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Ghost Whisperer Stagione 5 (2009-2010)

Ghost Whisperer Stagione 5 (2009-2010)

Capite le mie preoccupazioni? Quale madre desidera un figlio felice e normale? –Melinda, 5.01

- Una volta credevo alle coincidenze. –Melinda

- E cos’è cambiato? –Delia

- Ho letto un libro che mi ha fatto cambiare idea. –Melinda, 5.01

Sei tu il nostro sogno. –Melinda, 5.01

A volte può essere di conforto pensare che ci sia una ragione per quello che accade. –Eli, 5.02

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Aiden Lucas // Friend

Asher’s younger brother and yet another one of Brenden’s closest friends. He was kicked outta Liverpool Academey where he’s brother is ceriently working for being bullied. He now is trying to live his dream with Derek to become a pro skater.

haylnrps asked:

(((yo i totally explained in the past that this is my main blog and im asking from greenxyxs but ill explain again just in case ok ok))) anyway for the couple meme thing, luca & aiden !!!

(Yes you have totally explained that in past but I’m forgetful so thanks lol))

Who’s the cuddler: They both like to cuddle but Aiden just super cuddly unlike Luca

Who makes the bed: Luca it’s just a bit anal about having things a certain way. Though sometimes Aiden will do it to make Luca happy.

Who wakes up first: Depending on the day either or but usually Luca. He’s a early morning kind of person.

Who has the weird taste in music: Aiden well at least that’s how Luca thinks even then he listens and supports Aiden’s music choice.

Who is more protective: They both are pretty protective so both of them

Who sings in the shower: Luca it comes naturally to him so he’s always singing. 

Who cries during movies: Aiden he’s bit more willing to show those kind emotions unlike Luca. 

Who spends the most while out shopping: Luca but mostly because he always finds things that Aiden would like.

Who kisses more roughly: They both do it just depends on who gets to kiss who first.

Who is more dominant: Luca usually more dominant but Aiden can have him moments. 

My rating of the ship from 1-10: 100000 xD

fckxillusion asked:

yAS ily 

I like you // I love you // You’re one of my best friends // You’re like family // You are family // I dislike you // I hate you // I’d kill you if I got the chance // I’m scared of you // I would adopt you // I’d date you // I’d sleep with you // I’d marry you // I’m worried about you // You confuse me // You’re annoying // I pity you // I respect you // I feel protective of you // I’d invite you with me to parties // I’d lend you my money // I’d borrow your money // You’re good-looking // I’m suspicious of you // I’m hiding something from you // You’re fun // You’re boring // You’re nice // You’re mean // You’re smart // You’re stupid // I look up to you // I think you’re a better person than me // I think I’m a better person than you // I want to apologize to you // I wish I’d never met you // I never want to forget you // I want to get to know you better