aiba is sometimes an s

Arashi no Shukudai-kun 104 (2008.10.06)

nicefinalbeam, who is amazing, left a note in my ask box the other day saying I should watch this episode. “There are some things that might interest you,” the note said. Might interest me! Well CORRECT AS USUAL, DETECTIVE.

The first time I watched this, it was great for all the obvious reasons, i.e. Nino’s spectacularly pained face.

But the more I watched it, capped it, thought about it, and babbled to NJW about it, the more amazing it became.

Here’s the setup: that guy Aiba motions over is a specialist in pressure points, and he’s there specifically to show how pressure points can be manipulated to increase appetite, etc. They’ve had him on before, so they already know that the manipulation of said pressure points is really painful.

So when they’re all eating this delicious parfait and Nino is off by himself sitting on the couch, Aiba asks, “Nino, you’re not having any?” And when Nino, apparently not seeing where this is going, quietly answers that no, he’s fine, Aiba immediately calls the pressure point dude over.

You know, to get Nino’s appetite going.

By working his pressure points.

In a painful fashion.

So really what Aiba is doing here—with Jun’s enthusiastic assistance, I would like to point out—is punishing Nino for not eating the parfait.

I just. You guys. Seriously. Seriously.

Arashi no Shukudai-kun 104 (2008.10.06)

This is why I say this scene seems like punishment: Aiba straight up tells the guy to use all his strength, and when Nino throws himself back against the couch and wrenches his arm out of Jun’s grasp, Aiba immediately grabs his wrist, starts tugging on his arm, and asks, “Can you eat? Can you?”

Remember, all of this is happening because Nino didn’t want to eat the parfait, so Aiba insisted he sit through something that would supposedly increase his appetite but is also super painful.

And when it’s over, Aiba does not ask if Nino’s okay.

He asks if Nino can eat.

And then he and Jun scoop Nino up and walk him over to eat the parfait he doesn’t really want.