New OC tag coming!

I would like to introduce you all to Grey Aidris 

She is a Changeling vampire Witch for a Pathfinder game with The Soft Crew™ (who I love) Grey is the name she will use most of the time while she looks like an Aquatic Elf, but when in her Changeling form

She uses the name Lia. I love her and she is a soft friend. Her tag will be Grey/Lia

Also she has a Fennec Fox familiar named Smorp. He is 90% ear

jisxx  asked:

Aidrie was sitting on a bench in a park waiting for someone. She's been waiting for around 30 minutes. She knew the person she was waiting for wasn't coming, but she was still sitting there sadly.

*walking towards the bench, a tall, 6'5 silver haired, Crimson eyed, fit man was carrying a katana. He seemed like he needed to sit down as he approached the bench and sat on one end of it. Giving the girl some space but noticing she was a little gloomy. She looked pretty nice, dressed up for something. He wondered why she was sad*