Rise and Fall of the Heim Theory - Chapter Three
└ An AiDean fanfic
        by filiandkiliheirsofdurin

He remembers sitting on the hood of his car and thinking of geography, the true meaning of the word distance. Not just the numerical side of lands and miles and the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, deep blue and endless. But the ache that accompanied it, how it seemed infinite and immeasurable.


I’ve been contemplating it for a while, and I’ve decided to be a sheep and jump on the wagon!

I guess it started with Littlestsecret, and FiliKiliThorinForever is doing it, so are Lakritzwolf and mm8.

I’ve decided I wanna do it to!

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He pauses.  Waits. Breathes. “Neima told you.” It’s not a question, not that she can tell. 

She doesn’t speak at first, just nods her head slowly, letting the weight of the past tug her head down. It’s harder to pull it back up. She’ll have to get used to that. 

“We wanted to tell you in a controlled setting, so this-” he motions to her bleeding knuckles, flesh torn, muscles constricted. “wouldn’t happen. Neima was wrong to tell you like this.”

But he was wrong. Wrong to think that any situation, no matter how controlled, could make the punch to the gut any easier. It didn’t matter where she was or how she found out-knowing they were all gone was enough to make her want to break down. Make her want to fight her way back to them. But what would be the point?

What was her point?

Prompt Fill: Knots

A prompt that I sort of gave then stole from mytrexhasfleas

Ross Poldark/Jim Hawkins, pre-Poldark novels, post-Treasure Island.

Essentially Poldark had to sail to America somehow, so he might as well have met one Jim Hawkins and then they fall in lurve. 

Though this isn’t love. It’s really just sex.

Because, as a sailor, Jim would be really good at knots. Ross, as an army boy, would definitely be out of his depth in that area.

NSFW beneath the cut.

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Maybe (An Aidean One-shot)

Fandom: The Hobbit RPF

Pairings: Aidean and minor Richlee

Characters: Aidan Turner, Dean O’Gorman, Richard Armitage and Lee Pace

Rating: Teen and up

Author: 221b-gay-street (AO3: LonelyMountain) 

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A/N: I made this cause today it’s Aidan’s bday, so Happy Birthday Aidan, and pleaseee enjoy it! :) 

It all started with a bet. It was a stupid bet, really, both Dean and Aidan had done it just for fun. Richard and Lee were so obviously together that there was no point in trying to decipher if they really were but Aidan and Dean had been pretty drunk in the stool of a bar, sipping their beers while they watched their so-obviously-gay friends talk and smile softly to each other.

“They are sooooo obviously gay for each other, why don’t they just kiss and shut up?” Dean moaned, hugging his pint against his chest. Aidan just smiled sloppily and aw-ed softly and giggled.

“Oh, they are so cute, just leave ‘em alone…”

“Let’s make a bet!” Dean shouted, the pint flying and soaking half of his clothes. Aidan couldn’t help the laugh that erupted from his mouth, making him fall off his chair and then bring the guys behind him to the floor too. Of course, in the end Lee and Richard helped them into a Taxi that took them to Aidan’s flat, where Dean would be staying because he was too drunk and too tired to go to his own.

While they were laying on Aidan’s bed, London’s humid weather making the sheets cling to their half naked and sweaty bodies, Dean brought up the bet again.

“Let’s make a bet.” He murmured, his eyes already closed. Aidan hummed and smiled at his friend.

“That’s what you said in the bar before we had to escape.”

“Yeah, it was your fault we got interrupted. Anyway, I was thinking, let’s make a bet on when will Rich and Lee start dating, eh?”

“Ugh, I think they’re already dating, Dean.”

“Then that’s your opinion, I bet they still aren’t.”

“And what does the winner get?” Aidan mumbled, his voice muffled by the pillow.

“Ah… The loser has to treat the winner to, ah, dinner?”

“Good enough.”

And it was a wonder how when they woke up next morning they still remembered the bet. But it soon ended, because at their usual Friday coffee date with Lee and Richard they arrived a bit early and caught them kissing softly over their coffee cups. Of course they started arguing right away and demanding the happy couple since when they had been together.

