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The Killers Have Raised Over $1 Million for (RED)

According to a press release issued by (RED) today, The Killers have now raised over $1 million USD for the fight against HIV/ AIDS since beginning their (RED) Christmas Single tradition in 2006.

You can read the entire press release here.

Since 2006, The Killers have donated 11 tracks to (RED), and are the only band to have donated a Christmas track every year for the last decade. With the release of the new album, “Don’t Waste Your Wishes”, The Killers’ will have raised more than $1 million for the Global Fund – the recipient of all (RED) monies - since the release of their first (RED) single.


The Killers Christmas Singles (2006-2015)

  1. ‘A Great Big Sled’ (2006)
  2. ‘Don’t Shoot Me Santa’ (Dave 2007)
  3. 'Joseph, Better You Than Me’ (2008)
  4. '¡Happy Birthday Guadalupe!’ (2009)
  5. 'Boots’ (2010)
  6. ‘The Cowboys’ Christmas Ball’ (2011)
  7. ‘I Feel It in My Bones’ (2012)
  8. ‘Christmas in L.A.’ (2013)
  9. 'Joel, The Lump of Coal’ (2014)
  10. ‘Dirt Sledding’ (2015)
conscience of the king ;;

Sleeping had not been an easy affair. The quarters were too close, and Aidan, unwilling to sacrifice his pride, had refused to move. Fears of nightmares coupled with the fear of Vallaine discovering that he had them kept him from falling into an restful sleep, and when Aidan rolled off the cough with the rising of the sun, he looked terrible. Bags drooped under his eyes, and they were shaded the color of the bruise on his cheek. His hair was a ruffled mess and his shirt had stretched out to an unflattering bagginess. He yawned, stretched, and longed for the days when it was still possible to use coffee as a life force. 

For the moment, he let Vallaine continue to sleep. Aidan had packing and exploring to do, and he started with the more appealing of the two options: discovery. He walked upstairs and began peeking through individual rooms, digging around and retrieving what he could (a few band aids, some pain killers, an unopened toothbrush, a fresh pair of clothes that he promptly changed into. 

On a whim, he paused by the window and glanced out into the yard. It looked like it had once been a peaceful home, surrounded by gardens and flags. It had been– 


Aidan sprinted downstairs and ran to Vallaine, shaking him roughly to wake him. “Keep calm and go lock yourself upstairs in the bathroom. Open the window, and do not open the door for any reason until I come to get you. Understood?” Aidan didn’t wait for the answer but made for his bag, grabbing his gun and the machete that he often kept at his belt.