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OK this may sound odd but what fabric shops would you recommend in the LA area. I know you no longer live here but any advice helps, since joanns does have its limits in fabric options and in your experience is it any cheaper than Joanns or am I paying just as much?

The garmet district is what you want to do. 

Shopping in LA Fabric District

What you want to do is – HIT UP MICHAEL LEVINES FIRST BUT DONT BUY ANYTHING. Maybe pick up your pattern. Check out how much fabric you need according to the pattern, etc etc. Search the store for the fabric you need, even if you see a perfect match, leave it, don’t buy it. Trust meeeee. You’re basically making this your garaunteed last resort. I know it already seems a great deal compared to Joanns’ money grubbing prices, but trust me.

Head out to the streets and start walking up and down 9th. From Maple to San Pedro. CHECK EVERYWHERE. North shops usually have the best SPANDEX and stretch fabrics, lace and sequins. SOUTH shops usually have upholestry, leather and vinyl (there’s exceptions but this is what I noticed.) 

I garauntee you any stock of fabric at Levines is avaliable in all the surrounding stores and they will sell it way short for a bargain! 

PROTIP: Never say yes first. If you ask one of the workers in the off stores “How much is this a yard?” and they say “12,” even if thats an amazing price, still just nod and say “Thanks” and start walking away like you dont want it. They WILL ALWAYS go lower. They’ll start telling you “11! 10– 8 for you!” Especially if they know you want 2-3 yrds or more.  But don’t get intimidated either, they’ll try to corner you into saying yes. Just wave them off, tell them “Ill take a picture and come back? I just wanna compare.”  Seriously, even if you see the perfect one at one of these places for the best price, just wait until you hit all the stores. You have no idea how many times i bought something and regretted it 5 minutes later when I saw an even better version. 

Second Protip: When they ask you how many yard you want, always say 2-3. Even if you need seven. Because they’ll give it to you for cheaper if you only want that much. Then when you say, okay, ill buy it for 4 bucks a yard, as he’s measuring it out, then say “ACTUALLY can I get 5?” 

Here’s some of my favorites:

L.A. Alex has the CHEAPEST notions. Zippers, elastic, velcros, thread, muslin, etc. They are AWESOME for all extra stuff you need. Way cheap. 

JOURNAL has some of the most interesting fabric on the block, unique textiles like dancewear or lace, usually exclusive to them. This is where I found that rare ass pre-pleated suede fabric for Kylo Ren’s sleeves and the awesome shimmer-non-sparkle spandex for Miraculous Ladybug. 

.99 Fabric a yard. Literally as it says. 99cents a yard biittcchhh. I ALWAYS hit this place up because you always need cheap ass broadcloth, poplin, CHIFFON or Taffeta. He’s got it all man. Its awesome for basic shit. 

City Fabric has the best FUR and FLEECE selection you’ve ever seen. 

Mora Tex is a favorite of mine. The guy here loves cosplayers and the fabric I get here is always rich and stunning looking. I bought my Astrologian Velvet, Dishonored purple and grey suede. Kylo’s outer tunic, Rey’s tunic and shoe wool, Lavellan’s trespasser tunic, and so much NICE suiting. Basically any heavier, richer type fabrics you can probably find here. 

Trim 2000 Plus is the place I found my Inquistor buttons. This place is like a gold mine for buttons. They have the most interesting shit for super cheap. I spent like 5 bucks on both Emily and Corvos diamond cufflinks and royal button getup here.

Jerry’s all Trims. My favorite trim store!!!  He has everything! Belts too! Great for any trims, tassles, or piping you made need. AND HE LETS YOU BUY THE WHOLE ROLL OR BY YARD. I bought all the leather cord here for our Solas necklaces. And every gold piece of my Astrologian cosplay.


-Parking in LA FABRIC district is hell on earth. The spots up by Jerry’s All trims is my secret spot, those are usually free (2 hr maximum). You can check side spots too, like between maple and san pedro, but don’t feel bad about pulling into a parking structure and paying the 7 bucks. Its not so bad. 

-Stores close around 6:00 on weekdays and saturdays. 

