Me, @littleprincefinn, @aicirtapselbor and another friend of mine hung out at starbucks and just drew a shitload of stuff. Lpf also taught us how to use the graphic tablet and stuff. Thanks lpf!!

The 1st top half, 3rd,4th and 6th drawing is from my bro aicir (love her to bits too)

The unfinished kankri was from my classmate who doesn’t have an account

Unfinished flame princess was by me tho haha

And the jelssa drawing there is by littleprincefinn

Ya'lls should follow my bros.

Hello everyone! We are the… DOODLEMMA (doo-dilemma) TRIO!


littleprincefinn, grimmbarx and aicirtapselbor as the admins/artists who run this comic blog!


Because we have a fascination for comic-making, we decided to run a separate blog for all our comic-making needs!

The name of this blog is called “the doodlemma” which is a portmanteau of doodle + dilemma (meaning problems in life) but only the silly kind of problems though! Because we just wanna have a laugh, you know? 

The kind of comics we’ll be making are just about our little “problems” in life, summed up in 4 panels only. Like for instance, you’re about to take a bite on a chocolate-dipped banana but it hits your face. Or your sister keeps on ending your sentences with jokes (the more seeds you have, the more flowers will grow~) Or you’re about to save an artwork you’ve worked so hard on but as you’re about to click the save button, the program crashes. Something like that.

We are now upcoming 4th year high school students who will now be taking reviews for college… but that will not stop us from making comics! We hope you guys will relate to us more through our silly works! Enjoy.