Tree in the House

Kazakh architect Aibek Almassov has conceptualized a house that is built with a living tree at the centre of it. Aibek wanted to combine the capabilities of modern industrial design and the natural wealth and beauty. He goes on to say “This is an opportunity to escape from the sweltering concrete boxes and feel the present unity with nature.”

So the AU image got me thinking about how Dhaval would still exist, even if they were flesh creatures. xD Based on their cloth forms being androgynous and genderless, the same is true for their flesh forms - only their gender is completely fluid. Thus - Koli and Aibek could still bring Dhaval in to the world despite both identifying as male. We all know Aibek’s the more dominant of the two (xD) and Koli would most likely have been the one to actually go through carrying the kid and I got this adorable mental image of a morning sick Koli with Aibek doting on him and spoiling him rotten trying to make him feel better. xD
Even if he was in a feminine form for carrying and birthing a child, he’d still identify as male since he has always identified as such.

This is an AU - Koli and Aibek are cloth creatures, not flesh and blood. This is IF they were flesh and blood. xD

Se supone que después de la redada, Isler dejará de ser tan idiota con Aibek. Aibek seguirá siendo el mismo, pero valorará más su insignificante vida. (?).

Aibek: Este agujero que tengo en el hombro me está dando popularidad. 

Isler: ¿Así? ¿Te ha venido a visitar ese tipo?

Aibek: ¿Varick? Por supuesto, colega. Tuvo que irse rápido, porque ahora estoy débil y mi resistencia no es la misma. 

Isler: Ya. 

-silencio incómodo-

Isler: Creo que…

Aibek: Habla con él.

Isler:..¿con quién?

Aibek: Obviamente, con Leszek.

Isler: -bufido- ¿por qué? ¿también te ha venido a visitar?

Aibek: Mira, colega. Nos conocemos desde hace unos años. Me caes bien desde aquel momento en que te enfrentaste con Rowland. Tú, canijo de segundo, contra el mastodonte del instituto. Fue la monda -risa- Claro que saliste peor que él, pero te defendiste. Y luego, cuando lo expulsaron y me enteré que encima estaba en el hospital por un lío contra gente chunga. Desde ese momento supe que era mejor estar de tu parte, Isler. 

Isler: ¿Te estás poniendo sentimental?

Aibek: Cállate. Estoy intentando decirte algo. -suspiro- Siempre he estado de tu parte. Eres inteligente. Mucho más de lo que se merece un cabrón como tú. Por ello, debes ir a hablar con él y arreglarlo. Poner vuestra mierda en orden. Es algo más. Sé que es algo más, y también sé que lo sabes.  Podría ser..


Isler: Aibek…

Aibek: ¿Sabes cuántas oportunidades tenemos gente como nosotros para aspirar a algo así? Ninguna, Isler. Pero como siempre, el canijo consigue lo imposible. 

Isler: No es asunto tuyo. No sabes de lo que hablas.

Aibek: Tal vez no lo sabré. Mas esta vez no voy a estar de tu parte. 


As Ari watched Sandsong play with the little bundle of giggling black cloth, another figure entered the war machine husk, which was starting to get a bit crowded with five Rythulians within it, even if one was a baby and one was a toddler. The new arrival was small and cloaked in blue.

The Nightkin’s tilted its head a bit to the side as he blinked. One cloak tip touches Ari’s face as he peered at the taller redcloaked Rythulian closely.

[You look familiar.] He moved a little closer, before looking Ari up and down. [You FEEL familiar.] After a moment, Aibek took a step back, as he caught a glimpse of Ari’s spotty feet - he only knew of one who had that feature… one who had been incredibly tiny last time he’d seen him. [Say - was your mother a Whitecloak?]

Ari blinked, but nodded. [Yes, her name is Daia.] Ari said. 

[I THOUGHT you looked familiar!] Aibek said. 

[I’ve never seen you before.] Ari said.

[You did, but it was only once, and it was a long time ago. You wouldn’t remember. The last time I saw you you had just been woven.] Aibek went to Koli, perching on his back with a little chirring sound. Trying to calm the quivering ball of black down.

[Koli, it’s fine. They aren’t going to hurt you.] He dropped a few shiny objects in front of Dhaval, who squealed his delight and curled up around them. he peeped excitedly and offered one to Sandsong. Koli stayed huddled up in a ball. [So what did the Whitecloak name you? She said she was taking you back to her Companion. Something about her scarf being too ripped up by a war machine to weave, so I helped her out.]

[Wait a second…] Ari peered at Aibek. [Are you… Are you my other parent?]

[Took you long enough.] Aibek smirked a bit. [I am Aibek, that is my Companion Koli, and our son Dhaval. He’s only three days old. And you still haven’t told me your name!]

Ari, who was silent in shock, finally shook it off. [O-oh, right. I am Ari. That’s Sandsong. I found her, in the nest of a dead Scarfeater. Apparently he took care of her, she refers to him as ‘Big Brother’ or ‘Chirp’]

Koli cowered more at the word ‘Scarfeater’, his silken black form quivering and shaking. 

[The child is lucky] Aibek said, almost grimly. [Be glad she found you. We have a lot of catching up to do. I wove you, and now I finally get to really meet you. Koli, please come out, you’re fine.]

All Aibek got in response was a whimper. 

[Eeeh, he’ll come out of hiding eventually.] He lay on the warm black form comfortably, stretching his little body out with a little chirr. Koli stopped trembling… at least, mostly, with Aibek there.

Those of you that have been here a while may remember the M!A that turned my Journey characters into fleshies for a while. I meant to have at least one post with Aibek as a fleshie, but never got around to it. xD

So I decided to do a one time what if drawing. 

Koli and Aibek, if they were fleshies! I took a lot of inspiration from my design for Ancestors, with the scarf being a part of the body and the feet being digitrade with small three-toed clawless paws with a single thick pad on the bottom. (Probably webbing between the toes allowing the feet to spread out and distribute their weight on sand better)

Like my Ancestor design, instead of using their cloak to fly, they have small wings powered by the energy in the scarf. They are smaller, slimmer, and have furred ears that point back, so they can still hear without getting ears full of sand.

Since the creatures they are based on are androgynous and genderless, they are similar. Gender can shift and change depending on what is needed at the time. So it’s very fluid and they would just identify as (And remain in the form of) whichever one they related to more. Even flesh and blood they’d be highly energy-based, still having the heart crystal and all.