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The move from Denmark had done nothing for Lucas’s mood. He still found himself shying away from most contact, preferring a detached sort of existence even at his place of employment. The scent blockers didn’t do much but they kept omegas from coming up to him, the alpha hiding as a beta. 

He didn’t trust anyone, not really, and spent evenings alone calling Marcus every other day to see how his son was faring.

Marcus was on a visit when he spotted the ad hanging off the side of a bulletin board on their way from the grocery.

Beginner Art Classes. Free first lesson! Call Aiden at 777-564-3498

Lucas could remember playing at drawing in his youth, mostly animals and occasionally his friends in silly situations.

“Oh dad, can we?”

He never could say no to his son. 

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I don’t want to close my eyes (I don’t want to miss a thing) - rozdział szósty

Autorka: hilourry

Oryginał: x

Zgoda: Jest.

Pairing: Liam Payne/Louis Tomlinson, Louis Tomlinson/Harry Styles, Liam Payne/Sophia Smith

Kategorie: mpreg, bottom!Louis, pregnant!Louis, doctor!Harry, pregnancy!kink, nipple play, blowjob, cheating, barebacking, come play, lactation!kink

Opis: Louis jest mężem Liama, noszącym w sobie jego dziecko. Liam nie jest gotowy, aby być ojcem, ale dr Harry Styles jest bardziej niż chętny.

T/N: A więc ostatni rozdział przed Wami… Bardzo lekko tłumaczyło mi się to opowiadanie, mam nadzieję, że i Wam lekko się je czytało, a sama historia przypadła do gustu. Enjoy! x

P. S. Kilka godzin wcześniej pojawił się piąty rozdział, więc upewnijcie się,że go przeczytaliście nim przejdziecie do tej części.

Banner: insaisissable

Korekta: Karolina

Spis rozdziałów: x


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[ ☎ ] my muse calls yours in tears.

it wasn’t rare for brielle to think about her son, luca. within her nightstand is a picture of him, minutes after he was born and every night, she found herself staring at it, but tonight was different. it was all too much to bare anymore. she thought that maybe her heart was with her son, when she had left him years ago, but it seemed as though it never left luca’s father. and yet, here she was, crying about the past and how the future wasn’t ever going to be enough. it was nothing without aiden and luca, despite how long it took her to realize that, she knew it was true and she wanted him to know. “hello ? was all she heard on the other end before she finally fell over the edge. “aiden. aiden, I’m so…” she already began, wanting to lie to him already because she was so embarrassed but no. she was done hiding away from it. “I miss him, aiden. I miss luca a-and I,” she paused, sniffling and fighting back the urge to sob. “god, aiden, I miss you. I thought maybe it was just him, but no, it’s you too.” and now she was sobbing, the photo of her son in her hand as she tried to continue on. “I see so much of him in you, just by the way he looked. I wanted him to have you so bad.” she was all over the place, her thoughts coming out of nowhere but everywhere at the same time. “I-I wanted to have you so bad, but… but I broke it. everything we had and… a-and I broke you,” she cried into the phone, “and I broke myself. and I’m just so sorry. I’d go back in time and change it, b-but I can’t and I can’t… I can’t do this anymore. I need… need your help. I need you.”

Lucas Friar’s life didn’t turn out the way he expected. The dreams he’d had for most of his life changed when he lost the only woman he ever loved. It’s been a decade since he last saw her, last held her, last kissed her, and last made love to her. Now he’s here to protect her, to be the hero she always knew he was deep inside. 

A dare led Riley Matthews on a different path of life than she ever expected one that gave her stardom, fame, money, and stole away the one man that would always have her heart. Now he’s back in her life, here to protect her and her family. Will she be able to open up to him, or will her own secrets keep them apart? 

Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four

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Author Note: Again thank you for the reviews, the reaction gifs, the asks everything. You all rock big time! Trust me things that might not make sense right now, will later on.

Chapter Five: Boulevard of Broken Dreams

TO: Lucas Friar
FROM: Aiden Scott
SUBJECT: RE: Possible off the grid
Durango, Colorado
She owns an art gallery and a bar.
I’ve attached everything I could find on her, it didn’t take much to find her, but I don’t think she expects anyone to be looking for her.
Every year on March 1st a deposit of #100,000.00 is made into her bank account. I haven’t had a chance to trace it all, but you can do that if you need to.
I hope she has the answers you need.

Lucas had read the email several times over the last ten minutes.

It was early in the morning; he’d tossed and turned all night again. He couldn’t get the memory of Riley from yesterday afternoon out of his mind. He could still taste her lips on his, feel her body against his. He’d avoided her for days, and now all he wanted to do was pull her in his arms and make love to her for hours on end.

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