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There’s something strange in the air where the Catatumbo river flows into Lake Maracaibo. For 260 nights of the year, often for up to 10 hours at a time, the sky above the river is pierced by lightning, producing as many as 280 strikes per hour. Known as the relampago del Catatumbo (the Catatumbo lightning), this everlasting lightning storm has been raging for as long as people can remember.

The lightning, visible from 25 miles away, is so regular that it’s been used as a navigation aid by ships and is known among sailors as the Maracaibo Beacon. Recent scientific studies have determined that the concentrated lightning is likely caused by an air current that sweeps moisture from the Caribbean Sea and drives it up above the lake. Climate research scientists are currently using Catatumbo as a testing ground to trial a lightning forecast system.

Castle Hill Lighthouse is located on Narragansett Bay in Newport, Rhode Island at the end of the historic Ocean Drive. It is an active navigation aid for vessels entering the East Passage between Conanicut Island and Aquidneck Island. The lighthouse was completed in 1890 on property formerly belonging to the naturalist, oceanographer, and zoologist Alexander Agassiz of Harvard University. Agassiz sold the land to the United States Government for the lighthouse for $1.00.

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I can't figure why I hate myself so much & angry i work through the 12steps 14.5 yrs sober/clean I let go of past yet past energy of sexual abuse & violence stuck inside me I know it's not my fault why do I hate myself & angry @ the world & take it out on God & Jesus. I don't want to live this way it's been said suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem yet what's so temporary about being tormented 54 years.

Hi. Thank you for reaching out to me. Thank you for being brave enough to open up about your trials; about the battles you fight. The ones unbeknownst to everyone around you. You know, the real shit. I am not at your stage of life, I haven’t experienced your hardships, but I am here to empathize with you, to help get an understanding and aid you in navigating this point in your life. Often times self loath can be attributed to guilt, or a disconnect between who you are and who you think you should be (cognitive dissonance). Suicide isn’t often touched on. It’s not a “nice” and pretty subject. But it’s real. Suicide is a more commonly occurring thought than one might think. It is okay to let those thoughts come to mind, but don’t pursue them. 54 years of torment is a sentence I wouldn’t wish upon anybody, and though it hasn’t been a perfect 54 years, you’ve accomplished a great deal. You’re sober and you’ve survived the mental torture of being abused (you need to know it’s not your fault). I would take this opportunity to look ahead into the future. You are 54 years old and still have many years to continue your pursuit of fulfillment and happiness. What fulfillment and happiness looks like it not a question I can answer for you. Look around in your life and pick out the pieces that being you joy. Once you’ve found your joy, pursue. You have too much life to live and owe it to yourself to enjoy the shit out of your time here. Please stay. 

I would like to propose a new term

disability parkour- compound noun, /dɪsəˈbɪlɪti/ /pɑɹˈkʊɹ/ 
1. The method by which physically disabled people who don’t have their mobility aid navigate their environment, including leaning on things, sitting down on things, asking pedestrians for help, and so on.
2. General- the ways in which all disabled people navigate an environment that is unfriendly for them. 

If you do a particularly skilful feat of disability parkour, post it in the #disability parkour tag so I can cheer you on. :) 


Fort Carroll (Sparrows Point, Maryland) 

ADDRESS: Sparrows Point, Maryland 21219

CORRDINATES: 39.214593, -76.519078

In 1847, the State of Maryland gave permission to the United States War Department to construct a fort in the shallow water of Soller’s Point Flats to protect the city of Baltimore. This fort was named Fort Carroll and was important for the defense of Baltimore. In 1853 a lighthouse was built on the ramparts to aid navigation into Baltimore Harbor and in 1898 a new lighthouse was built. The Fort was there for the Civil War, the Spanish-American War, and World War I. 

After World War I broke out, the Army removed the guns from the fort and by 1920 all guns were gone. In March 1921 the Army officially abandoned Fort Carroll and moved whatever military equipment was left to nearby Fort Howard. The War Department declared the island excess property in 1923 but took no immediate steps to sell the land. In World War II the Army used the fort as a firing range. It also served as a checkpoint for vessels.

In May 1958, Baltimore attorney Benjamin Eisenberg purchased the island for $10,000, intending to put a casino on the island, but development plans never materialized. The fort is now abandoned has is the home of thousands of native birds. 

