And Then I Danced: Traveling the Road to LGBT Equality
A dramatic and inspirational memoir from one of the world's top leaders of the movement for gay and lesbian equality.

Kirkus Reviews praises Mark Segal’s memoir And Then I Danced: Traveling the Road to LGBT Equality in their August 15 issue! This phenomenal book will be available wherever books are sold October 6.


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This Saturday, June 27 is the 20th Annual National HIV Testing Day! 

To commemorate National HIV Testing Day, make sure you know your status. Find a location near you to get an HIV test for free on June 25, 26 and 27:

In NYC, find a location to get tested at any time by texting TESTNYC to 877877, visiting 311 online or calling 311.

Outside of NYC, use the AIDS.gov service locator. 

We can stop HIV in NYC. Here’s how:

Get Tested. Call 311, visit 311 online or text TESTNYC to 877877 to find local testing sites at any time.

Get Treated. If you or someone you know is living with HIV, get medical care. For help finding care or support services in NYC, text CARE to 877877.

Get Educated. Learn the basics of HIV and AIDS. There are medications available to help prevent HIV. Visit NYC Health’s PrEP and PEP page to get more info.

Find out where you can pick up free NYC Condoms near you.

Be safe, be sure, and get tested frequently.

On this day in 1990, my uncle, Mark Baddeley, a DJ for Wiltshire Radio, passed away due to HIV-related illness.

HIV and AIDS have killed millions of people and continue to do so today, but they don’t have to, and you can help to prevent more unnecessary loss by educating yourself and others about HIV and AIDS, getting tested and donating whatever you can spare.

There are lots of educational resources in my HIV tag, but if you’re more of a learning through the screen type of person, here are some films and TV series I particularly recommend:

If you live in or near London, I also highly recommend going to see As Is, a play written in 1986 about living with AIDS.

If you can spare anything, here are just a few of the charities that work tirelessly to save as many people as possible:

As this is something very close to my heart and to the hearts of many of my relatives, it would mean the world to me if you could make an effort to educate yourself and to give what you can.

If you are able to give anything, please feel welcome to submit a screenshot of the donation confirmation page to me, and I will promo your blog with a simple url graphic to over 20,000 followers.

If you can’t give anything, please reblog this post so that it can reach as many people as possible.

Thank you so, so much for your time.

NC: There is a post on Tumblr about a professor from Nigeria that has produced the cure for HIV/AIDS within two months.

The very first thing I thought when I heard this was “God, please protect this man from any harm that’s gonna come his way.“

I’m also hoping that he doesn’t let this get into a white persons hand either.

History has showed us time and time again that when a black person creates something here come white people ready to take it and the money that goes along with it.

I also hope every penny he gets from this goes to Africa and Africa only.

Again please God, don’t let this get into the hand of white people and don’t let him be so trusting of them.


I work with people who have HIV as a part of my job. If you have HIV please remember:

HIV can be controlled by medications for a super long time (think 30 years+). It is more like getting a diabetes diagnosis than a death sentence.

No matter how your infection happened you deserve to live and have a happy life.

By federal law in the United States there is tons of resources to help you get medication for FREE.

You can find partners who will accept you and love you.

You can have children who are born HIV-. If a child is born in a first world county with medical care the likelyhood of transmission is rediculously low.

On medication your likelyhood of infecting others decreases significantly depending on your viral load.

PEP and PrEP are exciting things to look into to be able to have unprotected sex and prevent transmission.

HIV does not have to be central to your identity.

People who take their medication like prescribed can actually have as few as 2 doctor appointments a year for their condition !

Don’t let stigma, fear and lack of education get you down! You are a wonderful person and can achieve wonderful things. Don’t give up.

And if you don’t know your status please get tested. Please!

anonymous asked:

I'm so angry today. Heard someone blaming gay men for the blood donation ban saying its "not discriminatory or homophobic. Its their own fault. They are more susceptible to HIV/AIDs because they're stupid and don't use protection". I'm sorry, I hate violence, but I really want to punch this person in the fucking face.

I don’t blame you, I probably actually would have punched them, but for future reference, here’s a story for you to tell anyone who says anything like that.

AIDS was first recognised in 1981, and, due to its association with gay and bisexual men, or MSM (men who have sex with men), it was originally called GRID (gay-related immunodeficiency disease), but this was changed in 1982 because ALREADY cases had been identified in people outside of that demographic. There were an increasing number of cases every year, but support from the governing bodies of the UK, Ireland and the USA was dismal.

It wasn’t until cases were identified among heterosexual people (which happened later in the UK than it did in the USA [1985], as AIDS was far more widespread in America) that Margaret Thatcher put funding into research and facilities. This funding was fairly substantial, but in 1987 she made this lovely speech:

This was the Conservative party’s campaign slogan that same year:

The campaign was successful and Thatcher was to remain Prime Minister until her resignation in 1990, and in 1988 she introduce the UK’s first anti-gay law in over 100 years, Section 28, which banned the “promotion” of homosexuality, outlawing access to sex education for gay and bisexual students. This law remained in place until 1993. Meanwhile, a woman called Mary Whitehouse was running a campaign called Clean-Up TV (read: “deny oppressed groups representation”) with substantial success, cutting off another avenue of information for gay and bisexual people. Meanwhile, the “information” about AIDS that was being circulated largely consisted of inaccuracies and fearmongering. The situation was bad enough in England and Wales, where homosexuality had been decriminalized in 1967 - it remained a criminal offence in Scotland until 1980, Northern Ireland until 1982 and the Republic of Ireland until 1993.

