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Have you ever heard this noise before?

Baby corvids are some of the noisiest patients we get in at WAF. Click the video to hear for yourself what ‘feed me’ sounds like in Jackdaw!


10 things I wish residents/patients knew

1. Pulling every call light in your room won’t make us move any faster. Be patient.
2. Everyone always has to go to the bathroom at the same time so again, be patient. We are aware you have to go.
3. Be as independent as you can for as long as you can because you will miss the little things when we have to do it all for you. Ex. Buttoning your shirt or brushing your hair.
4. 98% of the time we will be short help so I apologize in advance if I rush you or feel rushed. It’s not you, it’s me.
5. You will fall even if we do everything we can to prevent it.
6. I will be there to patch you up and hold you when you do.
7. Tell us about your family and your childhood. It’s more interesting to us than you think.
8. I know lifts aren’t ideal, but neither is having my back replaced at 25 so bare with me.
9. I will sit with you if you’re afraid to die alone and cry for you if your family doesn’t when you pass away.
10. You make me a better person. Stubborn or not. I know it isn’t easy to need help, but I’m thankful you let me help you anyway.

blue-lemon-aid  asked:

Hi I'm new and really love your art and the theirin fam but could you elaborate on the family tree i forget who's who sometimes. Sorry

Hi and welcome!

Alistair and Rythlen (my Dragon Age: Origins Cousland Warden) are the parents; Duncan Bryce, Haylan Eleanor “El”, and Rahlen are the kids. Ducan is the eldest, but he and El are twins. Rahlen is the youngest son, born 2-3 years later.  

I haven’t drawn them all together, so this is the closest thing to having them all in one piece XD


Our little owl has a home!

Our beautiful young little owl has been the subject of much debate recently, but the time has finally come for it to go back where it belongs.

We have been working with another rehabilitation centre, who will get our youngster ‘adopted’ by a wild family and raised for release! Little owls are surprisingly tolerant of newcomers and will often raise the new arrival as their own.

Our owl is being driven to its new home by our vet, Angela, later tonight and we wish it the best of luck in the wild!

I live in Orlando, let me say that first.

You are probably going read a lot about the pulse shooting today, as it marks one year since the event. Anyone who writes something that does not live within the city will have a birds eye view of the event and not truly understand how the community of Orlando was effected. People will try to politicize it on both the left and right, and try to push their agenda. Those people choose to ignore the fact that those involved are people and not just statistics. Please pay no mind to the writers and news outlets that are pushing an agenda around this event, they disrespect the memory of those that were effected. With that out of the way let me share a bit.

On June 12th of 2016, 49 people were killed within the walls of the Pulse nightclub in Orlando Florida. What was for many a great night, quickly turned into a tragic one. My city was shocked and devastated; and though a year has passed, it is still fresh in the minds of locals.

With that being said, the city of Orlando has never been stronger. This event, though abhorrent, has helped bridge communities that at one time or another were at odds. #OrlandoUnited is not merely a social media gimmick, but a state of being for the city. People from all walks of life are united in the act of caring for their fellow man. I’ll share a little of what I’m talking about.

The police department of Orlando have shown that they care for all of it’s citizens. The actions of the Swat team and OPD have shown them to be brave, to put others before their own safety, and to be humble. In a time where police violence was seen around the country and the news spoke of growing tensions around the nation. They did not seem to be felt in our city after pulse. A tragic event had caused us to see each other in a different light. Though I am very skeptical and wary of the police in general, I have great respect for those who entered the nightclub that evening.

The two hospitals that treated Pulse victims, Orlando Regional Medical Center and Florida Hospital, chose to not bill the victims of the shooting. Helping many who could not afford the treatment they needed.

Equality Florida, the state’s largest LGBTQ rights group started a fundraising page to aid the victims and their families, raising $767,000 in the first 9 hours. Their proceeds were eventually given to the OneOrlando fund, which was established by Mayor Buddy Dyer and raised over $23 million for all that were affected.