Two months. The fuckers had been going out two months without telling them anything. Yet, Aidan was too busy celebrating his victory and Dean was too busy sulking to even bother about feeling offended. Richard and Lee, though, did feel a bit offended about the bet yet found it funny enough to just forget about it.

“Told ya, it was so obvious!” Aidan chanted as they walked down the street with Richard and Lee following close behind, their hands clasped together.

“Shut your trap, Turner.” Dean grunted, punching his curly haired friend’s arm. Aidan just smiled brightly and snorted.

“So, when are you taking me out for dinner, dear Mr. O’Gorman?”

“Wait,” Lee paused. “that’s what you betted on? A dinner date? Oh my god, maybe WE are the ones who should bet on when are you going to come out!” Both Lee and Richard laughed gleefully and fist-bumped. Aidan and Dean scowled at them but both their cheeks had turned pink and they lowered their heads, embarrassed.

Soon enough, the dinner date. A week later, on Saturday evening, Dean was sat on the counter, staring at the oven as the pizza slowly cooked. Aidan would arrive any moment and Dean’s hands were already sweating, the formal shirt making him unusually hot. When the bell rang he immediately leaped off the counter and made his way to the front door. Aidan was also wearing formal clothes, just as formal as Dean’s, and grinned widely at him when he opened the door. Dean noticed some of his curls were also sticking onto his forehead. Yeah, it certainly wasn’t him imagining the unusually hot weather, then, eh?

A nicely decorated table was on the centre on Dean’s small living room, with even two lit candles and a few flowers. Plastic ones, though. Aidan whistled at the sight of it and caressed the table-clothes that adorned it.

“Wow, Dean, you truly made a good job with it.” Aidan commented, his dopey smile adorning his face. Dean smiled and blushed slightly.

“Well, I just figured that if we do it we might as well do it right.” He commented, shrugging.

Aidan waited about ten minutes before Dean came in with the pizza, what left the Irish man a bit startled. The pizza looked yummy, but very vulgar if you put it on the red and gold tablecloth with the flowers and the candled. Yeah, it certainly didn’t match. And Dean noticed Aidan’s surprised stare. He was a terrible cook, that why he had gone with frozen pizza, one that he knew Aidan loved, instead of making an inedible dish himself.

“Ah, well, mate… The…” Aidan stuttered before he started to laugh loudly, tears sprouting from his eyes. Dean stared at him for the first few seconds before joining him and soon they were both commenting on how horrible and stupid the pizza looked on that beautiful table and how good it tasted. They left the pizza cardboard on the table and left their uncomfortable chairs for the comfy sofa, that let them sprawl over each other in a tangle of limbs and pizza.

Soon, they were both chatting lazily while watching some movie that was on TV, yet they were both too focused on each other, on what the other was doing, to even notice what the movie was about.

“Mate,” Aidan said, moving to rest between Dean’s legs, his stomach pillowing his head. “why did you work so hard on the table settings and all that, I mean, you know me, the pizza was good enough and so would have been McDonald’s. Or maybe Burger King better…”

Dean sighed, trying to find some courage to tell Aidan what he had been wanting to tell him since… Well, since when exactly? Maybe it was that night in University, that many years ago, while Aidan was on Erasmus in Bristol and Dean had came from Auckland Univeristy for a year, that they played spin the bottle and they ended up making out… Or maybe it was when they both moved to London and shared a flat for a few months before Dean was able to pay one for himself… He couldn’t exactly point the moment he had decided that he had fallen in love with his best mate but when he looked at those wild curls that hadn’t changed a bit since he was twenty, or those warm brown eyes that smiled on their own, he knew that he had fallen and he couldn’t go back until he heard from Aidan himself the rejection that was surely to come.

“Hey, you here yet?” Aidan joked, pinching Dean’s side playfully. The Kiwi chuckled and swatted his hand away.

“Yeah, yeah. It’s just… Ahm, well, Aid, ah, I, ah, want to tell you… I want to tell you something.”

When these words left Dean’s mouth Aidan immediately raised from his position and sat on the sofa, staring at Dean expectantly with his eyebrows furrowed.

