This poor puppers, named Titan, was hit by a car late last night and the owners can not afford his vet bill. They were denied by Care Credit. Titan is pissing blood and brown guck is coming out of one of his ears. The driver sped off after the hit.

Please please please, if you have $5, please donate. If you don’t, spread the word. No animal should live like this.

Gofundme page is HERE



Refugees at Keleti Station and in the border camps here in Hungary CANNOT BE PROCESSED or helped with VITAL DOCUMENTATION and medical and family needs without interpretors. Hungary is not cosmopolitan like London, Bradford, Sheffield etc - I think we can count on one hand the number of people here who speak ARABIC, URDU, PASHTO or also GREEK, FRENCH, ALBANIAN and TURKISH to help refugees with documents they may have been able to pick up en route.

Migration Aid Hungary does not need people to be physically here to help - just available on skype, telephone, email. You can contact them here:

In order to facilitate the processing of any offers of translation support to Migration Aid, a university in Budapest has set up a database that you can access via this link.

The situation is urgent and pressing for a host of reasons: the appalling conditions people are being held in, their despair and frustration at not being able to communicate, because there are many sick travellers, and most specifically because an already brutal Hungarian government passed new legislation on midnight Tuesday allowing for the arrest of “illegal” refugees.

However you do it, we massively need you to communicate this to the relevant language communities.


Gaza could be uninhabitable by 2020.

It is reported by the UN that eight years of economic blockade by Egypt and Israel and three destructive and deadly wars with Israel since 8 years ago may lead Gaza to be uninhabitable in the next five years due to little reconstruction and economic downturn.

Last year’s invasion and bombing by Israel has killed more than 2,000 Palestinians and 10,000 injured.

More then half a million were displaced (out of a population of 1 million) and more than 100,000 are still displaced.

72% Gazans have poor access to food.

80% of Gazans need humanitarian support.

Gaza is still mostly in ruins.

Dear People of Tumblr

At this point, they’ve started putting Poltergeist ads right into our dashboard.
It’s the clown, and his nose is coming upward. The caption says look closely. Then, when the string reaches the top, the clown jumps out. And they use the dark blue on the sides to make it look a lot like it’s actually coming out of the screen

This just hard core startled me and I know there are many people out there with mental illness, or who just don’t like being frightened like that

So signal boost, watch out for that ad

And staff ? Maybe no more scary gifs as ads? Maybe?


The U.S. and other wealthy countries may feel good about contributing billions of dollars for the fight against Ebola in Sierra Leone and other poor West African countries, but as Pulitzer Center grantee Amy Maxmen documents in this deeply reported investigative story for Newsweek, only a small percentage of the money went to the nurses, ambulance drivers, burial workers and others who came in direct contact with Ebola victims. Many of the workers who risked their lives were simply ripped off.

“Hundreds, if not thousands, of nurses and other frontline staff fighting Ebola have been underpaid throughout the outbreak – and many remain so today,” writes Amy. “Instead, the vast majority of money, donated from the taxpayers of the UK, the US and two-dozen other countries, went directly to Western agencies, more than 100 non-governmental organisations (NGOs), and to the UN.”  In fact, less than 2 percent of the $3.3 billion in donations went to the frontline workers.

Amy’s reporting exposes serious flaws in the way emergency aid is delivered in developing countries. “Infectious disease scientists guarantee this will not be the last outbreak in our lifetimes,” she says. “To prepare for the next one, Bill Gates, the UN, and the WHO have released recommendations. Their advice includes equipment, isolation units, affordable healthcare, workshops for nurses, surveillance systems, technological solutions, and pharmaceutical products. But none that I’ve found mention pay for nurses in fragile health systems.”


The United Nations estimates that a third of the food produced worldwide ends up spoiled, rotting in fields, or being thrown away, “That amounts to 1.3 billion tons of food wasted annually, a profligacy that carries major environmental, economic, and human costs,” according to Pulitzer Center grantee Karim Chrobog.

In a two-part documentary for Yale Environment 360, Karim compares the U.S., the worst offender—where each year a startling 133 billion pounds of food is wasted—with South Korea, a wealthy country that has known hunger and that has adopted innovative programs to cut household food waste and minimize the amount of food that ends up going to landfills.  

The amount of food thrown out in the U.S. each day is more than enough to feed the 800 million around the world who will go to bed hungry. The abundance that Americans take for granted has given rise to a culture of careless waste. As one expert told Karim, “I think if you really dig down to what’s going on here, it’s that people don’t value their food.”


When Pulitzer Center grantee Daniella Zalcman set out to document the adverse effects of Canada’s century-plus policy of forced assimilation for native populations she was sensitive to concerns that “images depicting drug use, alcoholism and poverty…can do more to shame and stigmatize the subjects than shed light on the sources of their suffering.”

