aidan celeste

Tah-dah! I would like to introduce you my NaLu kids! 

Aidan and Nash are twins (18) while Celeste is the baby of the family (16)

Nash is a total momma’s boy and Aidan is like Natsu with black hair and an undercut. Celeste loves both her parent’s equally but tends to bond more with her Lucy since shes ill. 

Just a little info on my FT next gen! More to come (if you guys like) :) 

Denis Diderot 

“True, it is this personal performance by recombination that may subversively elude the rigidity of a fixed medium such as the printed book or the voice on TV. Such an act of actively detouring information in a non-sequential manner by liberating thought through careful mapping was initially adopted in the enlightenment. A canonical book of the French enlightenment in 1751 was the design of Denis Diderot’s and Jean le Rond d’Alambert’s “Encyclopédie, ou dictionnaire raisonné des sciences, des arts et des métiers” as a descendant of one of the first books to apply cross referencing, the Cyclopaedia, published by Ephraim Chambers in London in 1728,a system of knowledge which had already prioritized an alphabetical rather then hierarchical classification (Zimmer, 2008). These actions which Michael Zimmer refers to as “Renvois”, within the hands of Diderot and D’Alambert took on a revolutionary role by the tactical restructuring of information through their Encyclopédie to inspire the reader’s own active detouring (Knabb, 1981). 

Zimmer, M. (2008). RENVOIS OF THE PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE. The Long History of New Media, (p. 29). Montreal, Canada.

Knabb, K. (1981). Situationist International anthology. Berkeley, Calif.: Bureau of Public Secrets.

"Exposing a Fixed Narrative in a live Network” – Aidan Celeste
Master in Fine Art, Digital Art Student at the University of Malta
Semester 1 ending February 2012