aiden emerson

I really want to find someone who loves the same bands as me so we can talk for hours. Is that too much to ask?

Tripping Inwards. || Blaine&Aiden

Aiden had decided to stay away from the computer and the living room. In short - he had absolutely no idea what was going on. He didn’t want to see any violence, he didn’t want to be in the middle of what most obviously didn’t concern him and he didn’t want to seem incompetent. Everyone made their own decisions and that much he understood, but the fact of the matter was he couldn’t bring himself to like them. So instead of saying anything about it, he stayed out of it. However, while cooking the Three-Cheese Tortellini and waiting for the water to boil, he hesitantly opened up his laptop and logged onto Tumblr. Things hadn’t turned out well, obviously. Lindsay seemed to have been traumatized by the entire thing, Madison was nowhere to be found, Blaine seemed to be in his room with Santana, but everyone else seemed to be a bit shocked. Not to blame them - he was as well. What in the world had happened? He would be lying if he said he wasn’t a bit worried about the entire situation, but he willed himself not to intrude. He didn’t want anyone thinking he was joining in on business that wasn’t his.

He then received a personal message from Blaine, asking him if he was still in the kitchen. Aiden smiled, replying with a very non-witty yes, before closing his laptop once more. He bit his lip and shook his head. Things in this mansion were very tense - no wonder he’d found Blaine in the state he was in. A few more weeks in here, and Aiden was sure to go crazy. Not like he wanted to, but these people seemed to like to build up more tension than necessary and that was just not the scene Aiden was used to. To be honest, that wasn’t the scene Blaine had been used to when they were still best friends, but obviously the shorter boy had become accustomed in time. He sighed loudly as he began to place the pasta in the boiling water, answering to the other personal message he received from Blaine quickly. He then grabbed the peppers he’d placed aside and began to stem and clean the seeds, then proceeded to dice them. As he did, though, his peripheral vision caught sight of what he hadn’t noticed before.

At the very corner of the kitchen counter, sat a small television that seemed to have been forgotten. His head tilted to the side and he put the knife he’d been holding down as he walked up to it, examining it. It very much still worked, he realized as he turned it on, and smiled. He then looked around for a remote, but what he found was a lot more interesting. On the other corner of the kitchen counter he spotted a small, maybe ten year old radio sitting, static, as if it had been untouched for years. He laughed in delight and also spotted the television remote. The things you find when you explore and cook. He grabbed the remote and turned the television off - he’d watch it when he was waiting for something else to cook. He went back to dicing the peppers, but only a few minutes had passed before her heard quick footsteps behind him. He turned around quickly before laughing as he spotted none other than Blaine Anderson, looking tired but out of breath as if he had run over here and at the last minute decided that wouldn’t do.

“I’m only just starting, Blaine,” he said, rolling his eyes and turning back to the peppers. “But if you really want some of it, you can start helping me,” he didn’t bother to greet his friend, simply nodded towards the onions that were sitting beside the peppers he was dicing. “Start chopping them up,” he said, then looked towards a pack of gum on the counter. “I brought those with me when I got here, so you can just chew one and you won’t cry. You’d better hurry if you want to eat this,” he said seriously, not once looking back at the brunette.