So I asked around earlier about what people thought I should do when I reached 1.5k follower, and apart from sing Ave Marie (which was a JOKE I would never put you lovely people through that), a follow forever seemed to be the most popular option. So here we go! 

Bold = mutual

♥ Favourite idiots 

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Well, I don’t have much else other than that you are all brilliant, and so are all the people who choose to follow this dumb blog 

today my blog exists for exactly one year and that’s why i made this follow forever: to thank all the lovely people who made this a wonderful year for me (mutuals in bold) 
so here we go (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

first of all a special mention to the super great Elsa 
also thanks to the very nice herchnsns for letting me use a part of her edit :)

and now some more cuties i love! 
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it hasn’t been that long since my first follow forever, but a lot has happened and i have met a lot of new people, so i decided why not do another one。◕‿◕。

first of all, i would like to mention my favorite people in the entire world, aka absolute trash bags from hell

natalie ~ my gigantic sweetheart, what would i do without you? i love you to the moon and back!

des ~ god knows i’m so thankful to have you, you feel my pain like nobody else!

pom ~ you’re the most wonderful person ever and i love you bc you understand my suffering, bro.

❤ toni ~ [screeching] man, i just love you so much, deano-bro 5ever!

 ❤ selina ~ you’re so cool and i’m such a loser. you’re literally perfect and i feel honoured to be your friend.

mia ~ i miss you so much and i wish we could hang out forever!

isa ~ can i hug you? because i really want to. i mean look at you, you’re such a cute pie!!

kiana ~ i know it hasn’t been that feels so real..and i,.. i think i have fallen in love with you ok.

wing ~ you’re one of the coolest people i know and ily a lot, high five!

i have no idea how you guys keep up with me, but i’m glad to have you all have accepted my awkward love and friendship 。◕‿◕。

let’s move on to all the other amazing people i love and adore! (shhh, i felt like highlighting some people, because they’re so precious to me)


always-on-an-unepected-journey; anunexpectedhotdwarf; bardbardy; bilboo; deanorgasm; drwatsonjohn; ecrlingas; elvenroyals; eomir; ewtauriels; faramihr; fihli; f-ili; frerin; frodorc


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richards-smile; samwsie; solveitsherlock; tauviel; thoriny; thranduilthegreat; tothlesswrathandruin

+ blogroll!

even if you’re not mentioned here, i still appreciate and love you a lot okay o (◡‿◡✿)