These beautiful little ducklings arrived at WAF recently after being abandoned by their mother.

They were given a thorough checkup by volunteer vet, Anthony, who found one of the pair to be slightly struggling to use one of its legs.

Luckily, the leg was not broken, but it will need veterinary attention if it is to recover. After being given anti-inflammatories and painkillers, both were moved into one of our pens and we will do all we can to get them back to the wild!

What I say: I’m fine
What I mean: Why don’t fictional podcasts have bigger fanbases? The characters are lovable. The plot is well thought out. The medium in which it is presented let’s the listener imagine and create their own version of the character, which leads to a diversity of versions of a character that videos or television series could not achieve. WHY DONT FICTIONAL PODCASTS HAVE BIGGER FANBASES??

Reasons you should listen to Alice Isn’t Dead
  • The main character is a black lesbian searching for her (not dead!) wife
  • The main character also has an anxiety disorder (which is dealt with realistically!)
  • It’s from the makes of Welcome to Night Vale, but has a more serious, horror-y feel to it
  • The show utilises the vastness of rural America to set the atmosphere and aid the horror elements
  • The music is beautiful and haunting
  • The lead voice actress has a very calm, beautiful voice, which is lovely to listen to
  • Season two just began
  • Unlike WTNV, this one has a more solid narrative arc and a fixed end point
  • The fandom is too small and we need more people to join us in heck

Miniature hedgehog!

This tiny little hedgehog arrived at Wildlife Aid recently after being found out in the day. A member of the public had seen her and was worried that she may have been injured.

She was taken in to see our vet team and was given a full checkup by our vet, Angela. Luckily, she wasn’t harmed and, due to her age, would most likely have been exploring out of the nest for the first time.

After a sign off from the vets, she was taken back to where she was found and successfully returned to her family

Did you think tuberculosis was a disease of the past? It still claims 1.8 million lives every year.

That’s more than any other infectious disease.

Patients have to take large numbers of pills, and face daily injections, for up to two years.

Side effects can include: Permanent deafness, nausea and vomiting, blindness and psychosis

Five years ago, two new TB medicines were introduced.

They have far fewer side effects, and are much more powerful.

However most patients are denied access to the new medicines and are stuck with the old medicines.

This needs to change.

The 12th House and How it Can Give Back

The 12th house rules our secret self, our secret fears, and our secret strengths. 

Mars in the 12th house: Repressed anger will only cause them grief, even possible physical harm and stress. Challenges help them grow and they eventually learn to even search for new challenges. Coming to terms with their sexuality reverberates confidence in other aspects of their life. 
Mantra: “I will show you how to fight for yourself/what is yours.”

Venus in the 12th house: Boundaries and sacrifice are what they must learn to find and give in love. Material gain is both a power and a shame to them. Generosity can make them feel more fulfilled. Relationships build or break them, loving their self needs to come first.
Mantra: “I will show you how to love and give.”

Mercury in the 12th house:  Has the gift of persuasion but fears social pressures when younger and judgment. Teaching others and bringing new points of views to light is their gift. Reserved and observant by nature but information to share is bursting at the seams.
Mantra: “I can give you knowledge.”

Moon in the 12th house: Emotions go deeper than the individual even knows. Attachment is their strength and weakness. Knows what family should be despite past relationships or harsh care. Healing comes in waves and has great power to help others mend their own relationships.
Mantra: “I’ll help you to reconnect.”

Sun in the 12th house: Has a gift to share with the world, will leave an imprint of generosity and kindness. Their journey is to find selflessness, pride, and confidence. They subconsciously fear their ego yet it wants out into the light of day.
Mantra: “I have a gift/talent to share with you.”

Pluto in the 12th house: The personal transformations this person makes awe and inspires, no matter how subtle or large. Understanding and owning their dark side and bad things that happen to them will make them feel invincible. Intuition, sexual awakening, and emotional growth is their path.
Mantra: “I’ll help you out of the dark.”

Jupiter in the 12th house: Needs to learn how to take on the world, will grow to have unshakable faith in themselves and the universe. When it comes to personal growth, luck is on their side. The universe brings them many tools. May start out avoiding help and opportunities, learns to take them with bravery, grows to be a resource for others.
Mantra: “I’ll be your pocket aces, your good luck charm, take a risk.”

Saturn in the 12th house: Must learn to balance adaptability with a solid core and to find a way to obtain their dreams. Starts out seeing aspects of life as burdens then learns they can be voluntary purposes and missions. Learns to balance seriousness with playfulness. They find wisdom in “fools”, gives patience to those who need it.
Mantra: “I’ll help carry you.”  

Uranus in the 12th house: Their journey is all about coming out to the world and showing everybody who they truly are! Learns to never be ashamed of who they are despite past prejudice or judgment. Learns to overcome instability. Despite outer chaos can find an inner stability, learns to navigate change like a captain on a ship.
Mantra: “I am me/you are you and that’s amazing.” and “I’ll help you discover the unknown.”

Neptune in the 12th house: Grows when they can connect with others and when they can connect to their intuition. Their secret strengths are very hidden and takes a while to really find and develop. Their path is a long one. Must learn to balance emotions with intellect, intuition with logic, and spirituality with the body.
Mantra: “I will help you to connect on whatever level is needed.”