Hideki, Touya, and Haruka have fused to become: Mikio-senpai!

Otherwise known as Scout Senpai.

Mikio-senpai is a work-a-holic with a lot of obscure but helpful talents. He spends most of his free time at activities for his scout group and is so devoted he wears his sash and shirt underneath his uniform at school. He can be a little rowdy and often finds himself in trouble, but he doesn’t start the fire; He’s usually just the one there to fan the flames and see what happens. He finds a lot of beauty in the world, and nature and finds his true place among the silence of the trees. He isn’t isolated, however, he makes everlasting bonds with the friends he makes and would always go above and beyond for them. He can be spotted running around the school, doing odd tasks he says are to ‘earn badges’ or just helping out where he sees he is needed. He’s fully trained in first aid, sculpture, camping, navigation, and a lot more. 

His favourite items are: Sled, Sleeping Bag, First Aid Station

First Night Attack on London by Airplane

May 6 1917, London–German Zeppelins had repeatedly bombed London by night in 1915 and 1916.  The British had begun to intercept Zeppelins by airplane on a regular basis, however, resulting in multiple Zeppelins shot down.  In response, the Germans tried refitting their Zeppelins to operate from a higher altitude, but so far had had little success, encountering strong winds at 16,000 feet that prevented reliable navigation.

The Germans had bombed London by airplane on at least one occasion so far, and were planning more organized raids in future.  Such operations had been, and were planned for, the daytime, to aid in navigation and target selection.  Of course, this would also make it easier for the British to intercept them.  As a proof of principle, the crew of an Albatros C VII decided they wanted to try bombing London at night time.  They were given permission to do so, and on the night of May 6, they dropped six 22-lb bombs between Hackney and Holloway, killing 1 civilian and wounding two others, before successfully returning to occupied Belgium after a four-hour round-trip flight.  This was the first night-time attack by plane on London; they were able to find their way using the full moon and the easily-identifiable Thames.

Higher authorities in German air command were displeased at this solo raid, however.  They had been planning to begin major (daylight) bombing raids on London with new Gotha bombers later in the month, and were worried that this attack might spoil the surprise.

Today in 1916: Djemal Pasha Hangs Arab Nationalists
Today in 1915: Costly Allied Attack at Gallipoli Gains Only 500 Yards towards Krithia 

Apollon Festivals

The Seventh day of each month was celebrated as a feast day in honor of Apollo. 

Boedromia was held on the the seventh day of Boedromion (September 21st, 2015) to thank Apollo for his aid to Athens. 

Carneia was a Spartan festival held the 7th thru the 15th of Metageitnion (August 22nd - 30th, 2015). Military operations were suspended during Carneia. The festival was held in honor of Carneus, who was a favorite Seer of Apollo’s, who was slain by a Heraclidae. 

Daphnephoria was held every nine years in honor of Apollo, in Thebes. A young man or boy in good standing lead the procession, dressed in finery with laurels on his head, carrying an olive branch wrapped in purple and saffron ribbons and decorated with bronze orbs to represent the Sun, Stars, and Moon. (“Daphnephoria”. Encyclopædia Britannica 7 (11th ed.))

An Athenian festival held in honor of Apollo and Thesus’ prayers to him before he set off to slay the Minator is Delphinia. Held on the seventh day of Mounykhion (April 26th, 2015), Delphinia consisted of offerings to Apollo for aid in navigation and safe travels over seas.

Lasting three days in Hekatombaion (~July), Hyacinthia was held in honor of Apollo’s lover Hyacinthus. The first day was held in honor of Hyacinthus’ death, and offerings were made to the dead. The second day was full of feasts, celebrations, and competitions of song in honor of Apollo. Citizens and foreigners were both welcome to participate. The third day has not been described historically in much detail, and scholars speculate that it was a day for mystery rites. (Michael Pettersson, Cults of Apollo at Sparta: The Hyakinthia, the Gymnopaidiai, and the Karneia, Paul Åströms Forlag, Stockholm, 1992)

Pyanopsia was held in honor of Apollo as a sun God and ripener of fruits, where offerings were made to him and the Horea during the seventh day of Pyanepsion (October 20th, 2015). A branch wrapped in purple or white wool and adorned with season fruits, jars of honey, and jars of oil was made as an offering to Apollo in thanks for blessings received and to ask for protection from evil. Doors could be similarly adorned, or else the offering branch hung for protection, and left for the year.( “Pyanepsia”. Encyclopædia Britannica 22 (11th ed.))

