aiden wells

idols who r out there savin the gays 

- boa

- cl from 2ne1 

- ren from nu’est 

- soyeon from t-ara

- jackson from got7 

- baekhyun from exo 

- wonho from monsta x 

- hansol from topp dogg

- junhyung from highlight

- yerin & yuju from gfriend

- heechul from super junior

- jinjin & eunwoo from astro 

- hoya & woohyun from infinite

- kibum & jonghyun from shinee

- amber, krystal & jessica from f(x)

- literally everyone from seventeen and bts 

(jess isn’t in the group but u get the point)

Ubisoft knowing what they’re doing whilst creating The Seed Brothers, and knowing what its gonna do to the over-lusting fandom:

Ubi knows what they did and they’re too evil to admit it, but I cant thank them enough because of how many beautifully made character they gave us -not only this game, many more that I needn’t mention here-, so Thank you Ubisoft.

Why am i crying at every single ep of Violet Evergarden?

I know that lot of fans who read the novel will disagree,but even if Vio sometimes is ooc i don’t care that much,i like more this why because she understand emotions(i mean,she feels more human).I’m glad they decided to animate the episode of Ann (even if there are some little changes i loved it!)


Aiden x Reader

Requested by Anon

“Hey, you want a ride?” One of the twins asked as they pulled up next to you.

“To school?” you asked not sure if they were actually going to class.

“Yeah, we have some stuff to do so we might as well go.” Aiden grumbled as he flipped up his helmets visor.

“You’ll be late if you keep walking.” Ethan pointed out.

“Um… thanks.” You mumbled when Ethan took your bags as Aiden helped you hop on the back of his bike.

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anonymous asked:

Love 💗 your ilitw hcs, they’re lovely ❤️, and could I pls request Michael+MC at a Carnival? ❤️

 Michael Surprising MC WIth A Carnival Trip!

