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Sometimes it’s odd how strongly I identify with John Mitchell as a character, since you know, Mitchell: *is angry brooding homicidal vampire* and I: *…well…not a vampire anyway* obvi we are nothing alike

But then I thought about it and wait….wait….

~Really loves a handful of people like I’d die for you kids but everyone else is fucking annoying
~Gets super dramatic about things and broods into the distance
~Really good resting bitch face

Guys I investigated with science and we are basically the same person and here’s why

~Friends R lyfe but only like 5 of them

~Frequently has food in mouth

~Resents authority, is contrary dick

~Slumps against couch and is dramatic (no rly I SIT LIKE THIS ALL THE TIME)

~Excellent “judging you” face

~Drinks coffee while resenting humans

~Wears neutral colors/black all the time because that’s how the real hardcore kids do it

~Sometimes comes off as too intense


~I totally have gloves like this and wear them all the time I definitely had them before I watched the show is2g it’s true

~Frequently stony-faced while other people are talking

~Don’t interrupt me when I’m reading oh my god

~Sits on floor at odd times/places

~Resents people who are taller than I am

~Gets Dramatic, Broods, Glares at People

~Also will do funny dances when happy

~Resents washing dishes

~I have no context for this, he’s just pretty. I also am pretty, but not that pretty

~Gets really into the thing I am watching, like more than the people around me

~This is my face @ work half the time [the half when I have to talk to ppl]

~Really cute when in a good mood

~Crosses arms and stares intently as casual resting position in public

~Sighs wearily into mug but Says Nothing. My Pain Is Only My Own and a Long Life has Taken its Toll

~Doesn’t appreciate ur dumb sass

~This face

Anyway I think this is quite conclusive friends


“I’ve been to the past. I’ve tried to change things, undo mistakes, only to find there’s no changing the inevitable. Time is just one closed loop. And no matter what I do, you and I, we always end up here. And no matter what I do, time ends … my mind is intact, I assure you. My memory, however … it’s stretched, like I’ve seen too much … all of it blending into one, apart from a few fragments of memories. One in particular. You and I, we’re eleven or twelve years old … when we found that vagrant, remember? And when I arrived at the past, that was the first thing I tried to change. I went to the roof. I tried to talk him down but my presence startled him and he fell–same as before. Anything I try to change, it just triggers the same event and we keep seeing that body. ‘Cause we were meant to.”

“Answer me this question, Paul: in everything you’ve seen, do I stop before you’re dead?”

Episode 2, Personal
Quantum Break

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who's aidan turner and why

exactly, who is he?????????????¿¿¿¿ the world may never know. once upon a time i was in the hobbit fandom and aidan turner happened to be an actor in the movies and i was like hey who is this guy he seems pretty Neat™ anyways long story short someone at the time who was a “bnf” aidan blog told me they didn’t like seeing me in his tag and well im v petty so i changed my url to killaidanturner so i would always show up in the AT tag. at this point it’s too late for me to change it, all my social media is this, my ao3, all of my posts are under this so you know rip me ever having a different name unless the person hoarding prettytony finally gives it up