friend)
Still living healthy on medication.

R.I.P Crystal, my cousin Diagnosed sometime over 10-12 years ago, Died 4 years ago.

Congratulations to @tomford on receiving the amfAR Inspiration Award 2014 for his work against AIDS at the amfAR charity gala last night! Read more about the evening at #tomford #rihanna #amfAR #inspirationgala2014 #designersagainstaids #hivawareness #aidsawareness #confusedjustintimberlake

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#respect as midnight strikes a tragic day 21 years ago, it strikes a very important day. #FreddieMercury suffered a complication of AIDS; bronchial pneumonia. He gave the deadly disease attention that it never had; he was the first major celebrity to die of it, and not many norms before him did either. The red ribbon stands for Aids awareness. I am showing my #aidsawareness tonight and tomorrow. Please draw a red ribbon somewhere ( and I may have many more ) to spread the news, and respect a legend, aka my husband . Freddie, you are dearly missed. 💛👨💛

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Motha fuckin rant

Imma rant ok? So my dad had a cousin named Danny. He was a proud as hell flamboyant gay man that died over 20 years ago to AIDS. Now go to Today, its the anniversary of his death. His sister or whatever (Darla) did the normal family thing and posted on Facebook about miss him. Cool and sweet right??
She posted on Facebook that it’s been 19 years to the date and he died of skin cancer. Few problems with that.
My dad was in Brookfield Missouri till he was about middle late 30’s. Me moved to Cheyenne Wyoming around 20 years ago. Well he was in Brookfield was Danny died. Danny didn’t have skin cancer. He was a (decently) healthy 20 something year old. The cancer would have been noticed and removed with little damage and he would have been able to move on with his life. Danny died from AIDS. Plain and simple there’s nothing else. My dad and I are figuring that the family was hiding what he died of like they where ashamed.
I would like to say to Danny,
I wish I could have met you but I’m glad I can hear the stories of you and the past. If the family is hiding this its out to the world. We love you!!! And don’t worry! Me and daddy (Tim) won’t leave the truth hidden. I no you can’t read this but you won’t be forgotten anyways