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salt + shadow | (m)

• pairing: kim taehyung x reader x kim seokjin  
genre/warnings: smuuut, language, threesome, exhibitionist themes, three-way kissing, fingering, oral sex, breath play, cum play, dom themes, dirty talk, pet names, incubus! Taehyung, human! Seokjin + reader
• words: 10,248
→ summary: your life was lacklustre before Taehyung. The demon who came into your life and turned it upside down, making you question everything you knew about this world. Now, he has yet another idea up his sleeve and it involves a certain stranger you meet at a bar – Seokjin…

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Happy Full Moon In Scorpio
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“Throughout this day I am mindful that I carry within me the energies of transformation, rebirth, passion and strength.”

Use this moon for:

  • Purging intense emotional matters  such as: guilt, lust, or obsession.

  • Keeping things secret.

  • Solving mysteries and getting to the root of the issue.

  • Concentration, and exam revision.

  • Healing the sexual organs.

Scorpio Full Moon is a time of Death and rebirth (not necessarily physical death), intensity, extremes, and heightened sensitivity. It is good for focusing, being sexual, and also doing psychic work because of the deep emotions and desires Scorpio brings. Since sensitivity is heightened, this moon is a wonderful time to deeply connect and feel the Goddess, especially the dark Crone Goddesses. During the Scorpio full moon opinions and feelings are intense and penetrating. Strong desires, especially sexual yearnings , run deep with emotions at their peak.

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Be cautious of emotional resentments, as this is a time where past feelings can surface and block your very heightened creative energy, so fight the urges to be suspicious, secretive, and moody. This is a time of regeneration, and cleaning out of emotional debris from the previous month. There is great energy to complete things and focus on certain areas that you have found yourself too scattered to deal with the previous cycle. Take the time now for sexual exploration, as well as relaxation.


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Full Moon in Scorpio (Taurus Sun) rituals are high energy and psychic. The veil is thin between the worlds, so during your Scorpio full moon rituals the Goddesses joins the circle easily. Anything that you can do in the two to three Scorpio days for the region of the sexual organs has a doubly beneficial preventative and healing effect, as Scorpio rules the sexual organs. Anything th

at puts a heavier burden on the sexual organs and urinary tract has a harmful effect during this transit than any other days. If you are able to postpone surgery or operations on the sexual organs during this time, it is best. Expectant mothers should also be cautious to stay clear of any heavy strain/exertion during this time. As  it is believed that miscarriage occurs easily during the Scorpio full moon.

  • Vaginal steams/healing baths with herbs such as: Yarrow, rose, jasmine, raspberry, holy basil can be used as a healing aid for women during this full moon. Vaginal (Yoni) steaming is effective because the soft tissues of a woman’s vagina are extremely porous and quickly absorb the vapors of the steam. The heat of the steam stimulates circulation and blood flow to the pelvic area, and combined with the medicinal benefits of the herbs, will nourish, tone, and cleanse the vaginal tissues and whole pelvic region. *Please do not use vaginal steaming if you are: pregnant, menstruating,  or if there is infection present.

  • Healing baths

  • Meditation and/or releasing ritual.

  • Healthy sexual play


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Light a deep red candle and burn incense of or oil of Myrrh. Sitting in silence, breathe in the sign of Scorpio and place it in your heart center. visualize the color scarlet surrounding you, and breathe that color into your heart, allow it to fill you with strength, courage, intensity, and passion. Honor these powerful energies and ask that they be used to assist in the journey to transform lower nature into your highest good.


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Am I willing to be born anew…again and again, and again? 


I needed to start this with that large, exclamatory sentence for two reasons. 1) it is true.  I really do like Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, I think that the writing is, for the most part, truly good and the characters well developed and interesting. 2) I am about to talk about part of the show I have problems with and I don’t want anyone saying I’m a “hater” or “have it in for the series”.

