What I say: I’m fine
What I mean: Why don’t fictional podcasts have bigger fanbases? The characters are lovable. The plot is well thought out. The medium in which it is presented let’s the listener imagine and create their own version of the character, which leads to a diversity of versions of a character that videos or television series could not achieve. WHY DONT FICTIONAL PODCASTS HAVE BIGGER FANBASES??


Gorgeous Puerto Rican sunrise…

Reasons you should listen to Alice Isn’t Dead
  • The main character is a black lesbian searching for her (not dead!) wife
  • The main character also has an anxiety disorder (which is dealt with realistically!)
  • It’s from the makes of Welcome to Night Vale, but has a more serious, horror-y feel to it
  • The show utilises the vastness of rural America to set the atmosphere and aid the horror elements
  • The music is beautiful and haunting
  • The lead voice actress has a very calm, beautiful voice, which is lovely to listen to
  • Season two just began
  • Unlike WTNV, this one has a more solid narrative arc and a fixed end point
  • The fandom is too small and we need more people to join us in heck
Fun Fact 91

Music for Relief a non-profit organisation founded by Linkin Park to assist those affected by disasters and poverty raised more than $8 million between 2005 and 2015 to help the survivors of more than 30 disasters. The organisation has also planted 1.3 million trees to offset climate change and brought solar power to people living in Haiti, Africa and South America. 

In 2015, Chester Bennington and Joe Hahn donated their birthdays to Music for Relief. They asked friends, family, and fans to give to MFR for their respective birthdays with the agreement that whoever raised the most money at the end of the challenge got to smash a cake in the loser’s face.

RIP  Chester Bennington

Hurricane Irma: What’s Happening and How You Can Help

Resources for those affected and for those looking to give.

On behalf of the staff and our 5.5 million members, we are thinking of everyone affected by Hurricane Irma, and hoping you and your loved ones are safe. We also thank all the brave first responders and community members helping people in need.

Here is the latest: Hurricane Irma has claimed the lives of four people in Florida and at least 27 in the Caribbean. The storm has caused enormous damage, flooding, and power outages in the Caribbean and the southeast United States — the New York Times reports that 5.8 million Floridians are without power. Irma has been downgraded to a tropical storm but is already causing damage as it moves inland, through Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina.

Here’s how you can find help and how you can help others.

For People In the Affected Region Who Need Help

For Those Who Want to Help

If you are in Florida and looking to lend a hand, visit Volunteer Florida.

If you are elsewhere and have money to give, check out these tips from ProPublica before donating to one of the orgs below. If you don’t have money to give, use social media to promote these worthy orgs to your network.

  • As per its website, Global Giving provides “relief to survivors in the form of emergency supplies like food, water, and medicine in addition to longer-term recovery assistance to help residents recover and rebuild.”
  • UNICEF Disaster Relief: UNICEF’s website reports that it has “pre-positioned emergency supplies for dispatch, including drinking water, sanitation equipment, nonperishable food, medicines, tarps, blankets and emergency education kits.”
  • ASPCA: The ASPCA is saving and protecting animals caught in Irma’s path. is the largest tech company exclusively for young people and social change. We’re activating 5.5 million young people (in every US area code and in 131 countries!) to make positive change both online and off.

naomidoesnothing  asked:

Could u tell us ur fave lgbt podcasts


-inkwyrm (i lov my fashion wlw)
-wtnv (i lov my alternate reality town mlm)
-the falcon banner (mlm, in space)
-oakpodcast (wlw main getting absolutely fucked over and its sad)
-death at a low price (whats a heterosexual)
-the orbiting human circus (mlm deserve better/to be podcast canon not just word of god)
-the bright sessions (supernatural mlm and one wlw)
-the penumbra podcast (not enough wlw but still good)
-alice isnt dead (wlw on a roadtrip from hell)
-audiodiary of a superhero (i cant wait for the wlw to come back)
-ghost radio project (canon trans kid whom i love)
-jratw (u all know i lov wlw and trans mlm doin cool stuff)

theres probably more but the chars havent been canonically confirmed/are too early in for sexuality to be discussed (whats the frequency, probably)