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#EatTheRare Fic Roundup: Hugh/Mads Rairpairs

Whenever we see a new Mads character, we as a fandom solemnly and with great deliberation proceed to ship him with EVERY POSSIBLE PERMUTATION OF HUGH.  Sometimes more than one of each!!  This festival has been amazing for the most ingenious pairings, and i think we all have new favorites now. Let it never end!

The Roundups will be broken into Mads/Hugh pairs, Hannibal Rarepairs, and a special category shoutout for Femslash Rarepairs, because WOW!! NICE JOB FANNIBALS!!!  There will be separate posts for Art and Fic, for a total of six, and then we will sent out one final post with all of the post links.

Thank you to @camilleflyingrotten for the gorgeous banner art!

In alphabetical order!

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Beloved video games characters [part 1/2]

Okay I couldn’t resist and I did it (ㆁᴗㆁ✿) I just wanted to thank you all for my recent 3'500 followers goal so I put all my efforts in this icons set! I never made icons before so please be gentle to me \(//∇//)\ Anyway for everyone crazy enough to use them they are totally free to use and just seeing them on your blog will fill my heart with joy ♥


You know, there was a time when I thought that maybe I’d be the one wearing Aiden’s ring

I know this is supposed to show their friendship but literally he just said my not-boyfriend Oliver is way better than your fiancé oops 




I don’t think we’ve seen that smile on his face for the rest of the series. Never with so many teeth. Not even with Oliver. Clearly Connor and Aiden were more than just friends, it was probably more than just one time, and Connor probably thought of him as more than just a friend. 

And look how upset he is in the second gif when Aiden says they were just boarding school buddies. His face just drops. He’s hurt. And of course in typical Connor fashion he strikes back and relentlessly messes with Michaela for the rest of the episode. It’s a defense mechanism for him.

He was hurt in the past. 

Maybe this is why Connor Walsh doesn’t “do” relationships.

Someone posted a list of TV storylines to watch so I thought i’d pass on the list. (Bolding ones i’ve seen)

Charles & Sebastian - Brideshead Revisited
Aaron & Eric – The Walking Dead (Just a kiss so far~It’s a group performance after all.)
Nasir & Agron - Spartacus Vengeance
Will & Kevin’s - Nashville
Loras & Renly - Game of Thrones
TJ & Sean - political animals
Jamal & Michael - Empire
Josh & Aiden – The Originals
Jude & Connor - the fosters 
David & Keith - Six Feet Under
Jude & Zero - Hit The Floor
Jack & Ianto - Torchwood (plus, Jack&Jack(S1E12, not sure), Jack&Angelo(S4E7). Though they only appear in one episode.)
Kurt & Blaine - Glee
Kevin & Scotty -  Brothers and Sisters
Maxxie & James - Skins (Maxxie & Tony)
David & Bryan - The New Normal
Mitchell & Cameron - Modern Family
Jake & Doug - Dawson’s Creek
Christian & Syed/ Ben & Duncan -   EastEnders
Nicholas & Christopher - State Within
Josh & Geoffrey, Arnold - Please Like Me
Lito & Hernando - Sense8

Danny & Alex - London Spy
Louis & Wyatt – Partners
Cheeks & Brady – Husbands
Riley & Zane – Degrassi
Chris & Aiden - Neighbours
Jacob & Phillip - It Could Be Worse
Todd & Darren -   Grey’s anatomy
Kyle & Eric - General Hospital: night shift
Max & Alex  -  As If Todd & Karl  -   Coronation Street
Alby & Dale - Big Love
Steven & Luke  -  Dynasty
Bob & Lee, Andrew & Justin - Desperate Housewives
Calvin & Grant, Heath, Michael -  Greek
Jack & Tobey, Ethan, David -  Dawson’s Greek
Robert & Austin - DL Chronicles Omar & Dante - Wire Jack & Joseph -  Kings
Conrad & Noah - Footballers wives Chris & Ravi - Hollyoaks
Jack (& Simon? No relationship confirmed so far) - Cuffs
Marco & Teddy – 90210
Jonathan & Rhys - Winners and Losers
Freddie & Stuart  - Vicious
Dominic & Malick - Holby City
Will & Robbie - River City
Geoff & Pavel – RAW
Kim & Adam - Andra Avenyn
Connor & Oliver - How to Get Away with Murder
Gabriel & Lawrence - The People I’ve Slept With
Richie & Dave - Threesome
James & William, Harry – A Place To Call Home
Jase & Mani - Sinchronicity
Aaron & Jackson, Robert - Emmerdale
Beecher & Keller – OZ (Be careful, it’s dark and pain)
Will & Grace the whole show is CLASSIC!
Cucumber Tofu Banana
In Between Men
Ashley in Sirens
Noah’s Arc
Angels in America
House Husbands
Subject to Change AUS (eh……coming out in 2018?)

