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As requested by @bettythedwarfqueen​, part 2 of Training :) I really don’t know if this how you wanted it but here you go :)

Master Lists: Drabbles/Imagines, and Completed Series

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It’s Saturday! Time for the Poldark Clip O’ The Week! 


Aidan Gillen wanted a sense of sheen about Stuart, which was completely fine with me because of course he is all surface. I mean, there’s a lot beneath but … he’s the alpha gay, glittering. He had a Paul Smith suit that was very fine black with a print lining. There was another Jigsaw suit and some composition-soled loafers that were very easy, because I thought he should pad. Lots of shirts and big ties. It was just when Gucci had done that thing of having dark shirts and dark ties, and again with a light sheen. So here’s the kind of taste of him: flimsy, light and shiny, and deadly. But by episode four, I said, “Well, I’m just dressing you as Satan now” - I didn’t say that to him - but we just put him in red and black, because he really suits dark red, and of course that’s a real pull on screen, and so he was either red and black, or black and red.

- Pam Tait, costume designer for Queer as Folk, on dressing Stuart as Satan (from Queer as Folk by Glyn Davis).