Yes, when I first saw the designs for the show, I was vocally unimpressed and through the entire concept of a Kamen Rider revolving around Video Games was silly and aimed at a very, very young market. Then, I gave the show my standard 3-5 episodes to impress me.  It’s something I do with every series no matter how bad I think it looks because I am often proven wrong by the narrative.  I have learned to never, ever judge a show by its yearly gimmick or costume designs because writers have ways of doing amazing things with silly ideas.

I was happy to say I did like this new Kamen Rider, I found the characters and the concept intriguing once I got past the goofy costumes, flashy visuals and sillier parts.  One of the characters I was really interested by was our starting female protagonists, Asuna Karino/Poppy Pipopapo .

She was interesting to me not just because she was really, really cute (which I admit is something that hooked me at first) but because it turned out she was a computer generated character and later, we discovered she was actually created by the Bugster Virus that is the series primary evil force. This, of course, raised some questions for me because the other two totally sentient, self-sustaining Bugsters we have seen got their sentience through the deaths of the hosts they infected.  Was Poppy the same?  Was she given her own sentience and ability to exist forever in the real world because she had infected and killed someone?  That’s still yet to be answered and I really think it needs to be addressed sometime in the series.  

However, that is not what I am here to bring up today.  What I’d like to bring up is the issue of Agency and how it relates not just to Poppy Pipopapo but how her treatment in the series (intentionally or not though I have a feeling it is the latter) relates to the issues of Agency in female video game characters in general. Yep, I’m going to be talking about women in video games and Kamen Rider, so I am bracing myself for hate, hate, hate, hate, hate.  Sorry but this is something I’ve been thinking about all weekend after the events of episodes 24 and 25 and I needed to talk about it.

Oh and as a warning SPOILERS TO FOLLOW!

So, what is Agency?  One of the definitions of Agency from Mirriam-Webster is:

“ 2:  the capacity, condition, or state of acting or of exerting power”

So, someone with Agency has the power to decide what they do in a day, what they wear, what they want and how they act.  For example, someone with their own Agency can say no to something or decide against a certain action based on weighing how it will effect them or those around them.

Now, the essential question is, do Busters in general have Agency? I would argue that those who have freed themselves from their hosts (through the act of maturing the virus, killing the host and using that loss of life to achieve sentience) do. We see Parado (or Pallad depending on your translation) defy his creator and even kill him. We also see Graphite defy the orders given to him out of a sense of personal desire.  That’s Agency.  

So, now we ask, does Poppy have Agency?  If she’s escaped from the confines of being just a game character, the answer is yes.  We see hints of that in the beginning when she wants to give the Gamer Driver to legenday Gamer M instead of the Doctor arriving by plane that the Ministry of Health wants to have it. So, at least at the beginning of the series, she has some Agency and ability to make her own decisions.

Then we get to episode 24 and when all of that ends.  Poppy is reprogrammed by the new head of the GENM Corporation, who in essence own her as she was born from one of their products. She becomes an integral part of the Kamen Rider Chronicle game and has her ability to say no essentially taken from her.  She shows small signs of having her own will still (such as when she slapped the new CEO for getting a little handsy) but she cannot refuse to harm her friends of innocent civilians anymore.  She has been reduced from a person (or a reasonable facsimile thereof) back to just a game character.

She has gone from a self-willed ally of the heroes to a villain or, perhaps worse, been damseled and become someone who needs to be rescued. This is a common problem in video games (and other forms of entertainment mind you) where female characters are used more as props or shown as victims with no choice more than they are self-willed characters in their own right.  One could argue that no one in a narrative has any real Agency as they are all products of a writer but in the story, they should have some way of acting in their own interest or making choices.

Now, I am not saying Toei intended this to be a commentary on Agency in video games for female characters.  I don’t think they are that subtle or forward thinking in their writing as is evidenced by the treatment of women in Kamen Rider since the series began and their relegation to secondary characters, disposable Riders or shoved into the movie-only category.  I’ve covered that enough before. 

