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As a fellow Arashi (albeit new lol) and Seiyuu fan, is it just me or does Aiba's singing voice sound a bittttt like Hatano Wataru's???

Sometimes, but I think that Watchan’s voice is way more deep and unique (^^;) Aiba-chi’s is more high and I don’t know…. energy filled (^___^) 

I also sometimes think taht Watchan’s voice is more bottomless and it resonates inside instead of out ( like Aiba’s voice does) 

Well this is just my personal crazy opinion though, ahahahahah! (^3^)

Sometimes I do think that Jun sings kinda like Tatsu, but it’s also only my head-thing www 

Arashi no Shukudai-kun 076 (2008.03.24)

I really like tape, you guys. I don’t think you understand. I fucking love tape. So I could have just capped Sho in his gravure pose, or I could have coerced elfie or yayhooraiba into making a gif of Jun pulling Sho’s shoulders back, but instead I turned this into a video so that you can actually see Jun unrolling the tape and hear the sound it makes and omfg, THIS CLIP, JUST WATCH IT.

Okay, but also: WHAT ARE THEIR LIVES. This whole thing is so ridiculous. I couldn’t get a hold of a subbed version so I can only guess as to why they are using tape or why they are doing this to poor Sho in the first place (it has something to do with Matsujun, I’M SURE YOU’RE ALL SO SURPRISED) or why it involves such dramatic music.

But no matter how silly they are, the bottom line here is that it’s Sho, totally embarrassed, while the rest of Arashi pokes and prods and puts tape on him. You guys. THEY, AND BY THEY I MEAN MOSTLY JUN, ARE PUTTING TAPE ON HIM. I mean, I wish I could say Jun is putting tape around him or that Jun is wrapping him in tape, but it’s really not all that much. STILL. This is completely amazing.

And if anyone wants to tell me the continued adventures of Sho and red duct tape, I would be more than happy to hear that story.

And if anyone really does want to make that gif of Jun pulling Sho’s shoulders back, well, I won’t argue. :D