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Ghost Whisperer Stagione 5 (2009-2010)

Ghost Whisperer Stagione 5 (2009-2010)

Capite le mie preoccupazioni? Quale madre desidera un figlio felice e normale? –Melinda, 5.01

- Una volta credevo alle coincidenze. –Melinda

- E cos’è cambiato? –Delia

- Ho letto un libro che mi ha fatto cambiare idea. –Melinda, 5.01

Sei tu il nostro sogno. –Melinda, 5.01

A volte può essere di conforto pensare che ci sia una ragione per quello che accade. –Eli, 5.02

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Aiden Lucas // Friend

Asher’s younger brother and yet another one of Brenden’s closest friends. He was kicked outta Liverpool Academey where he’s brother is ceriently working for being bullied. He now is trying to live his dream with Derek to become a pro skater.

haylnrps asked:

❤️ (((from aiden to luca let's give them more happiness shall we)))

Meme Accepting ➻ ❤  your muse telling mine “I love you”

        It wasn’t the first time he said those three little words before. He had said it countless times beforehand. He knew Aiden meant it when he said  that he loved him. But Luca never got sick of hearing let alone saying it. As he pulled the other male closer to him he’s nuzzling his face into the crook of his neck. Pressing a small kiss to his neck as he held him closer. “I love you, so much.” He mumbles pressing a kiss onto the crook of his neck. Repeating the three words with each kiss he pressed to him.

aidenholmvik asked:

“ i dreamt about you last night. ”

six-word sentences.

         “Did you now?— I hope it was a pleasant one then.”

He couldn’t help the slightly intrigued glaze to his eyes, it wasn’t every day someone told him that they had dreamed about him the night prior, especially when so many people were having nightmares instead. The Ex-Marine was in that group of those that suffered from night terrors, but hopefully this dream of Aiden’s was a good one. Luca couldn’t help but let a smirk pull at the corner of the one side of his mouth in amusement, especially since a topic hadn’t been expressed just yet.

         “You wanna tell me about it or should I just use my imagination?”

Luca was teasing and the gentle nudge he gave the blonde should have confirmed that he was just jesting, but in all honesty he did want to know what exactly about him she had dreamed. ‘Though one could definitely speculate and guess what the dream was about, Luca didn’t mind letting his imagination run wild, but perhaps that would be rude– or something like that. Still, he couldn’t help but take a few mental guess about the contents of the dream.