One part that people don’t know much about is the bridging of the LGBTQ community and the Christian community of Orlando. One church in particular, First Baptist Orlando, sent teams of volunteers to the hospitals that the victims were at to offer support to those affected. That support looked like: paying rent while someone could not make it to work, Buying groceries and cooking for those who needed help, paying bills, taking care of pets, and finally; offering to put together the funerals of all those who died, for free. The city of Orlando even offered free plots and services as well. They didn’t ask for anything in return, and they didn’t judge people for having a different lifestyle or political view.

At the time of the shooting, I worked at this church. I was a music minister and I still volunteer in the college ministry on Thursday nights. Though I could do very little in the grand scheme of things, I am very proud to say that my community and my city has been strengthened. My heart is for people and for the well being of others, no matter race, gender, or sexual orientation. It breaks my heart to see other church’s and religious people in general, turn their backs on those in need.

Orlando City soccer stadium added 49 rainbow colored seats as their own memorial for those who died. This may seem small to someone outside of Orlando, but it is a pretty big deal. Everyone here is obsessed with Orlando City Soccer.

There were hundreds of things that united Orlando at this time but these are just a few that I have seen and experienced myself. Orlando became united around what was truly a horrific event, and though the pain of it all is not truly gone. We can still move forward a build a future that is better for our city as a whole. It is The City Beautiful.

Arthur: This is nothing but a bag of Kool-aid jammers!!

Alfred: Yeah. I told you. Matthew and I took care of packing.

Arthur: But you only packed Kool-aid jammers!!! 

Alfred: So?

Matthew: We didn’t want to get thirsty.

Arthur: We’re at the beach! You didn’t think to pack towels or sunscreen- Matthew you’re pale- or… or anything else besides 22 kool-aide jammers?!

Alfred:… huh.

Matthew: We hadn’t considered that. 

Beru Whitesun Lars at a Senate Ball with her husband
Tony Ward, Spring 2017

What If… Anakin Skywalker hadn’t been accepted by the Jedi order. While staying on Naboo while deciding what to do next, Anakin finds his answer while working on a damaged Naboo starfighter, the improvements he made on the starfighter draw the attention the Theed Palace Space Vessel Engineering Corps as well as one of their partners the Nubian Design Collective. And Anakin instantly realizes he might have found a way to fulfill his promise to his mother after all, one that doesn’t require him becoming a Jedi at all.Eight years later at the age of eighteen, Anakin Skywalker is the owner, CEO and head designer/mechanic of Wind Runner Enterprises, a billion credit conglomerate with ties to various planets and companies. Moreover Anakin has decided it’s time to fulfill his dreams and free all slaves on Tatooine by essentially buying the planet from the Hutts. A year later, Tatooine joins the Republic with the planet’s Senatorial Delegation led by Senator Shmi Skywalker Lars, Representative Kitser Chanichani Banai and Senatorial Aides Beru Whitsun and Melee…

Beru laughed as her husband spun her around on the dance floor like he was a professional dancer. It was sweet Owen had taken dancing lessons just so he could accompany her to events like this. Because she from personal experience that there was no anyone hailing from Tatooine could dance a flawless Alderaanian Waltz or any Waltz for that matter without lessons. “So who should I thank for teaching you how to Waltz? Other then Anakin of course, because I know didn’t teach by himself.”

“My dear stepbrother called in the help of one of Padmé’s handmaidens. I think her name was Teckla.” Owen chuckled, before continuing. “She defiantly was a far better teacher then Ani.”

Even before the dance ended she noticed Seek (who was here as Amee’s date) talking to two women that didn’t spell much good. Having no suddenly desire continue dancing to Beru gripped down on her husband’s arm, perhaps a bit harshly judging by the Huttese curse that left his lips, before guiding them off the dance floor.

“Sorry, I noticed .“ Beru apologized as she let Owen to the refreshments where she would be able to eavesdrop on the conversation.