“Oh, Deano, that sounds serious. Too serious.”

“Oh, no, no, I mean, it is serious but not in a bad kind of way, I think. I hope? Ugh, I don’t know. Well, I’m just gonna tell you, okay? Then you can decide if it’s good or bad, or serious, ‘kay?” Aidan nodded slowly, preparing for the worse. Dean too raised himself and looked at Aidan’s eyes, trying to find some kind of comfort in them. Dean knew the Irishman wouldn’t be as evil as to leave him after his confession. Sure, things would be awkward at first but sooner or later they would be the same. Just as it had happened with the make out session that night in Bristol. Yeah, just like that.

“Ah, Aid, ah, well, the reason I made all that stupid thing with the flowers and the candles and the ugh, well the pizza was because I wanted, I want to tell you ahm, something very important for me.”

“Oh, gods, are you gonna get married? Did you leave some girl pregnant?” Aidan shrieked.

“No, no, no, no, nothing like that. Please, Aid, please, don’t interrupt. This is being really hard for me, okay?” Dean sighed again, trying to calm his nerves and whipping his sweating palms on his jeans.

“Dean, you sound like… Are you dying?”


“Then… Then you sound like you’re confessing your love.” Amazingly, Aidan did not laugh at the idea. He just furrowed his eyebrows and looked at Dean more intently. “Are you?”

“Am I what?” Dean was sure his own face was on fire.

“Confessing your love? Or at least that you like me?” Dean hesitated before raising his eyes and meeting Aidan’s. He didn’t seem disgusted, at least. He didn’t leap from the sofa shouting ‘No homo!’ and that was something.

“Ah, maybe?” Dean murmured, almost inaudibly.

“Oh, thank god.” Aidan chuckled and the next thing Dean knew was that there were a pair of soft lips upon his that tasted like pizza and Aidan. And god, he loved them. He didn’t hesitate one second, he immediately responded to the kiss, and while Aidan’s hands travelled to his face and tangled in his blond hair, his owns were busy roaming over Aidan’s hips and lower back. Their position on the sofa wasn’t the comfiest one but they couldn’t be bothered with it now that they had discovered their lips.

They did discuss their relationship after the third round of sex that night, and yes, of course Lee and Richard had betted on when they would come out. Richard won.


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by icecreamsuit

How do you end up liking someone? Is it simply by the way a certain person looks or is it something about the way they act or is it simply something conjured up by the forces controlling the universe? Is there something in the atmosphere that creeps into your head and makes you think about a person, makes them stuck in your head until you force yourself to do something else that occupies your mind in the meantime? Maybe you’ve literally been struck by cupids bow but it’s carried out so sneakily that there is no proof.

Well Aidan’s been struck and it kind of sucks.

Words: 1448, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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Announcement of the authors

Dear followers, we’d like to make a short announcement.

As you might have noticed, the updates on the blog are rather sparse lately, for which we are really sorry. It’s partly due to some private issues that don’t leave both of us a lot of time to write, but it’s also got to do with the current scenario we’re writing - ‘Ten days between hope and despair’ . We’re sorry to say that we are kind of stuck right now; also, since it was DancingInTheRain-allnight’s idea due to personal experience with that topic (twice), she’s not so sure whether it was a good idea to start this scenario at all. Feedback has backed this up, so we decided to put the scenario on hold until we figure out what to do with it.

In the meantime, we’ll be continuing with the boys’ way towards marriage as planned. So stay tuned for more wedding-related and fluffy stuff! :)

pyxis-142 asked:

Hi! Very excited for all the prompts you've got so far! :D Can i please request Aidean and 'hi i just moved in next door and oh mY GOD there is a huge spider in my house what is this we don't have this nonsense back in ireland you have to come help me'. And if you want to expand follow up thank you "date" would be fun! Date as in, yes i've only unpacked the wine and a beanbag so far sorry not sorry. Or they go back to Dean's. I don't even know. JUST GIVE ME AIDEAN PLEASE ANYTHING WILL DO. Taa :)

So, I actually have a bit of a New Neighbours! verse? (which you can check out here and here.) but I’ve been thinking to revisit those boys anyway, so if it suits your wants, I think that there’s definitely a plot for ‘ZOMG TOO MANY INSECTS HELP.’ there.

