aiden shows the face

#255 - First Father’s Day

Harry: You made sure the baby was securely in her carrier as you worked on making breakfast for Harry. It was the first father’s day since you both had welcomed Ali into the world, and you wanted it to be special. Keeping a close eye on the baby, you set the table and set the food out before scooping the little girl from her carrier and gently resting her on your shoulder. “Let’s go say good morning to daddy yeah?” you smiled softly and made your way down the hallway to your shared bedroom. Harry was still in the same position you had left him in when you got up. Smiling widely, you walked around to his side of the bed and knelt down, keeping your hand on the back of Ali’s neck. “Happy father’s day baby…” you whispered, reaching out briefly to move some hair from his face. Harry started to stir when he felt your touch and his eyes slowly fluttered open. As soon as he saw you and Ali, his smile spread widely across his face and he reached out to brush his hand over her head. “Good morning loves,” he whispered out groggily, humming out deeply. “We made you breakfast daddy,” you giggled and carefully turned the baby to face her father. She seemed somewhat un-phased but she grabbed a hold of his finger. “Really?” Harry asked softly, looking back at you and sitting up. “You didn’t have to love… thank you so much.” “I wanted to! It’s your first father’s day. It has to be special.” Harry slipped out of bed and helped you and Ali back to your feet before placing a soft kiss against your lips. “Thank you so much…” “Happy father’s day Harry.”

Liam: The day had started off slowly and had pretty much progressed the same way. It was Liam’s first father’s day, and since your little boy Aiden was still quite small, the two of you had decided together to just take it easy. It was nearing 4:30 and already, your family had taken Aiden out for a walk in the park and gone out for a special little brunch. Now, you were all sitting on the couch with a mindless TV show on. Liam held Aiden face down on his chest, rubbing his large hand up and down Aiden’s back. The young boy’s whole torso was basically the length of Liam’s hand so there wasn’t much room. You rested your head on Liam’s shoulder and gently wrapped your hands around his bicep. Liam smiled over at you and gave you a soft kiss on your forehead. “Today has been absolutely amazing, you know that?” he murmured, pressing his cheek against the top of your head. “I’m glad baby,” you hummed out contently. “I was hoping you would have a good day.” Aiden let out a deep, gummy yawn which caught both you and your husband off guard for a minute. “He’s so cute,” you chuckled. “He really is…” your husband whispered, closing his eyes for a moment. “What are you thinking?” you questioned softly, glancing up at him and noticing his deeply relaxed state. “I’m just thinking about how lucky I am… I got to marry you and I got to have this beautiful little boy with you. I’m just so happy that I get to spend this day with my family.” Your heart fluttered in your chest. “We wouldn’t want to be with anyone else Li… you’re the best husband and the best dad we could ever need.”

Niall: It was incredibly unfortunate that Niall was unable to be there for the first father’s day. And with Niall being the new father, he was quite upset. You could hear it in his voice when you were talking to him on the phone. You had tried to reassure him that you and Rorie would make up for it when he got back, but to no avail. “I should be there (Y/N)… it’s a special day, not only for me, but for all of us,” he explained softly, his voice low and soft on the other end. “We’ll Skype tonight Niall… it’s not like you’re purposely avoiding us baby… you know that and so do we. Rorie will get to see your face and in a week’s time you’ll be back and we will make up for this okay? It’s all going to be perfectly okay.” Niall let out a deep sigh. “Can we Skype now maybe?” he asked softly. “Let me go get the baby…” you smiled softly. Niall thanked you and hung up. You went to get the baby and cradled him against your chest. You grabbed your computer and went into the kitchen. In about a minute, you had everything set up, and a couple minutes after, Niall’s call came in. You hit accept and smiled widely when you saw his face. “Happy father’s day!” you cheered out, holding up the baby by carefully and gently shook his hand to mimic waving. Niall’s face completely lit up when he saw you and Rorie. “Hi guys!” he breathed out. “Hi Rorie… oh my goodness look at you… I miss you so much buddy but I promise I’ll be back next week and I’m all yours. I promise. I love you guys so much.”

Louis: The day was nearing an end, but it wasn’t quite over just yet. You walked up the stairs carefully with the two hot mugs of tea. When you walked in the room, the sight you were greeted with was absolutely precious. Louis was lying on his stomach just like Jess was. Your baby girl was fast asleep, but Louis was just lying there and admiring her. He gently ran his fingers down her back and was always double checking to make sure that she had enough space to breathe. “Here’s some tea love,” you spoke quietly, setting it on the bedside table along with yours. “Thanks sweetheart,” he breathed out, glancing up at you with a soft smile. You came over and placed yourself on the other side of Jess, reaching out and gently brushing his hair back. “Did you have a good day today?” you asked quietly, propping yourself up on your hand. “I had a perfect day love,” he smiled widely, happily leaning into your touch. “It was so fun…” “I’m glad,” you chuckled softly and watched your little family come together even closer if it was even possible. “You know she looks just like you,” you smiled softly. “She looks like you too though,” he smiled in reply. “I think that’s the point,” you chuckled quietly and grabbed a pillow so you could lay down but stay elevated. “I love this…” he murmured. “I love moments where the three of us are just relaxing and just have time to be together.” Smiling softly, you nodded in agreement. “There’s a lot more to come love…” “Promise?” he smiled up at you, chuckling softly. You gave him a peck on the forehead and nodded. “Promise baby. Many more.”

Zayn: Smiling widely you rubbed your little girl’s belly as she sat in her carrier on the kitchen table. She blew out some saliva as she kicked her legs around slightly. You giggled softly and used your sleeve to wipe her spit away. “Daddy’s gonna be home very soon angel. Don’t you worry.” It was kind of unfair that Zayn had to work on father’s day, but at the same time, you were glad he got to come home at the end of the day to see your daughter Jana. You slipped dinner into the oven and turned back around, making a face at your little girl and grinning like an idiot when she brought one of her little hands up to her face. You heard the front door open and close, making a happy face at Jana. “Guess who’s home,” you giggled looking over just as Zayn walked in with a warm smile on his face. “There’s my girls.” He came over to you and wrapped an arm around your waist, giving you a soft kiss on your lips. “Hi baby!” he cooed, leaning over Jana and giving her a soft kiss on the forehead. “Happy father’s day baby,” you smiled softly, going to take dinner out and set it on the counter. “Thank you love,” he chuckled and turned back around for a moment to kiss your temple. “It smells delicious sweetheart,” he hummed out happily and went to sit next to where Jana was. “Well it’s done so I hope you’re hungry.” Zayn chuckled softly and pulled the baby onto his lap, holding her up. “Always for your cooking baby.”