“I gathered that, so what is so important did you suddenly stop dancing?”

“Because Seek is talking to the former senator Risi Lenoan and Onara Kuat.” She explained making sure to keep her back to the trio. “The latter used to be in charge of the Kuat Drive Yards and doesn’t like Skywalker Inc. very much. She once tried to bribe me when it became known I was his to be his sister in law. Now let’s see if we can overhear what they are talking about.”

shitley’s ‘favour’

hey it’s friendly local defender of the schnee siblings back again trying to redeem whitley 

kid walks in on weiss training, mocks her a little and then with fake hurt mentions that he’s here to do her a favour 

he’s going into town to meet jagoff’s besties and mentions that he was willing to pick up a few things if she needs anything 

except he’s not stupid. whitley may be a sneaky prick, but he isn’t dumb. weiss is 

- training 

-furious at him 

-hates the whole family and is done with their lifestyle and wealth 

wtf would she need anything? but whitley knows this. he isn’t legitimately asking her if she needs anything, he is doing her a FAVOUR. 

[“me and dad are not going to be home, we’re going into town, i’ll make sure we’re gone for a while. this is your chance to gtfo. just go”]

he even pushes it further by humiliating her and asking what all that training is even gonna do for her 

he’s not JUST mocking, he’s MOTIVATING her to leave (albeit in a super insensitive manner but still)

this could go both ways though. he could either really dislike her and just want her gone and be forewarning her, or actually care and feel bad and is giving her a chance to go. i just obviously hope that he gives a shit about his big sister. 

tl;dr let’s hope shitley is a very complex character who despises his abusive father and the damage he’s done and is trying to sneakily aid his family and free them of jackass’s abuse. #doubleagentplz

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i dont mean to butt in with the usual topic during this time, but do you really think sex work is no different from other jobs to the extent that a disproportionate amount of them would leave the industry compared to other jobs if income stopped being an issue? if so, how do you explain sex work being seen as a last resort even in societies where it's not/was not stigmatized? also, why does the idea of having to do sex work make me much more uncomfortable than the idea of virtually any other job

i know you’re relatively new because I used to talk about this ALL



until it got really boring and I switched to one direction or whatever

yes, I really do think sex work CAN BE the same as any other job. For me sex is not a uniquely meaningful experience; sex does not affect my perception of my value or self worth; sex does not make me feel like I’m giving pieces of myself away. Sex feels like physical labour that can be enjoyable or can be tiresome and uncomfortable or can be all of the above and even painful.

sex for me is a neutral. it’s a physical act. It’s imbued with different meanings depending on the contexts of the physical act and the repercussions it has, but it is no more or less meaningful TO ME than getting or giving a massage, except that I get paid for it.

Sex is not a neutral to many people. Most people are brought up to believe–especially women!–that sex impacts their value, the state of their souls, the integrity of their bodies, and their self worth.

I think that’s profoundly destructive and misogynist, ESPECIALLY since this standard is not one men are held to. Very few people expect men to find sex especially meaningful, a uniquely meaningful act that has repercussions for their morals and ethics and values and how they are valued by others.

for men, sex gets to be as close to a neutral as it can be, altho there are still internalised traces of toxic masculinity that raise their ugly heads.

I’ve done a lot of different kinds of labour, and a lot of it made me feel degraded, undervalued, and abused. probably the worst was working for the State Bureau of Labour for 40 hours a week for 15/hr and having people tell me I should be grateful for making so much, but rapidly realising it didn’t even cover my bills. it covered rent and one bill and didn’t stretch to food, phone, car insurance, or anything else. I was exhausted all the time, the job I was there to do, the job I helped create and lobby for, the job that would have been to help other sex workers learn about their legal labour rights, was dismissed by everyone at BOLI as unnecessary and allowed to quietly die while my boss treated me like shit, like a stupid little girl (I was not the only one she made cry frequently) and my union leader talked about my tits and didn’t help me with my boss.