Web series
Trey & Elliott - La Fleur de Mai
Gossip Boy
Hunting Season
The Outs

Whatever This Is
Coming Out
The Horizon
Derek And Cameron
Gay’s Anatomy
Montreal Boy: Some StringsAttached
He’s With Me
Nelson and Todd – Where The Bears Are

Reality TV Show – Boy Meets Boy、The A-list Dallas、TheA-list New York

Léopold- Les Garçons de Chambre
Thomas & Florian -  Plus Belle La Vie
Gilles & JP -  Clara Sheller
Fosi & Alberto - Un golpe de suerte
Kevin & Yann - Les Bleus

Lucas & Noud, Marco, Menno -  Good Times Bad Times(Goede tijden, slechte tijden)
Bas & Andy - Lieve Lust
Flip & Sasha - SpangaS

Kim & Adam - Andra Avenyn

Elias & Lari - Secret Lives

Måne & Tom, Stellan- Hotel Cæsar

Jens Erik & Thomas -  2900 Happiness

Fer & David - Fisica O Quimica
Max & Iago -  El Cor de la Ciutat
Christian & Horacio - Más Sabe el Diablo
Javi & Victor -  Fama a Bailar
Ginés & Xisco - Un Golpe De Suerte
Diego & Santi - Rich Kids, Poor Parents
Boni & Mendi - Despedida en el Hospital
Max & Enric - El Cor de la Ciutat
Fonsi & Alberto - Un Golpe De Suerte
Pablo & Mauro - Todo el Sol del Mundo
Lo que Surja

Julius & Thomas - G&T webserie
Valerio & Filippo - I liceali
Paulo & Miguel - O Beijo do Escorpião

Christian & Oliver/ Tom & Ulli & Olli - Verbotene Liebe
Roman & Deniz - Alles was zahlt
Lenny & Carsten - Gute Zeiten Schlechte Zeiten
Joscha & Kai - Alles Was Zählt

Adrlan & Pako - Al Final Del Arcoiris

Valerio & Filippo - I liceali

Ignacio & Javier - Donde esta Elisa

Chris& Valery - Zabranena lubov

Amir & Harel -  Til the Wedding
Sami & Erez - Mom and Dads(אמא ואבאז)
Eytan & Erez -  The Ran Quadruplet (רביעיי[/ת רן)

Akira & pinko - Dare Yorimo Mama o Ai su (I Love Mom more than Anyone)
YASHA (2000)

Tae Sub & Kyung Soo – Life is Beautiful

Crystal Boys

Club Friday The Series 5 ตอน ความลับของหัวใจที่ไม่มีจริง The Secret of Heart
ClubFriday The Series 2 รักไม่ได้หรือไม่ได้รัก don’t or can’t love
lovesick the series

Vincent & Eric - My Husband’s Lover

viihmaxim0ff  asked:

Meninos, quem é a garota mais bonita que vocês conhecem?

Mason: Minha irmã, claro.

Logan: A Scarlly, e não só porque ela é minha namorada.

Aiden: Obviamente, a Luna.

Henry: Na minha opinião, é a Mayday. Até porque ela me encheu o saco pra dizer isso.

Garrett: Eu vou dizer a Hazel, porque é verdade. Mas também tem uma agente lá na base que chama a atenção.

Connor: Não cheguei a nenhuma conclusão ainda. Depois eu respondo.

Sam: Eu fico entre uma garota da minha sala, que é muito linda, e a Cassie.