aidan thompson


fake movie meme: a midsummer night’s dream

the athenians

molly quinn as hermia
armie hammer as lysander
imogen poots as helena
aaron taylor-johnson as demetrius
aidan turner as egeus
brad pitt as theseus
angelina jolie as hyppolyta

the fairies

lee pace as oberon
cate blanchett as titania
colin morgan as puck
juno temple as peaseblossom
emma thompson as cobweb
lesley manville as moth
imelda staunton as mustardseed
suraj sharma as the changeling boy

the mechanicals

russell brand as nick bottom
anthony head as peter quince
zach galafinakis as francis flute
anna galvin as robin starveling
blu mankuma as tom snout
sean maguire as snug


Aidan Thompson is described by most as childish and rebellious, but in an old school, almost proper way. He born back in the roaring 20’s to a family of old money politicians. His life growing up was one of splendor, his father one of the leading bootleggers of alcohol, his mother oblivious to all but her parties, events, get togethers. By the time Aidan turned 18 he was tired of the life he had grown up in. Every party, every campaign he worked on for his father, every date.. He had done it all before. Being a true romantic at heart, he knew the line up of “qualified” women his mother had hand picked held nothing but a life of show, a life he was tired of playing in. 

One cold winter night, he decided it was time to leave. To get away from his father who was pushing him towards a college he had no desire to attend, and his mother towards a woman he had no desire to marry. He packed a small bag, and into the night he went. It was a struggle to say the least, being on his own, homeless, during one of the coldest winters on record to boot. A few months passed and he was down to the last of his money, sitting in a cheap bar when a man approached him. Aidan had seen the guy around, creeping in back alleys, frequenting the same cheap bars as Aidan. This man, Pollux, came over to him that night, told him about a life he could have, a speech the man had given before, a life of riches without demands, a life of pleasure, a life hidden in the shadows doing as he pleased, having a lifetime of youth to find that one special soul to line up with his. Aidan agreed and was born the second time, as a vampire, at the age of 21.