That was the most degraded and destroyed I have ever felt in a working situation. It almost made me miss the club I sued because at least THERE i was making enough to live and had free time left over for the things that make life meaningful. After I quit, they let my job die and didn’t hire anyone else, even tho legally it was funded for two years. That money disappeared. I also found out that they had helped cover up police involvement and the state liquor control commission involvement in a child sexual exploitation case. I tried to get news outlets interested and no one cares. THAT was demoralising.

why do people want to leave sex work? because we’re terrified of losing our homes or financial aid or families’ love or custody of our kids or our lives.

ask someone in a state where it’s decriminalised if they want to leave sex work and you’ll get a different answer.

sex work is the only job available to me that allows me to pay my rent, bills, and tuition with some extra work, and also leaves me time to do the things that make my life meaningful: advocacy, organising, letting people know they aren’t alone, that we’re in this together, that we can fight back.

why does it make you uncomfortable?

because you’ve imbued sex with a metaphysical meaning and you think that having sex will change you somehow if you don’t have it under the right circumstances.

but everything changes you.

having your union leader sexually harass you changes you.
knowing you can choose between eating grits again or buying more cream for your tea changes you.
having to put groceries back at the checkout counter changes you.
knowing that if you lose your house know one will help you or care and the waiting list for shelter is 1800 people long changes you–it’s terrifying and inhumane and both those facts make YOU want to change THAT and not let THAT change you.

there are worse things to happen to people than sex or sex work.

bad sex happens all the time, anywhere. sexual assault happens when you’re a baby and can’t control it, or it happens walking home from the corner store when someone grabs your crotch.

none of those things demean or degrade WHO and WHAT you are, even if they change you.

my integrity and my worth is not located in my cunt even if I use it as a purse I can pull money out of when all else fails.

I get to help people; I get to feed people and give them ways to keep themselves safe and spend time trying to advocate for better conditions for them. I get to talk to sex workers around the world about the different ways we’re vulnerable and can be hurt, and I get to hear success stories (mostly from the global south) about rights and protections being won. I get to fund my education for my eventual escape career as a baby killing/low income family nurse practitioner.

there’s no other job in the states that would give me the power to do all this. money is power and the closest thing we have to freedom.

maybe you were just born into so much security and money that you’ve accepted it all and everything else they’ve told you about your worth and safety and that’s why t makes you uncomfortable. I don’t know you, how could I possibly know?

sex is whatever, sex is a neutral, sex work is a job.

the things that make sex work BAD and SCARY and HARMFUL are the power imbalances that favour men and law enforcement over me, my body, and my lived experience. if I wasn’t at the wrong end of a socially sanctioned power imbalance where I’m seen as asking for everything bad that happens to me and undeserving of even basic housing, I might do this job a lot longer.

My Hero

Title: My Hero

 Prompt: @clairese1980 : dean x reader where the reader gets injured and ends in fluff.  

 Summary: It was a routine hunt.  How were you supposed to know Dean had something planned for you afterwards?  And now that you got hurt and are in the hospital…he will be damned if he is backing out now.

 Warnings: Language. Violence. Injury.  Fluff.

 Masterlist of Fan Fiction

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Hunting was dangerous.  There was no questioning that.  Hunting was deadly, and even more so when you had a weakness…like a lover.  You were fighting off a large nest of vampires, slicing away and killing as many as you could.  All in all, you were holding your own pretty well, so you glanced over your shoulder.  

Sam Winchester, your best friend, was fighting a stray vamp.  He didn’t seem to be having much trouble, so no worries there.  You turned back to the ones you were fighting and swung a few more times before glancing over your other shoulder.

Dean Winchester, your lover, was fighting the leader of the nest.  The one who started it all, and he was doing well and looking damn good doing it.  You smiled as you downed the last vampire before you, turning to aid your small family.

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