aiden pearce watch dogs

  • WKZTV News: And now for a report on Vigilante Aiden Pearce. Aiden Pearce is the Vigilante. He's been terrorizing Chicago. The police cannot catch Aiden Pearce. Aiden Pearce Aiden Pearce Aiden Pearce... (shows pic)
  • Nicky: Geez, this vigilante guy scares me. Wonder who he is, Aiden?
  • Aiden Pearce: (dressed exactly like he is on the news)
  • I have absolutely no idea.

Mr Links ACen 2017 shenanigans part 8/8! I had the time of my life, as always! If you were the subject of any of these photos, please message me so I can credit you!

Identified cosplayers:
N: @apathetictriumph

Favorite Video Game Characters → Watch Dogs / Aiden Pearce

“I don’t look back anymore. I don’t regret. I look forward. Everything is connected, and I’ll use that to expose, to protect, and if necessary… to punish.”