aidan turner forever


Having done both Thorin and FIli, I suppose it would be silly not to do a top ten gifset for the youngest member of the line of durin. Admittedly, Kili is far from my favorite of the dwarves. It took me a lloooong time to warm up to him as a character because he so clashed with my idea of what a dwarf in middle earth should look like. Strictly speaking, dwarves in Middle Earth develop beards very early on in life. Therefore, in my mind, Kili is actually 10 years old…in Dwarf years. When I picture him as this complete doofus, he somehow becomes way more likeable. To the other dwarves he’s like this completely clueless idiot, so green he can’t even grow a beard yet. I want to believe he’s like the Dopey of the 13 Dwarves. In my mind I imagine Kili and Thorin are always saying things like “Kili no,” “Kili don’t touch that” “Kili get down from there” “Kili put your pants back on” “Kili, wipe your nose” “Kili I said NOOO!”. But he looks up to his elder brother and uncle so much that they can never stay mad at him for very long.  That is my headcanon, you can’t take that away from me!!