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The Obama administration is going to award 12,000 prison inmates with Pell Grants to use on college tuition

The Obama Administration’s Second Chance Pell Pilot program, worth a total of $30 million, will be distributed in installments of $5,815 per person to inmates at various correctional facilities. Once eligible, approved inmates five years or less away from release will be able to use them to work towards associate or bachelor’s degrees at a pre-approved list of 67 colleges and universities while incarcerated. The Pell grant pilot program reverses a mandate set in place by a former president.


asoiaf  →   Sir Ian McKellen as Jaehaerys the Wise.

Jaehaerys ruled for fifty-five years, becoming the longest-ruling of the Targaryen kings, which led to him also being referred to as the “Old King”. Jaehaerys brought to the realm a time of great peace and prosperity, aided by his beloved sister-wife, Good Queen Alysanne. The young Jaehaerys, who loved to read became acquainted with Barth, who attended the King’s books and records. Jaehaerys eventually raised him to be his Hand of the King, an office no commoner had ever held before, nor would hold after. With Barth’s aid, Jaehaerys reformed the realm more than any king who lived before. It was during Jaehaerys’s reign that the Night’s Watch castle Deep Lake was built, which was paid for by his wife’s jewels and built by men Jaehaerys sent north. Jaehaerys’s entire reign is remembered as the most prosperous period in the history of the Targaryen monarchy. His reign brought peace, stability, and justice to the Seven Kingdoms. Jaehaerys is possibly the best king that Westeros ever saw, and is regarded as such by many historians and laymen.

anonymous asked:

Why is he a twitch of the wrist? I understand a smile, but... okay Im sorry look I just need to talk about Kevin to someone and you understand

Regret not one iota, anon. Now, let’s see. 

It’s a gorgeous turn of phrase, isn’t it? And positively loaded, like all good poetry. A good trick for unpacking poetic language and the associations therein (sorry, I can’t resist a Learning Opportunity) is to start with the connections you DO know. 

So, Kevin’s a smile partly because he’s always smiling, of course, and that’s the first thing people describe about him when he’s first introduced. And that smile comes from Strex - meaning he’s defined by the monstrous megacorp and specifically the torture they inflicted on him. His smile is a scar, emotionally and possibly physically - part of the indelible burden he’s carrying. It’s something he can no longer help. 

And the twitch of the wrist, I think, is along those lines as well. Kevin is a paradoxical creature under Strex’s control - they are faceless and uncaring and dedicated to erasing difference, but Kevin himself is personal in every way. His comments cut to the quick of your insecurities. He’s the very face and voice of Strex, herald of the Smiling God (and I’ll always think they did that for irony, the bastards). And his violence is very, very tactile. In this episode he remembers biting and tearing, holding viscera in his hands. He tries to strangle Cecil when they first meet. He is, in many ways, the hands of Strex’s dirty work - cut from them, a twitch with no response. Still built and warped to do those horrible deeds, but with no masters to order him and no motivation to do it on his own (and no direction or aid to reform himself). 

Both of these aspects are a perversion of the real Kevin, too. Even before Strex Kevin is “very unhappy to be unhappy.” He seems a powerful optimist, but one with a full range of human emotion. So Strex takes that cheerfulness and warps it into an ugly, cracked version of itself. They can claim they haven’t changed him, but they’ve taken his agency over how he feels. How wonderful that he loves being happy - he can’t feel anything BUT “happy” now. 

Going back to hands, pre-Strex Kevin believes in community. The proverbial “helping hand,” the organizer of the revolution. And again he loses his sense of self and agency, a husk cut from all ties and the family that was so important to him. No power, no rise - only a twitch. 

fluttershy figured learning some constructive hobbies could aid in discord’s reformation

by the next day he had covered all of canterlot castle in hand knitted decorative tea cozies

fluttershy still counted it as a win


Gem: Iolite Facet-S1R4 Cut-6XS (located at the bottom of her neck)

Nicknames: Lite, Io, Lil Lite, Blast Zone, Scout

Gender: Female (she/her)

Age: ~1100

Height: 4"3

Weapon: Cherry Bombs

Alignment: Homeworld (Blue Diamond)

Status: Worker

Known Relationships: Fire Opal (enemy), Howlite (superior), Watermelon Tourmaline (superior), Blue Diamond (superior), Citrine (former mentor), Kyanite (former friend), Iolite/Lily(friend), Iolite/Lilac (friend), Chrysocolla (superior), Chalcanthite(friend)

Known Abilities: Create a digital screen with her arms, hand transforms into blowtorch

Personality: Iolite is a rather timid little worker. She’s always happy to serve her superiors and obediently follows their orders without question or hesitation. While she tries her best to be enthusiastic and optimistic, she can easily become discouraged and anxious when things go wrong.

Backstory: For most of her life, Iolite was an average worker. While on a mission with her colleagues, she was attacked by a small group of rebels. The rebels were taken care of, but Iolite received such heavy damage from the fight it was likely she would never reform properly. She was taken to a lab, where they embedded nanobots into her gem to aid her reformation. Her memories of her time in the lab seem to be heavily fragmented, however…


- Iolite’s ears wiggle when she’s scared

- Iolite has a storage compartment in her arm

- Iolite is very polite to computers

- More info on nanobots here

Note: Bio will update as the story progresses.