However, what’s been done to Poppy is different.  She has gone from being a character to being just a mascot for this new game.  Her entire persona has been hijacked and she has been recalled by the company that created her. If she could be recalled, reprogrammed and edited like this it raises the question of whether she even had any power to make her own decisions or if that was an illusion of free-will created by her programming. I can’t answer that though, if the writers of the show are smart, they will address this in-universe.

My greatest worry is that this will never be addressed and that Poppy will suffer the same fate as many women in Rider series past and perish.  That would be a horrible missed opportunity and something that would probably ruin my enjoyment of the show.  I know she is going to become a Rider (though I have yet to see episode 26) and that just raises another Red Flag for me.  The last time we had a female rider (In Kamen Rider Ghost) she got to transform for a minute before being tied up and turned into a damsel in distress for the rest of the series.

That’s not even mentioning the scads of times women have been denied the ability to be a Rider at all.  Again, I’ve covered that before and I won’t get into it too much here but it is important to note in the treatment of female character in Kamen Rider.  I worry that Poppy being a Rider, and an apparently evil one at that, is going to raise the flag for her death or reduction to just another will-less opponent or girl to be rescued.  That would be sad as we’ve seen that too many times in this franchise.

Now, we still have to see how this plays out on screen.  All of my concerns -may- be addressed or they may not.  I am still very interested to see what happens in the series and I will likely keep going to the end but this kind of plot twist seems a bit obvious, contrived and forced to turn a good character into someone utterly controlled not just by the villains but by the plot.  It robs her of her Agency in the story and turns her into just another female character in distress.

I wouldn’t even be complaining or wondering about this if the series hadn’t gotten me thinking and if I didn’t care about it.  I wouldn’t have written this much about a series I didn’t care about or wasn’t invested in.  What it boils down to is, I care about Poppy’s treatment and the outcome of this story because:



Strachy (1938, Eugeniusz Cekalski & Karol Sokolowski)

This is a scene from Strachy, a beautiful forgotten Polish movie about the lives of impoverished burlesque dancers in pre-war Warsaw. The title can be translated as phantoms, terrors, ghosts or frights (thank you @agony1 for the translation). The film was adapted from the book of the same name by Maria Ukniewska, which has never been translated. It’s a dream of mine to read it someday because it’s supposed to be even more haunting than the film, which is one of my new favorites!

In the scene above, one of the main characters, Lilka (Jadwiga Andrzejewska), contemplates finally killing herself after being suicidal for many months. Something I really loved about Strachy is how real and crushing yet all too common the hardships women have to go through are presented, from having to support oneself and one family, being failed by men (fathers, brothers and lovers alike), abortion and joblessness. The girls in Strachy take the ugliness of life as it comes but aren’t implicitly shamed by the language of the film when it comes to be too much for them to take. They also only seek comfort and aid from other women when things are desperate, taking it for granted that the men in their lives will fail them (which they do).

After writing the letter expressing her suicidal thoughts to her best friend, Teresa, Lilya tries on the veil she was to wear on the day of her wedding, which has been canceled. She looks at herself in the mirror for a moment but ultimately takes the veil off and lets it blow softly in the night breeze from the open window as she walks to her closet to hang herself, choosing to die without the signifier of security and union with a man marking her body. I thought this was really interesting and similar to the famous death of Miss Havisham but with the purposeful rejection of the wedding garments.

- Zynab

Just finished Cordelia Fine’s “Testosterone Rex” for book club, and, uh. How do you write an entire book on the effects of testosterone on humans and never mention trans people? In 2017? 

(I mean, I think I know the answer, but mostly it’s just a suspicious, echoing silence). 


Arthur looked at Merlin. “We need them.”

Merlin paled. “Harry no, the last time this team was let out,” he shuddered. “The damage, what they did to my equipment. I cannae. They are unmanageable.”