Meanwhile, in the USA, Reagan did not say the word ‘AIDS’ publicly until 1985, and despite claiming that it was America’s number 1 health priority, awarded it less than 1% of national healthcare funding. At the same time, the FDA failed to make adequate adjustments to testing methods despite the assistance of HIV positive people and their supporters, and education was equally as a atrocious:

It wasn’t until 1996, 15 years after the beginning of the AIDS crisis, that a safe and effective form of medication was developed, and it was still unaffordable for poor Americans.

The Catholic Church also launched a campaign at this time to ban condoms, a blatantly homophobic attack on a vulnerable group of people.

Fast forward to today, and AIDS funding is being cut in the UK and the USA. Meanwhile, LGBT+ inclusive sex education remains dismal, to the extent that gay and bisexual men literally do not know that they are at risk:

To draw attention to the key part of this video:

“There does have to be a really, sort of, you know, thorough sort of sex and relationship education that deals with HIV, with Hepatitis C - I doubt that it comes up in school sex education?”

“It’s supposed to. I put my hand up halfway through this pig long talk about pregnancy and Chlamydia and said “What about anal sex?” - obviously being an openly gay 15-year-old at school - and they said “Oh, well we don’t recommend that.””

And alongside all of this, blood banks have to test blood for HIV ANYWAY, and searching ‘blood bank urgent appeal’ on google brings up millions of results. We could be saving lives, but instead we’re writing off any man who’s sexually involved with other men because they apparently can’t be trusted to have safe sex when the reason unsafe sex occurs as often as it does between men is because they are not being taught how to have sex safely.

Blood bans are the face of the third decade of a viciously homophobic attack on vulnerable people, and they are a truly perfect example of bigoted societal and legal hypocrisy.

Nigerian Professor Produces Antivirt, An Anti Viral Drug For Treating HIV AIDS. Despite doubts in some quarters about the authenticity of his claims, Professor Maduike Ezeibe of Michael Okpara University of Agriculture Umudike (MOUAU), Abia State, has insisted that his recent therapy

for the dreaded HIV and AIDS is real and effective.
The discovery of the therapy, Ezeibe said, was a major scientific breakthrough in the search for a cure to the global pandemic.

He said after 19 years of hard work, he was able to discover the therapy and his research was eventually published in the British Journal of Medicine & Medical Research.

The Professor of Veterinary Medicine, who obtained his first degree in same discipline at the University of Nigeria Nsukka in 1986, Masters in Ruminant Medicine, and doctorate degree in Canine Medicine all in UNN, said he moved to MOUAU on leave of absence.

Speaking with Southern City News in his office, he said his research into the therapy known as ‘Antivirt’ (Anti-Viral Therapy), dated back to 1994 when he took the challenge to be part of the global solution to the HIV/AIDS scourge ravaging humanity.

Ezeibe said his work had been published by the American-based medical journal known as The Health.

He said he decided to publish his research work on the therapy so as to prove anyone who would doubt that a black man could develop HIV/AIDS cure, wrong.

He boasted that the experiment remained authentic and verifiable in any part of the world.

According to him, two essential minerals – aluminum silicate (kaolin) and magnesium silicate, used in the production of the therapy, have large deposits in Umuahia and parts of Abia State.

This, he said, would make the therapy cheaper and more affordable than the old anti-retroviral therapy.

He added that the therapy would take an average of two to three months to cure HIV/AIDS patient.


Editing services (for charity!)

As many of you know, today is the 25th anniversary of my uncle’s HIV-related death. I made a post discussing this in more depth, but this post is for the writers among you.

Along with a short story about a gay DJ set in 1985 and (the beginnings of) a novel about a woman with memory loss, I am the author of a play about the relationships between parents and children over the course of the past 50 years. My play, #kidsthesedays, has the most kudos and bookmarks of the 13,941 original works on AO3, is currently in the process of being made available in 5 languages and is set to be put on between now and this time in 2016 in Surrey, England, Sardinia, Italy and Illinois, USA.

I also received the Gertrude Schryver Prize for my work in English literature at Royal Holloway University of London this year.

I’m therefore offering editing and writing advice for plays, prose and essays in exchange for donations to any of the following charities:

I ask that you donate £1 for each two thousand words you want edited (so for a 10,000 word piece, a donation of £5).

If you would like your work edited and/or advice, please submit a screenshot of the donation confirmation screen for whichever of the above charities you prefer along with your email address and a link to your work (or, if you only have it as a file, just your email address so that I can email you and you can send me your work that way), along with any specifications for the editing/advice (e.g. if you would like me to focus on dialogue in particular).

I will send you an email containing an edited copy of your work (using track changes so that you can see what alterations I have made) and feedback as quickly as I can.

Thank you so much for your time and donations.

Huckabee Didn't Want To Teach AIDS Prevention Because It 'Legitimized' Homosexuality

Huckabee Didn’t Want To Teach AIDS Prevention Because It ‘Legitimized’ Homosexuality

Mike Huckabee, to put it simply, is about as evil and unChristianlike as anyone could ever get. Sure, he’s an ordained Southern Baptist Minister, but that doesn’t mean sh*t, because actions speak louder than a piece of paper on the wall that claims you’re a Christian. From his defense of the Duggars and child molestation, to his fervent defense of “religious freedom” as a means to oppress others,…

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