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夜の海のような曲。。落ち着く~~🐇❄️ 中学生からずっと好きな文子さんが、これまた大好きなSHE'SのMV出てるなんて 幸せ #SHE_S #tonight #mv #musicvideo

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GullieSon - Dear Me
the worst form of slavery is mental enslavement .....this letter is a depiction of my inner thoughts......I hope you enjoy this here is Dear me the Full musi...

When I was writing this record the beat was called Dear World I started writing about myself and figured Id turn it to a letter to myself because the world would not care to hear.  I hope you guys enjoy the record and the video it was hetic making it be sure to reblog and and follow my youtube or any other social media pages of mine which are forevergullie and on my website take care

 Or Joan of Arc? Fight reincarnation of the goddess Athena, a tribute. Hurrah Japan. Football official cheer song. The next Olympic Games took gold. Thank you diva. YouTube and the original sounds uneven is. Hospitality!
 ジャンヌダルクか?戦いの女神アテナの再来、オマージュ。万歳日本。サッカー公式応援歌。次のオリンピックは金取って。ありがとう歌姫.YouTubeとオリジナルは段違いさね。おもてなし! (武士道)

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The Numbers by Radiohead

Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson


STANDING EGG - Once again with 한소현

어쩌다 어쩌다 우리가 또 만난다면 잘 지내 좋아 보이네 이렇게 가장 흔한 말은 하지 않을래

어쩌다 어쩌다 우리가 또 만난다면 네 앞에서 널 가로막고서 나 가장하고 싶은 말을 해줄래 또 만난다면

어쩌다 어쩌다 우리가 또 만난다면 처음에 네가 나에게 했던 말 그대로 너에게 말할 거야

햇살이 눈부셔 내 앞에 지금 너처럼 이대로 너와 함께 걷고 싶어 거리에 스친 노래가 좋아 지금 너처럼

Wanna see you once again (기다릴게)
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“The Demiurge” es el trabajo que está preparando Slug Christ y suelta adelanto en forma de vídeo.

Keyboard Kid produce este “Yesterday”, un track de esos que te ponen a flotar y que nos hace tener ganas de más.

Sia Dukes se encarga del visual que os dejamos aquí arriba. Awful Records.


Behind the scenes of “Hold Up” By: Big R.O.W. Music Video! What an awesome night! #Country #hiphop #hiphopmusic #bigrow #samoanfireknifedance #HawaiianStyle #HawaiianLife #fire #musicvideo #musicvideos #behindthescenes (at The Loading Dock)

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🚹FUCK GENDER🚺 #MUSICVIDEO ONLINE NOW 🔥 LINK IN MY BIO‼️ FEAT. @gigitays 👧🏻 PROD. BY @smokera_ 🎶 Shot by @juliennagel 🎥 Assistant @julius.kasimir @makeitrainonyou 🔑 Starring @vivityiger @majesty.manu @hii.emu @barkertori @alita.mas 💖 #FUCKGENDER #GENDERROLESAREOVER

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We at Concept Review like to share with everyone the stuff we are passionate about. As a quick post, we want to discuss Shelter, a song by Porter Robinson and Madeon that got an animated video, in collaboration with A-1 Pictures and Crunchyroll. It has been all over the anime scene since its release yesterday. In case you haven’t seen it yet, go watch it first and then read this short discussion. It is only a six minute video and is definitely worth the time.

[We will wait for you to do so…]

For such a short video, it has a big story to tell. It tells of a girl’s loneliness and the fulfillment that her newly discovered memories give. In such a short time, a magnificent story is told. The emotional resonance felt is genuine and is only aggrandized by the beautiful, chill inducing music. The song itself is magnificent and mesmerizing, with a great beat and equally great lyrics. The animation of the video is to die for. It was animated by the same group who did Sword Art Online, Erased, Magi and so many other great anime so you know that it comes from a quality group. A world is created that you fall head long into and marvel at how absolutely stunning art can be. Our only problem with this video is that they didn’t continue it for longer, but we believe that they adequately tell all they need to in their six minute time frame. We will definitely be supporting Porter Robinson and Madeon in the future, including their upcoming concert tour.  

Animation: 10



Plot: 9

Overall: 9

Should you watch this?

Absolutely. Watch it twelve times and then go support all parties involved.

Here is a link to the video.