“They are perfect for this job. It is out in the public, the man won’t even notice them. They’ll kill him faster and less obvious than us. They’ll be expecting a sniper.” Harry said before Merlin could suggest Percival.

“Eggsy in chav gear,” Merlin begged. 

“That has been cottoned onto by too many,” Harry rubbed his hands, relishing his chance to use these words, “Merlin - release the Kingsnans.”

Merlin wept.


“Moira, dearie, you are dropping your stitches,” Nellie said.

“Ooch, ye shut your mouth, haven’t dropped a stitch since the fecking blitz dropped a bomb on me house,” Moira groused going through three different accents in a sentence.

Elizabeth was bird watching. “Is that a finch?”

“It’s England, of course it’s a finch,” Nellie answered. “Now then where is that lad. We were told he ran by everyday at 7:45am. It is 7:50pm. Don’t think Merlin won’t be hearing about it.”

“Your son has been slipping, since he started slipping that young lad the D,” Carrie joked and laughed too loudly and her wig took a slide.

“Eggsy is a nice lad,” Nellie replied. “Oh look, there’s that conservative wanker. Only good fascist is a dead fascist.” She got her walker and started slowly crossing the path.

Elizabeth’s binoculars trained on the body guards. “Moira, if you please,”

Moira pressed the end of her needle and there was a crack and a tree went down. She laid the charges earlier this morning. “I love the smell of napalm in the morning,” she drawled in a horrific southern accent.

Nellie did a dramatic fall and the women all ‘rushed’ over and the businessman made sure his one guard was filming it as he aided them. The women all fussed and babbled and the man played hero. Carrie nodded as she added in a trip and grabbed the man’s arm and administered the poison.

He helped them all to a bench and went off. The guard put the footage up on youtube.

Moira hit her button again and four more trees fell. She giggled in glee. “Sure and didn’t I steal some extra explosives,” she said in almost her natural brogue. 

Nellie pulled the flask out of her purse. “Good work dearies.”

Three hours later the news was full about the unfortunate heart attack suffered by the billionaire.

The women were all too drunk to notice.

Merlin sure as hell did though, since he was trying to debrief his mother who kept going on about the night he was conceived.

Harry enjoyed it all far too much.

Photo by Martina Bacigalupo/MSF

“If you cried here, you’d cry every day.” Read an MSF OBGYN’s account of working to save women and their babies in Sierra Leone, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Part of our new multimedia project Because Tomorrow Needs Her: The Fight for Women’s Health: 

to all non-transfems who keep making this argument,

“this argument” being “aphobes are just like twefs, there are twefs who agree with you and who try to sway people toward being twefs and who say superficially similar things, that makes you exactly the same, idc if you’re transfeminine yourself,”

have you ever, like, actually shut a twef down or defended a trans woman from one? done anything to materially aid trans women, like donating to or working at shelters? or do you just pay lip service to transmisogyny while bandying twefs about as a rhetorical boogeyman to refer to in order to guilt-trip people?

shut the fuck up

also, re: n/ot-j/ust-a/nother-f/ake-l/esbian, the vast, vast majority of “exclusionists” have condemned her and continue to do so; can y’all stop acting like we all hop on her bandwagons to give her a platform every time she posts

The villains from 1984′s Space Sheriff Shaider, the Fushigi World Fuuma (不思議界フーマ). Not shown in this picture is their true leader, Great Emperor Kubilai (大帝王クビライ) who is just a head mounted on a wall when the series begins.

The day to day commander is Priest Poe (神官ポー) who is in the insert there wearing the fancy disco-ball hat with the two horns.  Though male, Poe dresses and acts as a woman.

Field Commander Hessler is in the center of the picture there dressed in black with red accents.  He is, as his name suggests, responsible for commanding the minions of the Fuuma when they are on missions in the outside world.

He is aided by the five young women on either side of him, the Girls Army. These are color-coded, highly trained kunoichi agents.  The team consits of:

Girl 1:

Girl 2:

Girl 3

Girl 4:

and Girl 5:

Their numbers are the only names they are ever given.