And possibly for ‘still-not-unpacked’ shenanigans. ;)


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by LonelyMountain

“Then… Then you sound like you’re confessing your love.” Amazingly, Aidan did not laugh at the idea. He just furrowed his eyebrows and looked at Dean more intently. “Are you?”

“Am I what?” Dean was sure his own face was on fire.

“Confessing your love? Or at least that you like me?” Dean hesitated before raising his eyes and meeting Aidan’s. He didn’t seem disgusted, at least. He didn’t leap from the sofa shouting ‘No homo!’ and that was something.

“Ah, maybe?” Dean murmured, almost inaudibly.

Words: 1638, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Twilight of The Innocents - My_Trex_has_fleas - The Almighty Johnsons, Being Human (UK) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 68/?
Fandom: The Almighty Johnsons, Being Human (UK)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Relationships: Anders Johnson/John Mitchell
Characters: Anders Johnson, John Mitchell, William Herrick, OMC, OFC
Additional Tags: Captivity, Vampires, Occult, Witches, Were-Creatures, Explicit Sexual Content, Violence, Blood and Gore, mitchers, aidean, Demons, Cannibalism, Britchell

A year after the events of Being Human Season Three and The Almighty Johnsons Season Three.

Mitchell and Anders are both trapped, held prisoner by Herrick and a mysterious occult organisation. The question they both want answered is how the hell did they get there?

Five chapters today people!!! Count ‘em!!! FIVE!!!!

Apparently the person who can’t count is me, lol. FOUR CHAPTERS!!!!! *rolls off dock into water*

Rise and Fall of the Heim Theory - Chapter Five
➥ an AiDean fanfic by filiandkiliheirsofdurin

Dean read somewhere once that when you see something for the first time that your mind slows down time in order to memorize it. It’s why the drive home is always faster than the drive to a new place, you’ve already seen the surroundings. He wonders if he has a good concept of time anymore, how much time has truly passed.

anonymous asked:

It is either on a Oz Comic Con video, or from when I went to Oz Comic Con last year, but I have seen and heard Dean O'Gorman say he dated Aidan Turner while they were filming The Hobbit. From memory, the quote is "Off the set? Yeah, we totally dated". He was talking about Aidean rumours at the time, so it probably is him agreeing for fun and not true, but still... Have you seen this video?

[smoke appears][I slide in through the mist] this video that you speak of? where is it? I have not seen this specific one. He wants people to think its a joke. I mean, why else would they both have gfs named Sarah. Whole thing is suspicious if you ask me. 

anonymous asked:

This is all your fault. RPF wasn't my thing, it kinda weirded me out. Then the graphic for chapter 1 of 'Rise and Fall of the Heim Theory' (specifically the texting screenshot) intrigued me enough to read it. And now I'm in AiDean hell. FiKi is still my OTP, but now I want all the schmoopy/smutty AiDean fics too. Apparently I just can't get enough of those two, be it as characters or real people. I've become such trash, I may as well move to the garbage dump. This is my life now.

I would apologize BUT I’m not even remotely sorry. Welcome to my personal hell. I actually live in the trash can so welcome, it’s kind of cozy in here.

Ok but for real at first I was like wtf who ships RPF that is too weird for me

Then I discovered AiDean and I was like WELP THERE GOES EVERYTHING I EVER THOUGHT

and I feel like it’s my duty to write the best AiDean fic to ever exist, I feel like I owe it to myself

thegreensorceress replied to your post “I can’t wait until my AiDean pillow comes in and I can take pics with…”

Love every minute of it! Because nothing will make haters angrier! Muahahaha! Also, where did you find rpf merch??

I stumbled across an etsy shop that had a super cute pillow of just tons of pics of aidan and dean mashed together and i was like ah yes this is for me. The etsy shop was GinGinAndJuice 

Needless to say Redbubble was a huge disappointment for RPF stuff