aiden miller

This is what bothers me about Moffat’s comments about Elementary.

I’ll give you, Benedict Cumberbatch is hot right now. And deservedly so - he’s ridiculously talented and attractive and lovely. He’s having a moment. And that’s great. 

But Lucy Liu, man, Lucy Liu has been killing it for awhile. She’s been playing strong, independent woman for her whole career. Aly McBeal, the Charlie’s Angels reboot, Kill Bill, that cameo in Chicago. Lucy Liu has a career, a long career, maybe not the flashiest career, but a career to be proud of.

And while we’re at it, Jonny Lee Miller. I’ve been in love with Jonny Lee Miller since I was about 14. Hackers and Trainspotting and Eli Stone, which was short lived, but wonderful. And let’s not forget, Jonny Lee Miller absolutely held his own in Frankenstein. They both won that award, because they were both amazing.

And let’s look at the supporting cast. Natalie Dormer is poised on the edge of a moment to rival Benedict’s. Aiden Quinn has had a long, solid career. They’ve had really solid, wonderful cameos.

Now, I’m not making this post to belittle anything that Sherlock’s accomplished. And I’ll admit. in this moment, the cast of Sherlock has more star power. But to insinuate they have a bunch of nobodies and has-beens over on Elementary is ridiculous.