The lowest of the low in the Fuuma are their foot soldiers, the Miracler Combatmen (戦闘員ミラクラー).

fake novel meme — arthurian legend + ANGELS


Evrard de Brecons, third son to Sir Ganelon of the Fierce Countenance, has always been his family’s great disappointment. No faerie-women ever came to him begging to rescue their daughters; when he gave aid to old women at the road-side, they invariably advised him to keep away from root vegetables, not how to find a sleeping princess. He never stayed in a vanishing castle, nor beheaded large green men, nor fought the Saracens in a glorious battle, nor glimpsed Avalon through the mist.

His life thus far has been so ordinary that his father has begun dropping hints about the priesthood. (It doesn’t take anything special to get religion, after all.) Ever the dutiful son, Evrard is practicing praying in the family chapel when there is a sound like a group of troubadours falling off a cart. He is suddenly blinded by a flood of light and a thunderous voice proclaiming, Be Not Afraid!

…this is how Evrard de Brecons ends up braining an angel with a candlestick.

The angel–Boslenus, the name is Boslenus–uses his long white robe to staunch his bloody nose and says (a little resentfully) that Evrard has been chosen to undertake a dangerous quest. Namely, to retake the Holy Grail from an evil sorcerer and bring it to its proper place in the halls of the castle Corbenic.

Evrard laughs, and tells the angel that he must have the wrong de Brecons brother.

(Boslenus does not have a sense of humor.)

Suddenly, Evrard finds himself being dragged across the countryside by an angel who seems to have his own motives for their questing. They pick up increasingly strange company in their travels–Morien, a Moorish squire who seeks his father, the great Sir Aglovale; Anselma, a princess cursed to turn into a bear after sunset; and Roderick, a bard with a voice that could rust plate armor.

There are certain things his father and brothers failed to mention about quests, Evrard realizes. Most of them have to do with how much time you spend cold and wet, listening to Morien and Ansemla fight about who gets the last cake.

The rest of his questions are about angels, and whether you’re allowed to kiss them.

Photo by Lynsey Addario/VII

“As I was finishing my shift at 7 a.m., the ambulance rolled in with a 17-year-old pregnant girl in a coma…” Betty Raney, an MSF OBGYN, spent 6 months working in Sierra Leone. Read the latest excerpts from her journal:

I think I’ve reached the point where I’ve begun to re-use gifs. Uh-oh. I was a little anxious about this request because I found it incredibly difficult to write if I’m being honest. At the end of the day, I think I’ve established that I’m a reader insert writer - end of. To protect myself from writers block, I don’t think I’ll accept requests without that element in them. Sorry, folks. In the meantime, enjoy this Thor x Reader that is an amalgamation of requests by @frostbite883 and @sevilsem-keske

Prompt: Alt. ‘verse Thor (2011 film) scenario: In present day, Odin’s son, Thor, had been crowned king of his realm. Shortly afterwards, a group of Frost Giants entered the palace and retrieve the Casket of Ancient Winters. With the Casket taken from them, what would the Asgardians’ next course of action be?

I was wpndering if you could write an imagine about reader one day suddenly appears fighting when all of the avengers are trying to lift the thor’s hammer and she lifts the hammer and just beats the guy who she fights with?

“The Battle of Ancient Winters”

The battle was in full swing. Soldiers fought valiantly left, right, and centre to hold back to Frost Giant forces and ensure the safety of the King upon his mission.

Thor, the newly crowned ruler of Asgard, had not long been on the throne of Asgard when a group of Jotunheim residents infiltrated the palace and stole the Casket of Ancient Winters. Enraged and humiliated, the impulsive King ignored the advice of his brother and gathered his armies for an invasion. These armies consisted of many brave men who gladly volunteered their lives for their king and their realm, alongside them: The Warriors Three.

And you were in their midst.

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