  • Michael realizes one of his favorite local bands will be performing at the Cedar Cove carnival, and rallies the troops to come support his favorite band
  • Michael asks everyone else to come to the carnival to support the band, but more than that he wants to enjoy the stupidity of the carnival with his love.
  • “So, how do you feel about carnivals? And more specifically, carnivals with me and good music?”
  • “I would say I love carnivals and say I’m a little surprised to hear you’d want to go.”
  • “I’d go anywhere for you.”
  • Maria, Emma, Aiden, Michael, and MC all go to the carnival together, Caleb regretfully couldn’t make it due to a sports commitment which was fine since there wasn’t that much room for him inside Maria’s car.
  • The carnival is set just on the outskirts of town in a large open area just in front of the woods, that now are decorated on the outside with ribbons and different decor items
  • Michael holds MC’s hand the entire car ride, letting their hands fall slack in his lap running his finger back and forth against their hand
  • They start out the trip altogether, Emma wants to get her face painted so they start there, MC gets Michael to agree to a tiger face to support Berry and MC gets a cheetah. Maria gets a beautiful butterfly on her cheek and Aiden swears it off as childish but lets them paint a music note on his cheek after MC tells him to
  • Michael gets MC to ditch them after the tilt-o-whirl mostly because they were too dizzy and wobbly to really protest and Michael promised to buy them funnel cake.
  • Michael finds them a table out of view and kinda away from anyone his arm lazily draped over MC’s shoulder, poking at the funnel cake with the fork in his other hand. MC eats a little bit making a face at Michael.
  • “Something about almost throwing up before this has made me lose my appetite.”
  • “You took the words right out of my mouth. We should go on the Faris wheel if you want.”
  • “Are you inviting me to make out?” Michael shrugs with a sigh and the two are off to the Faris wheel for some alone time together.
  • The line is long and MC and Michael play 5 questions, making fun of each other jokingly and teasing each other, Michael kisses MC a few times and this girl behind them awes, and they go out of their way to avoid look at her
  • Michael holds MC close to him, as the ride starts to propel them up, MC sighs contently as Michael traces shapes with his finger on to their arms,  turning towards MC as the ride comes to a stop.
  • “I never  realized how beautiful Cedar Cove could be.”
  • “It’s a nice view alright.” Michael brushes a strand of hair behind MC’s ear back into place, MC smiles at Michael leaning in softly to place a kiss on his lips. “You can do better than that…” Michael jokes, MC roles their eyes and kisses him again, this time a little firmer.
  • Michael unbuckles MC pulling them onto his lap, letting his hand fall on their lower back, holding them close to him. He lets his head cock to the side slightly deepening the kiss his tongue exploring MC’s mouth tangling with MC’s tongue.
  • The kisses grow more fervent and urgent, MC pulls away a little dazed Michael sucking in a long breath before letting it out with a smile. “Damn..”Michael laughs, as MC places a few soft kisses on his jaw. Michael helps them buckle back up so they don’t get yelled at.
  • Michael holds MC’s hand almost everywhere they go, he likes how good it feels that their hands cheesily feel like they were made to be held by him
  • After a few more rides just the two of them MC runs directly into Emma knocking her over, “Oh my god, Emma are you okay?”
  • Michael snickers from where he stands catching Maria’s eyes who trying to hold back her laughter as well, pushing her lips together. Aiden helps MC help Emma up. “Instead of laughing, you could have helped.” Aiden glares at Michael, Maria nods affirmingly, trying to hold back her laughter as Michael gets ready to snap back at him
  • “What happened to you guys anyway?”
  • “We went to go fuck in the woods.”
  • Michael! No, we went on the Faris Wheel together.”
  • “Did you fuck on the Faris Wheel?”
  • “No, we did not fuck.” MC groans, leading everyone towards a game booth they can all do together, they stand with Emma on one side Michael on the other holding water guns. 
  • After playing a handful of games with the crew, Michael gets everyone to the stage where people from his favorite bandstand setting up different stage equipment. Aiden bothers Michael with questions about the band and their sound and they’re music.
  • MC pulls Michael away from Aiden snaking their way with Emma and Maria towards the front as the band starts going over their setlist, a few covers, and a few originals. Michael hollers as they start their first song, a cover of an All Time Low song that’s easy to dance to.
  • The four of them embarrass themselves really getting into the song, MC dancing really close to Michael with Emma and Maria doing their own things around them, people laugh and cheer for the four of them
  • As the set list goes on Michael gets Emma and Maria to try and help MC crowd surf, they lift them up as other people start to help to realize what’s happening MC laughs as they’re passed around the crowd
  • When they finally get set down they’re towards the outside of the crowd, with Aiden, MC convinces Aiden to get a cup of lemonade with him and afterward gets Aiden to join them in the crowd of sweaty bodies dancing around that made Aiden cringe in disgust
  • By the time the sun has set they 5 of them sit at a park bench eating food, Michael and MC split an order of nachos and each bought some weird meat on a stick this one girl was selling, Emma swore by it.
  • “I’m glad we came together.”
  • “I can’t believe we didn’t see a clown.”
  • “We did, it was you Michael.” Maria laughs
  • “Whatever- holy shit there’s a real clown right behind you.”
  • Maria turns around to see the clown heading towards them holding balloon animals as Maria walks towards the other side of the table sitting next to Emma
  • “I forget you’re scared of clowns.”
  • After the clown gives everyone a balloon and they get Maria to take a picture with him looking beyond frightened, the crew heads to the car feeling exhausted, but giddy.
  • In the backseat, Emma gets MC and Michael to use ugly Snapchat filters with her, MC leaning into Michael half asleep half an awake and Emma and Michael laugh at them
  • Emma stays with MC that night going inside after Maria dropped them off to give Michael a minute alone with MC before riding his bike back to his house. 
  • “Did you have fun?”
  • “Only because I was with you.”
  • “I love you, Michael. Thanks for an awesome day.”
  • “Thanks for agreeing to come.Love you too.” Michael kisses MC passionately on the lips before saying a final goodbye.

hope you liked it!!! (also thanky ou, im happy you liked my ilitw stuff!)

The Recruit (Chapter 28) - Mitch Rapp

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “Day 105″

Characters: Mitch Rapp, Stan Hurley, Aiden Breen, Irene Kennedy, Ghost & Reader/OFC

Warnings: Excessive cursing. Stan is pissssssed. Some blood. Yep.

Author’s Note: Thank you so so so much to @dylan-source for allowing me to use the gif of Mitch during his argument with Stan. Your beautiful gifs really help to further bring this story to life.

Summary: The day after Mitch assassinates the arms dealer, Hamdi Sharif, but neglects to capture Ghost or the stolen plutonium, Stan assigns Mitch and Y/n with a new mission in a famous Turkish landmark.

Chapter Twenty-Seven - Chapter Twenty-Eight - Chapter Twenty-Nine 

Originally posted by yourdailykitsch

She walked into the bathroom with the first aid kit, placed it on the counter, and closed the door behind her. Mitch had taken his cut up and bloody shirt off and thrown it on the tile floor. Blood dripped from his right ribcage and his right eyebrow, and she covered her mouth with her hand at the sight.

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