-WHILE PARKING IS FREE ON SUNDAY. A lot of these shops aren’t open. LA Alex and the the button store are closed for example. Button store is also closed mondays for some reason? AND EVERYTHING CLOSES BY 4 ON SUNDAY. 

-AWAYS bring cash. Lots of stores don’t take card. Or they will charge you extra for using it. There are ATMs inside some stores. But the service fee is like 3-5 bucks. YUCK. 

-Theres a random costume shop on 9th street that sells gloves. SKIP THIS. I know your tempted to buy everything at once, but this guy is way overpriced. Order your gloves on ebay for $1, trust me. 

-Best time to go is in the morning on a weekday, if you can manage it. Saturdays are hecka busy but that sometimes it a great thing cause the shops are ready to bargain.

-North of San pedro is NOT A GOOD AREA. Don’t park there. And if you’re leaving to go to Little Tokyo afterwards, turn around, take another street. 

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OH MY GOD! Have you ever gone to Disney and meet Kylo Ren in your Hux cosplay?! If so can you share how it went if you want?

SOMETHING CLOSE, YES. We met him as off-duty First Order Officers. 



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sheila, how do you feel about sylar wearing skirts and stockings? just saw on his instagram.. no hate :) just wondering

I think its cute as FUCK. And I am very very super hot about it. The one downfall is I’m losing a lot of my clothes. And he looks a hellavua lot better in them than me?

You can follow him at Instagram@ sylarmd

But we planned to go on a shopping spree for him next weekend, so no complaints here. Especially if I can borrow some of HIS dresses. 

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@Sheila: i swear I saw you on tv here in Germany. It was about Carrie fisher's death (may the force be with her <3) and how her fans paid tribute to her at the walk of fame. Some cosplayers got interviewed - was that you as Rey?

That was actually! We got invited as reps from Character Masters and the Chinese Theatre to come out and pay tribute. We had family from our Star Wars group on discord help pay for flowers and a card. It was extremely touching. And it’s thanks to the guys out there people had a space to share their feelings, memories, and more. 

The Walk of Fame representatives were extremely kind about it, and Madam Toussard provided the ropes. And fans from everywhere came out to add trinkets, roses, dolls and more. Carrie has obviously touched so many. Star Wars and beyond. 

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Do you know any tutorials about getting those little lint balls off of your jackets? Ive heard razors will take them off but I'm afraid of slicing my jacket.

Pills! They’re called pills or pilling. 

Yes you can shave them! If your scared of ruining your fabric, use an actual leg shaver. 

Works wonders. 

For wool and denim and thicker cottons, sanding blocks are an option too. 

And there’s always cutting them off too. 

For bigger ones, I use scissors or a NAIL CLIPPER!  

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omg yes! please write that ameridan fic!

I’m so happy to see other people on the Ameridan train. 

BECAUSE LET ME TELL YOU – can you BELIEVE there is no Lavellan x Ameridan fics out there!??! Its insane. I can’t believe people got to that part of the dlc and didn’t wonder “WHAT IF HE LIVED THOUGH?” LIKE

-What if Ameridan joined your team of Advisors??? Like he was a Knight and soldier to Emperor Drakon in Orlais. AND A DRAGONHUNTER? Like– he was practically a General, the FIRST SEEKER, A MAGE who can use TIME magic, the leader of all the Dalish elves, and the LAST inquistor??? 

-OKAY BUT Ameridan experiencing the world as it is now?? Coming across clans??? GOING TO THE WINTER PALACE. AN Orlesian travesty built on the bodies of his family. Of his people. His home, Halamshiral, is GONE. 

-Just come on. Ameridan taking Celene by the ear and saying “Listen missy, your great gerat great great gerat great Grandfather would be fucking PISSED you BRAT”

-Disputing the table quest about his Lineage himself!? Literally visiting his blood clan and the human claiming to be his relative and being like “UM NO BITCHES, IM AN ELF.”

-Discovering Ameridan owns a giant estate in Val Royouex thats still technically his cause it was a gift from Drakon. He donates it to city elves. 

