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photo 1  HYAKUNIN-ISSHU 百人一首 cards
photo 2  monument engraved with 崇徳院SUTOKUIN’s waka at 白峯神宮SHIRAMINE-JINGU shrine in Kyoto.
photo 3 An image of this 和歌WAKA、I took this photo at 三都橋MITSUHASHI in 設楽SHITARA area, Aichi pref. Now I’m trying to move to 三都橋MITSUHASHI because of these beautiful rivers, nature, scenes.


If you hear that most Japanese high school students can recite 100 poems which were written more than 800 years ago, would you get surprised ?

I’d like to say about ‘百人一首HYAKUNIN-ISSHU’.

It is an anthology edited in early 13th century, collecting famous 100 poems witten until that age.

The poem style is fixed verse called WAKA和歌 or TANKA短歌.It consists of 35 syllables.

Looking into the details, it has five parts such as 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables,7 syllables, 7 syllables. We call the first part 575 '上の句KAMINOKU’ , and call the last half 77  '下の句SHOMONOKU’. 和歌WAKA is a most important part of Japanese literature and Japanese culture. Ancient days it was a way in which gods show their will to people. (About it , I’d like to tell you in another article.)

As I was saying 百人一首HYAKUNIN-ISSHU is an anthology of 和歌WAKA. But school children know it as a cards game. That is a competition for numbers of cards. In that game we can see two kinds of cards, '絵札'and'字札’. Every 絵札 has a picture (author’s portrait) and a '和歌WAKA’ written at full length.  

Two players or two groups of players are on TATAMI. They spread one hundred  '字札 ZIHUDAs’. Each 字札ZIHUDA has only the last half 77, that is  '下の句SHOMONOKU’.

A reader reads aloud in unique intonation like sing a song. While he is singing a 上の句, the players recall 下の句, and get 字札.  An experienced player can get the 字札 very quickly . As soon as the reader pronounce the first or second syllables, the player move his hand like a thunderbolt to get 字札. I suppose you have seen such competition scene in Japanese animation movie named 'ちはやぶるCHIHAYABURU’.

 瀬を早み 岩にせかるる 滝川の

   われても末に 逢はむとぞ思ふ



This WAKA is one of  '百人一首HYAKUNIN ISSHU’ written by 崇徳院SUTOKUIN, a notrious  emperor by '祟りTATARI’ after his death.

for detailes

 But as many nobles in Heian era did, he also was an excellent poet.

Many researchers and translators have already translated 百人一首 into English. But now I try to do it, too.  

“The river goes very rapidly, so even if water is stopped by the rock and divided into two , but later they can meet again.  I believe firmly though we can’t live together now but later we can meet again, like those waters.”

I think 崇徳院SUTOKUIN was a very passionate person.

Matsui Rena ameba blog 2015/06/20  23:40


Rena speaking.

The other day I announced my graduation during All Night Nippon.
It was still unofficial then, but now details for the graduation concert have been released.

Matsui Rena.SKE48 Graduation Concert in Toyota Stadium ~2588 DAYS~

2015 August 30th (Sunday)

Aichi pref. Toyota Stadium

To think the day has come when a concert title bears my name… I don’t think I have words to express how that make me feel (laughs)
That kind of things tend to embarrass me.
It will be my graduation concert but also our first live in a large venue since a long time. Nagoya Dome maybe? Or am I forgetting something?
But that’s at least how it feels to me.
So that’s why for you all, members, staffs and myself, I want this concert to be the most enjoyable one ever.
I don’t want it to be gloomy.
I want to leave with a smile, make this concert so fun that laughters will echo in the stadium.
You think it’s not like me, right?
Still I want everyone to smile.
Even if they are smiling through their tears.

It may be a farewell to Matsui Rena the idol, but I’m hoping you’ll be looking forward to meet a new me.
I’m not asking for everyone to follow me.
I’m content with the thought that hopefully someday, years later and it will take the time it needs, I’ll be in a place that brings everyone to recognize the choice I make today is the right one.
That’s probably the best repayment I could offer to the people supporting me. (laugh)

And as I say that, I believe I’ll remain who I am no matter what, so I’m just being a pain to deal with as usual.
And I’m happy that there are people saying they like me despite that.

That’s why I want everyone to come and see me.
Let’s laugh together, let’s make great memories.


I’ll be waiting for you.
I’ll be waiting for you praying for the weather to be good by making tons of teruteru bouzu.

I’ve spent approximatively 1/3 of my life here after all.
So yeah, I want to make this moment exceptional.


Smiling through the tears… 2 months left to master that trick. Hmm! ( >x<)

花祭り(Hanamatsuri) The festival of holy fire and water in Japan

020 小鬼たち

Small Onis. They are followers of large one. 小鬼たち。大きな鬼のお供を務めます。They dance around the furnace rapidly. かまどの周りを舞い狂う小鬼たち。

*Hanamatsuri in Tsuki, Touei-cho, Aichi pref. 22th-23th November  1982 and 1983   愛知県東栄町月の花祭り。1982年から1983年にかけての11月22~23日に撮影


Sakae 1 chome, Chiryu-city, Aichi-pref by kinpi3