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Things I’d rather see than Randy as champion:
  1. Carmella moonwalk the Mania 33 ramp
  2. Breezy Bella
  3. Miz and Maryse impersonate John and Nikki
  4. Alexa and Daniel bicker on Talking Smack like a father and his rebellious teen daughter
  5. Big E freaking out while playing virtual reality games
  6. Bray spider walk the Mania 33 ramp
  7. Jack, Aiden, and Simon having a tea party
  8. Ride Along with Baron and Corey
  9. Kevin promo
  10. Nattie talking about her cats
  11. Enzo do the running man down the Mania 33 ramp
  12. R-Truth teaching Dean how to dance
  13. Stone Cold drink 100 beers
  14. TJ dab for 10 hours
  15. Live concert of Naomi, Sasha, John, Tyler, and Shawn singing their theme songs
  16. Jillian singing 
  17. LayCool
  18. Santino as Santina
  19. Watch Finn build with his legos
  20. Peyton and Billie kangaroo hopping down the Mania 33 ramp
  21. Braun working out by lifting trees
  22. Shinsuke dance for 10 hours straight
  23. Chris name everyone on his list and go into detail why they’re on it
  24. Byron dancing and hugging Bayley’s wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube men
  25. Paul promo while Brock stands beside him bouncing
  26. Breezango writing everyone in the locker room fashion tickets
  27. Naomi slide down the entire Mania 33 ramp
  28. Paige’s Anti-Diva gimmick from NXT
  29. Emma yelling at everyone about how it’s “all about me”
  30. Brie give birth
  31. Roman and Dean do the Bella Twins entrance
  32. Seth and Dean do the Funkadactyls entrance
  33. Xavier freaking out while playing jump scares on UpUpDownDown
  34. Renee try to do Dean’s hair
  35. Lana speak Russian for 6 hours
  36. Team B.A.D. sing Christmas carols
  37. Liv eat pizza
  38. Alexa trying to pick up Baron
  39. Broken Matt
  40. Team B.A.D. and New Day having a twerk off
  41. AJ Lee and Mickie having a skip off
  42. Roman jumping over the top rope
  43. Neville’s 450 Splash
  44. 15 hours of Becky saying her best puns
  45. Alicia flipping out
  46. Nattie’s cats
  47. Shane jump off the titantron
  48. Seth’s Phoenix Splash
  49. Noam saying “Alicia Foooooooooooooooooooox” for 10 hours
  50. Charlotte’s corkscrew moonsault
  51. Seth mosh
  52. Nikki spear the shit out of everyone
  53. Dean doing shots with Renee’s mom
  54. Asuka murder everyone in sight
  55. Maryse read the dictionary doing her impersonation of how Nikki talks
  56. The New Day dancing
  57. Seth losing his shit on UpUpDownDown

i know im ages late to watch dogs but like
what is the fucking insurance like in this chicago???
are insurance companies like ‘yeah we’re not covering vehicles stolen and smashed by hacker vigilantes’

or is there a whole fucking policy u have to take out like ‘Acts of Aiden’ or some shit where u submit a news clip of Aiden Pearce smashing ur car into a cop with the claim

do ppl just drive with dash-cams like it’s Russia just in case FuckHands McTrench Coat hurls u out of the car and totals it immediately

More photos will be up later or tomorrow on Tabitha’s blog, but I just have to share this cute photo from Max and Aiden’s Birthday party today, with all their little sweet friends. Thanks to everyone who joined !!!

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So… many… kids!

Good morning, and welcome to this rare early morning blog post. It’s been 3 weeks since I last posted something, and also since I even visited the blog. But like I mention pretty much every time I come back, then we’ve been busy; life is busy with six children, and I think my beloved loyal readers have gotten used to only seeing one new blog post a month. I haven’t been much on social media, so even my twitter account has been pretty inactive, and my involvement in the group chats I’m in, have been pretty much.. none. We’ve pretty much been traveling back and forth, from Saint Greer to Ériu Fé, almost every single day, so I haven’t had much time to just sit down and relax. But it seems that Damian has warmed up to the idea of moving, so I’m quite excited to hear his final decision.

