You just have to play the hand you’re dealt with. Elizabeth? She’s an ace. Ronon is my king up my sleeve. Jennifer Keller is my old maid. Teyla is my queen. Aiden is the instruction card you throw away. Beckett is a solid seven. Rodney is probably, like, a two. And I’m obviously the joker.
—  John Sheppard

favorite Stargate Atlantis episodes : *Hide and seek*
Elizabeth: We may be settling in here but this place is still pretty intimidating. I mean, a giant abandoned city full of things way beyond our level of understanding; impending threat of attack from the Wraith …
Carson: No question, it gets bloody creepy here at night


I’m going to another planet in another galaxy by means of a device called the Stargate. Millions of years ago there was a race of beings we call the Ancients. They created a network of these Stargates throughout our galaxy in order to travel freely among their worlds. We don’t know why, but they left for another galaxy somewhere between five and ten million years ago, taking their entire city along with them. That city was called Atlantis.