-Him discussing time magic with Dorian, Seekers with Cassandra, and dragons with Bull. Meanwhile talking with Ellana about the elves now and how he can help them. 

-AND IF HE DOES COURT INQUIZZY LAVELLAN, hes like SUPER OLDSCHOOL. He like “Courts her” in a Dalish/Orlesian way. He writes a letter to her clan of his intentions, whittles her a charm, and sends lilies to lie on her doorstep that signify a marriage proposal. AND ELLANA IS LIKE “WTF I found this hankerchief in my armor??” and josephine is like “SOMEONE JUST DECLARED THEIR LIFE TO YOU VIA THE BOOKS I READ AS A GIRL.”

-He’s fluent in Orlesian and Elvish

-maybe he actually even believes the Herald the chosen of andraste. He is ANDRASTIAN too after all, and prays for the Makers blessing. He would be the BEST mediatter for a Dalish Inquizzy and the Chantry. THE PHILOSPHICAL QUESTIONS I HAVE FOR THIS MAN 

–MORE AMERIDAN. Hes so fucking interesting why did no one write about him!?!?! 

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is sylar comfortable with being called pretty and beautiful and stuff? sorry if thats too intrusive or anything! i just wanted to say, in case he is, that hes very very beautiful in the dresses!! (and out but still)

Beautiful and pretty aren’t gender based, and he loves compliments! I was calling him beautiful and pretty even before the dresses.  He loves it. 

Whether he’s being cute and pretty or rug-id and handsome. 

If anything his ego needs no boosts, lol. 

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Where did you get your wands?? I've been wanting one for awhile but I can't quite find one that I like!!

Barnes and Noble! For some reason they don’t have images? But these are the ones we bought and they looks like this: 

Percival Graves
Queenie Goldstein 

TRY GOING IN TO a store if you can. Because the stores got coupons that will knock em down to 25 BUCKS. Thats what we did. The stores all carry them, just call ahead because all the Queenie ones were gone and we had to go to a few stores to find em. 

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Hi guys! I sent an ask before the holidays but tumblr probably ate it. Sheila, I've been thinking of shaving the side of my head similar to your hairstyle, but I was wondering if its possible to convincingly disguise via strategic hair placement (for the work place and such) and if so, if you had any tips on that. Thanks!

AYYY!! Yes! It totally is! It’s all about parting your hair, so long as you make sure the undercut doesn't go past your part. 

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Hello! I have a question. At my next con I will be in a corset and a hoop skirt and a body shaper. Maybe even heels lol. Do you guys have any tips and tricks to make sure I don't die? Love all your cosplays. Thanks for your time.

Dear lord. 

Firstly, water water water water WATER water WATER WATER WATER WATer. I’m not kidding. Make sure to drink water. All those layers are going to insulate you as well as tighten you. Especially the shaper. Make sure to stay hydrated otherwise you’ll be hot, with compressed organs, and thats the formula for fainting. 

Secondly, you’re going to feel like you arent hungry, but thats the corset & shaper talking. They’re notorious for compacting you’re stomach enough that they literally make you forget you should eat. Until you take them off at the end of the day starving, and your stomach is like WHAT THE FUCK and keels you over. If you don’t faint before then. Take your lunch. EAT. Even if its just yogurt and granola. 

TAKE BREAKS. In shapers I often go to the restroom even just to roll it down from my stomach to breath in and eat some fruit rollups. Its okay to take breaths. 

Snip snap. I usually cut the waist band on my pantyhose and shaper, so the top rim doesnt sear into my skin and leave those welts that it does. 

And remember with heels, unless you ARENT putting them back on, DO NOT take them off when they start to hurt. As soon as you take off painful heels, your feet swell. So bigger feet in the same shoes is gonna hurt worse. If anything, sit down, put your feet above eye level to get your blood circulating and decrease swelling. ICE YOUR FEET at the hotel if your going to wear heels again the next day!