MOVING ON! It was wonderful weather for an outdoor playdate last week, so I teamed up with Micah’s parents, and we decided to meet with all the kids. My children were very excited to spend the entire day with their best friends. Naruto and Sasuke have adopted two older children, in addition to welcoming little Mialyn to their family, and all the kids get along so well! Emily and William didn’t hesitate, and immediately added Otto and Logan to their growing list of friends, and they already act like they’ve known each other since forever.

Being only three adults with ten kids (Damian had to work), you can definitely say we had our hands full. At times it felt like we were only two adults, as a certain someone *cough* could easily be mistaken for one of the kids, haha. Luckily, the older ones are a little more independent, and didn’t mind lending a hand, and help look after the little ones. Mialyn was sleeping most of the time, like newborns do, but that didn’t save me from starting to miss having a baby in the house. You would think the crying and stuff would make me feel differently, but I already have Lumi, who takes care of that, and makes sure my house is never quiet. She even demonstrated just how loud she can scream at the playdate, and I’m sure everyone had fun with that. I would be lying if I told you my kids aren’t crazy! 

I’m happy the weather was good for the entire day. It was still pretty warm outside, when we said goodbye and parted ways in the evening. I also took like a million photos, so I’ve tried to pick only the best ones! I hope the weather will continue to be amazing, and to have another playdate in the near future.



Hello everyone, we’ve had a couple of busy weeks, but I finally got time to make a blog post. As “promised” in my last post, I said we would be back with more from our visits to my younger brother’s house. And since Damian brought some of the kids to visit them yesterday, while I was at home with little sick kiddos, I might as well make a post out of it. Dimitri and his boyfriend are both excited about their new house in Eriu Fe, so that’s wonderful. But not only have my dear younger brother moved, my twin sister has also moved to a bigger house, with more space for her and her growing family. It makes me want to move again. Not only to keep us close to family, but Eriu Fe is absolutely stunning, and I would love to live in such a beautiful area. However, my dear husband is not too fond of the idea, so I’ll have to see what the future brings, and if he will change his mind one day. But moving on, I managed to convince Damian to take Emily, Max and Aiden to visit my brother yesterday. William and Lumi have both gotten a fever, and now Noah seems to have caught what they have. He wasn’t his usual cheerful self, so I decided to stay at home and take care of them.

Our kids love to visit family, and they were excited to go and “play” with their little cousin.  Maddy will soon be 1 month old, and he’s doing wonderfully.

Again, thanks to my brother and Caius for having them over. It’s always nice to visit family, and the kids love visiting their only and favorite uncle. Damian got some really good photos, which we are always happy to share with you guys! Hopefully, we’ll be able to post more often. We have so much to update you on.


Yet another fun playdate with our favorite fox cub!

It’s been quite awhile since we’ve had Micah over to play with the kiddos! But I’m sure his parents have been busy now with a new baby in the house, and I sense that Micah is absolutely in love with his sister. He’s been talking a lot about her, and we’re all very excited for him and his parents, and we can’t wait to meet her!

I’m so glad the weather decided to be in our favor. We are currently redecorating Damian and I’s bedroom, and have moved Max and Aiden with us upstairs, in the room next to us! We have boxes and toys all over the floor, but we’re still able to get around, so I guess it’s not really as bad as it seems!

It’s really fun now that the little twins are older, and moving around a lot more (they’ll actually be 1 year next month, can you believe it?!). Lumi will instantly love everyone who wants to play with her, so she and Micah got along really well from the start. Noah is actually really shy, and even though we tried to bribe him with toys, it took some time to win him over. Max and Aiden also love to play with their younger siblings, so it was nice to see all of them play together. Also now that Lumi is walking a bit on her own, I noticed how carefully Micah would walk around her. He placed his hand on her head 20 times, so I think he was afraid of pushing her over. She’s quite clumsy, and has fallen over many times already. I try to teach the older kids to help me keep an eye on her, and be more careful when the little ones are walking around (I can’t have my eyes glued on them 24/7, it’s just not at all realistic), but I’m telling you; Aiden is like a tiny bulldozer who sometimes will crash into everyone, and not keep an eye on what he’s doing.

I managed to get the kids indoors (it started raining, which is just too typical). William will be home for dinner (he’s at soccer practice), so once I have finished this blog post, I will have Aiden, Noah and Lumi moved to the office and kitchen area with their toys, so I can keep an eye on them - and hopefully Em, Max and Micah will be little angels and help me with the food! May you all have a wonderful day!

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