She came up with a novel approach for Mashable—a series of multiple-exposure portraits that pairs images of the subjects with overlays showing sites where residential schools once stood or text from government documents intended to enforce assimilation. “Each double exposure contains an echo of trauma,” Daniella writes, “which lingers even during the healing process, as languages and traditions return.”

Until next week,

Tom Hundley
Senior Editor

This statement by Bayer CEO sums up everything that is wrong with the multinational pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical companies are singularly focused on profit and so aggressively push for patents and high drug prices. Diseases that don’t promise a profit are neglected, and patients who can’t afford to pay are cut out of the picture. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Read our response:http://ow.ly/sS4Uc


It started with the break in last year. All of my clothes, my computer and my personal items were stolen. That fall my best friend died in a drunk driving accident.  Then in December my significant other went into the hospital, because of this, he lost his job and we lost our apartment. I tried to view it as a blessing in disguise because the area we lived in was terrifying. Once our neighbor threw his girlfriend through a window. The blood stains dried and stayed there until we moved despite filing requests with management EVERY WEEK. We moved into a condo owned by a family member, hoping for a temporary resting spot so he could undergo his treatment. The rent was higher than we could afford, the roommate is difficult, and the house needs a LOT of maintenance but it was close to our support system and doctors. But we still aren’t cutting it. Last month there was a brush fire that burned 40,000 acres. We were forced to evacuate, and we didn’t have access to the evacuation center because our drivers licenses still our old address still. We also had my little brother in law. The expenses of the evacuation burned through our small savings.  My SO is at a job interview right now. His doctors have advised against full time work but we don’t have another choice. For the last month we have survived grocery donations from our very good friends to keep food on the table. I’m so angry and frustrated. Last week while patching one of the many holes in the wall (Our roommate has anger outbursts, I’ve written about it a few times on here) I fell down the stairs and smashed my face on a desk. Not having insurance means that I ended up with a $800 hospital bill and the last of my cash for the prescription. After that the brakes on my car went out. I’m $250 behind on my rent. And my bank account in negative $260.

So here I am, asking for help again. Im humiliated. I feel like such a failure. My little family is just starting out and we are coming from nothing, both of us surviving abusive homes and the foster care system. I’m blessed in so many ways, but this last year has been hit after hit.

If I can get my bank account and rent positive, then maybe I can stretch things until I start work and ask for an advance.

I’m a pretty talented artist, but right now I can’t afford art supplies. But I can offer paintings in return when I am able to.

So this is my explanation and plea for support. Please dont judge me and If you can help, please so do.

Paypal: Amgnosis9@gmail.com

5 Ways To Help Those Affected By Super Typhoon Haiyan

The Philippines has been ravaged by one of the worst disasters in recent memory, killing thousands and displacing countless more. Here’s how you can help right now.

2 million people are reeling in the devastation and loss of thousands of lives from one of the strongest storms ever recorded. Please spread the word on how to help and donate any amount if you are able. Here is another link with more aid organizations:
How to Help Typhoon Haiyan Survivors


I have made it my mission to save as many dogs as possible.

Every year 3.9 million dogs enter animal shelters within the United States, and of those dogs, 1.2 million dogs are put down because they found no family. Sometimes animal shelters can be depressing places where pups are sent due to neglect, traveling issues, abuse, and so on.

GOAL: Match pups with Tumblr users and their friends/families.

If you or if you know someone who is looking for a lil’ doggie PLEASE CONTACT ME AND I WILL HELP YOUR SEARCH!!!

If you’re NOT looking for a pup then you can help other dogs that are being sponsored on my blog!


When we first began listening to Night Vale, we were outsiders looking into this strange town. We didn’t know how the dynamics of the town worked. We were interlopers entering this strange town with no knowledge of what to expect. And this is precisely why Alice Isn’t Dead is so strange to us now. We have gotten so used to the weirdness of Night Vale and understanding the random strange events that occur on a daily basis that having a ‘normal’ protagonist in Alice Isn’t Dead is so foreign to us. The tables have turned; we are now the citizens of Night Vale wondering why this truck driver is so scared about this strangeness that could almost be normal for us.


This weekend, a 7.9 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal; the country has suffered its worst natural disaster in 80 years. Damage is catastrophic.


I’ve set up a special print gallery containing photos from my time in Nepal. 100% of all proceeds will go to Mercy Corps, an organization that is boots-on-the-ground in Nepal, providing aid in the form of shelter, clean water, and hygiene.

Aid for Nepal - Prints by Chris Brinlee, Jr.

If you have the means, please, buy a print or canvas; and provide much needed aid to the beautiful people of this amazing country.