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Ghost Whisperer Stagione 5 (2009-2010)

Ghost Whisperer Stagione 5 (2009-2010)

Capite le mie preoccupazioni? Quale madre desidera un figlio felice e normale? –Melinda, 5.01

- Una volta credevo alle coincidenze. –Melinda

- E cos’è cambiato? –Delia

- Ho letto un libro che mi ha fatto cambiare idea. –Melinda, 5.01

Sei tu il nostro sogno. –Melinda, 5.01

A volte può essere di conforto pensare che ci sia una ragione per quello che accade. –Eli, 5.02

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Aiden Lucas // Friend

Asher’s younger brother and yet another one of Brenden’s closest friends. He was kicked outta Liverpool Academey where he’s brother is ceriently working for being bullied. He now is trying to live his dream with Derek to become a pro skater.


We had to choose between Lukas or The founder… And it got pretty messy in the end with Aiden going crazy with the spawn eggs… Stay tuned for the next part! 

Lucas & Aiden got to come see me at work for a couple minutes last night. 😍 I had to work until 7, and Tang brought them up when mom came to pick him up. They were so excited, they were fascinated by everything! It was supper cute. 🤗💜💜

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