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  • [ supernatural/south of nowhere AU/crossover ]

tall, dark and handsome, michael novak is every teenage girl’s wet dream. he lead the perfect life until prom night. until someone decided to do a drive by shooting and michael became a victim. he was shot in the heart and his parents were told he’d have a 50/50 chance.

miraculously, michael pulled through with only a small scar. 

from that point on he began adding some sort of danger or thrill to his life, going so far as buying a motorcycle. 

michael was struck by another ounce of bad luck. while driving to clear his head, he was hit by an on coming car. thankfully, the driver stayed with him and quickly called the police. but it doesn’t change the fast that michael still flew across the high way after going 50 mph. 

unknown to everyone, michael is actually saint michael: the viceroy of heaven and chief of all of God’s angels. Even after turning human and losing his grace, Michael remains having some sort of angelic power watching over him. Protecting. 

now michael and his parents are noticing something’s out of the ordinary.