Held on the sixth and seventh days of Thargelion (May 24th and 25th, 2015) Thargelia honored Apollo and Artemis. Sacrifices were made to Apollo and Artemis, as well as a sacrifice to Demeter to promote a fertile growing year. A purification ritual was held on the first day of the festival. On the second day, choir festivals were held and adoptive members of a family were formally welcomed into the family.


We’ve got your weekend inspiration! #DiscoverTheCoast with us in California

The California Coastal National Monument preserves important habitat for coastal plants and animals, and protects cultural sites that provide insight into the people who lived along the California coast thousands of years ago. Many of the new units of the monument are also culturally and spiritually important to local tribes.

Cotoni-Coast Dairies
in Santa Cruz County extends from the steep slopes of the Santa Cruz Mountains to marine terraces overlooking the Pacific Ocean. This portion of the California Coastal National Monument encompasses ancient archaeological sites, riparian and wetland habitats, coastal prairie grasslands, and woodlands that include stands of coast redwood. Photo by Jim Pickering, BLM. 

A respite from the modern world, complete with historic architecture and abundant natural life, awaits visitors to the California coast at Piedras Blancas.

Only 40 miles north of San Luis Obispo, California, the large white coastal rocks for which Piedras Blancas was named have served as a landmark for centuries to explorers and traders along the central coast of California.

Built in 1875 as a safety aid to mariners, the light station once cast a flashing, oil-flame light 25 miles out to sea, warning ship captains to steer clear of the white rocks that would mean certain doom for a vessel.

Today, the light station, its first order lens and light structure long ago removed, casts a beacon to travelers on scenic California Highway 1. It continues to provide a navigational aid to ship traffic, as well. Photo by David Ledig, BLM.

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Dear Tumblr,

This is a flowchart I made to help a crush respond to my sudden and unexpected confession of affection. I have been informed by friends and family that it is of high quality and suited for general use, so I am releasing it into the wild in the hopes that it may aid you in navigating your own relationships.

The form is based on the traditional “Do you like me y/n?” elementary school note but has been made suitable for college and graduate level relationships.

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I know it's cliche but I need a love story in my plot to further it. I know how it'll end but I don't know how to spice up the middle as to not bore my readers.

Hello! Here’s a few links I found that may help you:

Okay, so before I continue, I’d like to say that a love story isn’t clichè, or at least not in my way of interpreting the word clichè. Just like a mystery isn’t clichè, or a close friendship. Do a lot of books have a love story in them? Yes. But that’s just a type of story, and one that apparently readers like. “Love story” is too general to enter clichè territory yet in my opinion. Can a love story be cliché? Absolutely, but there are many ways to write a romance that isn’t. By the way, this short speal wasn’t supposed to come off as a reprimand. I just want to reassure you that love story doesn’t equal clichè.

I’d also like to ask you (before I answer your actual question), are you really sure you need the love story? If it only serves as a catalyst for the plot but is lacking while in the bulk of the story (the middle) is it truly necessary? Will it make the story better or drag you back? It’s important to make sure of three things about a subplot: is it needed, is it interesting, and is it improving the story?

Okay, so to spice up the middle grounds of a love story, have it take a passenger seat to the plot. The main plot should always be the focus (the driving force), and the romance should only aid it (like a navigator). I’d avoid spending chapters purely on the romance that lack conflict/ plot development and vice versa. They should work together. Think about Harry Potter. Was there romance? Yes. Is that what people remember the most about the story? No, but they still remember it because it ran along with and helped the story line.