Good luck and have fun! And remember its OKAY to cut your day short. If im wearing a stressful cosplay I often plan all my shoots, gathering and events in a 4-5 hour span, and cut my day short and change out earlier than normal. That way it gets its fill and im not dead the next day. :) 

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so i really want to cosplay mercy but i'm not sure about the wig. which one did you use? also bc the hair is in a ponytail do i need to get a full lace wig so my real hair doesn't stick out the back?

Mine’s actually my old Sigyn/Enchantress wig! Its super fucking long, I had to trim it a bit, then I did my “folding” technique to make a high ponytail. 

I bought this wig from GothicLoli wigs. 

BUT TO BE HONEST WITH YOU I wouldnt recommend this. There are already some AWESOME pre-styled mercy wigs, that I would want instead. I just did this because, that what was on hand and I made my mercy the day before the con.  Not to mention they are way, way cheaper than mine. 

EDIT: Just to clarify for you – A LACE FRONT means the front edge of the wig has a HAIRLINE. This does not mean the nape/neck area does. No lace front also covers the neck area unless its specialized. I did not use a lace front for my Mercy, since her bangs cover her hairline. This distinction is important because Lace fronts always run from 70-100+ bucks. They are expensive. 

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Would you guys be able to do Jyn Erso necklaces?


Actually, it wouldn’t be hard to make casted Jyn Erso necklaces. They would be cast in clear resin, once sculpted, to imitate a Kyber Crystal. They would be relatively cheap to do too! 20 bucks. Like the solas necklaces. 

That does require a new sculpt and mold from our end though, so it would depend on HOW MANY PEOPLE want them.  We’d need at least 10-15 people who’d want one, and then we’d slate the pr-order. 

If you guys are ever interested in ANY cosplay merch or trinkets. We’re always up for seeing what we can do to offer them to you. 

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Hello! Sorry if you've asnwered this a million times already but do you know where I could buy craft foam for cosplay. I'm working on a tracer costume and can't find any places that sell it. Thanks :^)

You can always buy it online!  Thin Craft Foam, Thick Eva Foam. 

For IN PERSON-  I get my Eva foam from Home Depot and my craft foam rolls at Michaels! (Protip: download the Michaels app, they ALWAYS have coupons for like 40-50% off)

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Hi :) I'd like to make a Victor S . Court (from Bravely Default) cosplay. Do you have any advice for the wig (how to make the spikes) and the staff, in particular the top/lower parts? Thanks in advance!

HOLY BEEJUSSUS this guys hair is an ORDEAL. 

After the base wig, your gonna need to buy a ton more wigs and create a base. 

Ryoko demon has an amazing write up to a similar proces for how she made her Jesse wig. You’ll need to pattern and frame up his poytails, and stuff the base before covering it in wigs. 

This is how most Platinum cosplayers make her hair too. So you are in good company! It can be done!

As for the spikes of his spear…Foam Core will be your best friend for both ends. 

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I have a con coming up and it is my goal to get out of my head. Be more confident and or something along the lines of out side my comfort zone. Any suggestions? I'm super nervous.

If you are going alone, start with some good old headphones and a badass playlist. 

No for real, listening to music while traversing a con is literally one of the best experiences, 10/10, do recommend everyone to try at least once. This is what I do when I’m alone. It makes you feel less lonely and less aware of yourself. It’s super relaxing and yet gets you super pumped. 

Once you do a round of that, start by reaching out in small ways. 

Go shopping at the Artists Alley and give out some compliments. Even if I can’t afford a print at the moment, I always like to stop by an artist who catches my eye and compliment them, ask them if they have a card so I can follow on tumblr. “YOU LINEART IS SO CLEAN! AHHH!!”

I’ve met some of the coolest people and had the best conversations in the AA alone. 

After that, take photos of cosplayers! That’s what they are there for so remind yourself that they are dressing up HOPING someone takes their pic. Stop by, ask for a picture, tell them why you like that character or why you like their costume work. “How did you even do piping like that!?” “You’re cosplaying my love interest! Did you play the game too?”

You’d be surprised how casual and natural this ends up feeling and by how many people are just as excited to talk to you. 

A convention is the easiest place to make friends and get comfortable, because remember, EVERYONE there is already guaranteed to like what you like. Comics, Anime, Games, etc.