Me, @littleprincefinn, @aicirtapselbor and another friend of mine hung out at starbucks and just drew a shitload of stuff. Lpf also taught us how to use the graphic tablet and stuff. Thanks lpf!!

The 1st top half, 3rd,4th and 6th drawing is from my bro aicir (love her to bits too)

The unfinished kankri was from my classmate who doesn’t have an account

Unfinished flame princess was by me tho haha

And the jelssa drawing there is by littleprincefinn

Ya'lls should follow my bros.


Turns out I never posted this here (or just couldn’t find it in the archive) but anyhoo, this was my first birthday gift for my classmate/friend aicirtapselbor. The 2nd one was the Masquerade Prom Time sticker sheet.

During our 3rd high school year, she joined the COCC voluntary program and was super-dedicated to it that not a lot of free time was given to her. Perhaps, at all. I feel that this has changed her a whole lot, but I will never forget the friend she was and always will be with me & others. This year, she was recently graduated in the ACP closing ceremony and was ranked 2nd highest.

Send her a simple “congrats” for me if you have the time, will ya? (If you want to, but you don’t have to, really…)

Edit: Forgot to add an important detail, shucks.

This was my first real digital art. September 2013. And it all started from there.

Hello everyone! We are the… DOODLEMMA (doo-dilemma) TRIO!


littleprincefinn, grimmbarx and aicirtapselbor as the admins/artists who run this comic blog!


Because we have a fascination for comic-making, we decided to run a separate blog for all our comic-making needs!

The name of this blog is called “the doodlemma” which is a portmanteau of doodle + dilemma (meaning problems in life) but only the silly kind of problems though! Because we just wanna have a laugh, you know? 

The kind of comics we’ll be making are just about our little “problems” in life, summed up in 4 panels only. Like for instance, you’re about to take a bite on a chocolate-dipped banana but it hits your face. Or your sister keeps on ending your sentences with jokes (the more seeds you have, the more flowers will grow~) Or you’re about to save an artwork you’ve worked so hard on but as you’re about to click the save button, the program crashes. Something like that.

We are now upcoming 4th year high school students who will now be taking reviews for college… but that will not stop us from making comics! We hope you guys will relate to us more through our silly works! Enjoy.


Also at starbucks moments ago I lent my tablet to my friends and this is what we doodled :)) You have been warned! it was quite harder than usual, its probably because im not used to small laptop screens, so i couldn’t see SAI’s whole interface.

The first doodle of Steven was by me but it was actually done on eD’s ipad. She uses ProCreate to draw digitally and she’s got her own homemade stylus made with foil, eraser & a ballpen to hold it together.

side note: my friend aicirtap kept on talking about steven universe and his lion… apparently she really, really likes SU because of that ep and said how cute the lion was and I just… awwwwwww, the staff needs to hear about this. 

Second doodle is by Kat who doesnt have a tumblr and also me.

The third doodle is actually a proposed symbol for my school’s COCC logo to put on their shirts, and that was just a little draft. I get to actually work on the logo and I am so honored to be a part of it.

Fourth doodle is by Kat & me again, the first doodle as I began to use my tab. We were worrying the whole time cos’ eD and aicir werent around until like 2 PM, and thought it was just us ; ;

Fifth doodle of Ryuko (right?) from KLK is by eD (sorry im posting it!)

and last doodle is by aicirtap. There was color but I think I accidentally closed it ; ;

Lesson learned, its harder than it looks for all of us OTL. Im just so used to working on big monitors…

Also, personally the traditional drawings I reblogged a while ago turn out to be the better drawings… truly nothing beats the classics. Another lesson learned.

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Ha, its my first time to do this!
Rule 1: Post the rules
Rule 2: Answer the questions then make 11 new ones
Rule 3: Tag 11 people and link them to your post
Rule 4: Let them know you’ve tagged them

1. Allow only one person to interact with for the rest of your life. (fictional or real). Whom would it be?
Probably my sister since i dont mind babbling things with her and she can sorta take care of me in times when needed.
2.Have you ever done something embarrassing or strange lately? Do tell, please.
Just shortly after we went to church, i noticed i forgot to wear something really important……. Ehhh do i really need to say it!?
3. Dancing or singing, if you were to choose one skill to possess? Why?
I used to dance a lot, and was a part of a dance recital before…. But now i sing stuff (not so seriously tho)… So singing.
4. Fanarts or fanfiction, if you were to only view one category for the rest of your fandom life which would you choose?
Fanarts of course! Im not a big fan of reading things…. I just like to look at illustrations, all in a glimpse.
5. Any illogical or serious fears you have?
It may not be a fear to you, but i feel locked down when i think about my sadness on things. Literally, locked down and cant move a muscle. That happened once when I slept… I was dreaming and whenever i thought of things that make me sad, my body freezes, and the only way to free myself is to breathe deeply.
6. Apart from your bedroom (the place I assume you do your thing), what’s your favorite room in your place of residence?
The apartment! Its cool there and i like the simplicity of the room’s design :)
7. What’s your dream home like?
I kinda want a lofted bed for my room… Maybe simple but unique architecture!
8. Google image the first country (not in your continent) that comes to mind. Then from the first 5 pictures you see, tell me your opinion on said country…please oh please? (I’m having too much fun with this)
Its…. really colorful and very cute than what i ought to be? Wait, should I say what country? *its Spain btw*
9. What’s the backstory of your Tumblr life? When was your blog born, did someone influence you, did you just have a “yolo” moment when you clicked “Sign Up”, etc. Go crazy.
I actually have many tumblr accounts….. Only thing is, i forgot the password of my first blog, and i deleted the others cos i thought i woudnt enjoy this site…. Then this blog was born… And im pretty proud for how far ive gone without neglecting this blog… Cos I get recognized somehow.
10. Jiggle jaggle or jaggle jiggle?
Jiggle jaggle sounds right for me~
11. “Would you like to hang out with me some time?” Make a 10 sentence (or less) story about a date between you and I, be it a friendly or romantic one I don’t care. I just wanna see you guys humor me, ok?
Waaaaaaah i dont think i have the time to do this 😩 maybe when its not midnight…. Ahaha

Heres 7 questions for the 7 users ive tagged…
1. You guys happen to like/reblog most of what i post. How do you feel about that?
2. Give us an unpopular AT fan theory of yours. Any would do!
3. If you can, Draw me something.
4. Would you rather go to prom or watch a video of your own birth happening? (I got this from a would you rather game so its not my crazy idea)
5. Do you find humor in violence?
6. Swimming Anime or Attack on Titan?
7. What do you usually do in a concert?

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