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That they say: “My kids shouldn’t be taught LGBT+ history.”

What it translates to is: “I don’t think my children should have to learn about the senseless killings of millions of people throughout history that still lingers today. My kids don’t need to know about stonewall because I don’t want them knowing that change happens through trans* women of color throwing bricks. My kids don’t need to know about the AIDS epidemic that is still affecting people to this day. My kids will never need to know about the tombs of Sam’s sex couples found in Egypt, or the same sex weddings by the native Americans, or the kings who promoted their boyfriends to dukes because they weren’t allowed to marry. My kids don’t need to know about any of this because I don’t think it will affect them. My kids don’t need to know about this because I don’t want them to know that it is possible for love to take more than one form.

Medicine should never have been privatized in the first place. The concept of profiting off of human desperation and the need for life-saving medicine is, philosophically, intrinsically, and morally wrong both as a fundamental concept and in practice. The fact that Martin Shkreli was ever able to buy an AIDS drug and increase its price 5000% is indicative of a problem even bigger than a truly evil, despicable, and selfish human being; it is indicative of the problem of the current system of for-profit pharmaceuticals with obviously inadequate price regulation.
Beauty and the Beast Has Disney’s First Openly Gay Character as Director Calls Story ‘a Metaphor for AIDS’
Director Bill Condon revealed that Beauty and the Beast will feature Disney’s first-ever openly gay character: Gaston’s lovable sidekick, LeFou, played by Josh Gad

disney’s first openly gay character is a one-dimensional secondary antagonist of almost no narrative consequence. with the disney franchise’s immense influence among kids, it’s horrifying to think that they would portray their lone lgbt person in this negative way- in a film that is already extremely lacking in racial representation. to co-opt a metaphor for hiv/aids made by an hiv+ man on top of that is so fundamentally disrespectful.
A generation of artists were wiped out by Aids and we barely talk about it
A new film about the photographer Robert Mapplethorpe is a shocking and brilliant reminder of the devastation HIV and Aids wreaked – and still does
By Suzanne Moore

Yet there was a time when you could walk around London or New York and see these gaunt faces, marked with sarcomas, and everyone you hung out with was dying. The official culture was in denial. Sometimes it was easier to be. I remember seeing Derek Jarman at a play. At that point he was blind. I didn’t want to see him like that. And then my friend was queer-bashed on the way home. Freddie Mercury died. Keith Haring died. Eazy- E from NWA died. Denholm Elliott died. Rock Hudson died. Fela Kuti died. And my uncle who wasn’t famous or even my actual uncle died. One of my friends lost seven people who were all under 30.”