60 Days of Voltage: Day 48

Who are your favourite and least favourite guys from In Your Arms Tonight?

My favourite would have to be Shohei Aiba because he was completely and utterly in love with the MC. He’s super sweet and always cheerful, putting the MC first. And come on, he’s been in love with her for eight years! The man deserves a chance.

My least favourite is Koichi Natsukawa. I have a love/hate relationship with him. I really hated him and he completely broke my heart at the beginning of the story. But I loved his route. The development between him and the MC was amazing. Now I’m not saying that I totally love him, because that whole cheating thing kind of ruined him ever being a favourite, but I really do like how he grew to accept his feelings and learn to love.


All new intros for the show and member segments!  I wonder what Sho-kun’s will look like next week?

Arashi ni Shiyagare 90-minute Special 11.04.2015