I’m reading a pretty engaging book called The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken, and it’s a good representation of the things I’ve said. The romance isn’t overwhelming, nor does it distract from the main story of the book. SPOILERS AHEAD!!! For example, Ruby, the MC, has some chemistry with Liam. Ruby also has mind powers that can be dangerous to others. At one point, Liam was leaning in to kiss her. She panics, falls down, and he grabs her to prevent that. His touch sends her on a joy ride through his memories. Once she manages to pull away, she realizes how dangerous it is to be close to someone like that, so able to slip into their head on accident and potentially erase their memories. The tense moment between them is broken, and they return to the car only to find that a bounty hunter has a gun to the head of their friend. Liam and Ruby’s scene that developed their relationship-in-the-making was brief, revealed more about Liam, and smoothy transitioned to more exciting action. END OF SPOILER

Really, the romance is unlikely to be boring if the plot and characters aren’t. It should feel natural and not like you forced a romance just to have the sub plot or for one event to happen. The romance should continously further the plot, not only propel it further once.

I hope that could help!


mythology - undines or water nymphs

The origin of the Undines (or Ondines) can best be traced all the way back to ancient Greece wherein mythology cites a clan of nymphs called Oceanides claimed the waters of the world as their home. The water nymphs or water spirits, belong to the Water Elemental, are are usually found in forest pools and waterfalls. They are said to have beautiful voices, which can be sometime heard singing over the sound of water that entices those that hear it. These beings are believed to be the daughters of Titan and his wife Tethys. Their presence in the oceans was legendary among seafarers. Mostly beneficent, Oceanides would aid water-travelers in navigation and provide safe sea-ways.In European lore, Undines are fabled to be the wandering spirits of love-lorn women.  According to some legends, Undines can receive a soul when they marry a human man and bear his child. This aspect of them has them to be a popular subject motif for romantic and tragic literature. Often with sailors being drawn to them by their tears of sorrow that composed the salty seas when wept having lost at love. Tales indicate that these female water spirits are enchantingly beautiful and reputed to be relatively benign, however, like most female spirits they’ve got a temper when crossed and can be force to be reckoned with.

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Can you tell me a little about your school? What are the people like? Are the classes interesting? Are there internship opportunities? What's the atmosphere like on campus? Thank you so much!!

Hey Anon! Thanks for the questions, and I hope I can help a bit. I’ve got Personal/General, Campus, Classes, Internship/Jobs, Financial Aid/Study Abroad, Parties/Greek Life, and Clubs/Activities, Dorms/Dining below the cut.

So, BU:

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Gays in Mass Media

Sexually-charged comedic sidekicks, ethereal quip machines, the best (male) girlfriend a girl in a rom-com could ask for, intelligent helpful advisors, aiding in navigating the world of prejudice that your white cis-male protagonist never knew existed…


Let us rejoice in the fact that we’ve reached a point where we can have not just flawed, but outright asshole LGBTQ characters. (:

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Does lighthouse point have a lighthouse?

Good question! Lighthouse Point Certainly contains a round tower, but is it really a lighthouse?

The definition of a lighthouse is “is a tower, building, or other type of structure designed to emit light from a system of lamps and lenses, and to serve as a navigational aid for maritime pilots at sea or on inland waterways.” 

The round structure at Lighthouse Point is certainly geographically positioned near the sea, which would suggest that it is indeed a lighthouse. However, since the player cannot enter the structure, and no point in Konikoni City gives a perspective to see the top of the structure, we cannot confirm that the tower is outfitted with an light-emitting system and therefore the question remains uncertain.

The Olivine Lighthouse in Johto is operated by an electric-type pokémon Ampharos. At Lighthouse Point in Alola, the player encounters a woman training several Pikachu, perhaps preparing them to operate the supposed lighthouse.

Thanks for your question!

-Professor Julie

WicDiv Challenge Day 19

Day 19: Favourite Fan Art

Trashcans are art, especially this one.

This could have easily echoed yesterday - seeing our world reimagined by so many hands, in so many different ways, in so many mediums is a joy. Some are just stunning…

…but this fellow sits on my desk next to my David Lafuente art, stares at me, and helps in a small way. There’s a writer thing that, to avoid losing the core of your work, you put the themes on curt post-it note and stick it to your monitor, so every time you glance up you’re reminded of what the story actually is. It’s a magnetic north, and you stick to it if you’re lost.

This is like that, but providing a more limited navigational aid, reminding me that Woden is fucking trashcan.

Never forget, Kieron. And thanks to this little fella, I won’t.

The Challenge.