aiask getting some questions yesterday I realized that I might be able to help those of you cosplayer’s who would like to know how to take care of your boobage while you cosplay! Be it if you want to support them, make them VOLUPTUOUS, or hide them! 


First things first! Make sure you know what bra size you are!!! You may not know this, but there’s a lot that goes into bra size. There’s a reason why we all get a number and a letter, they mean different things! Your Cup is your letter, and your band size is your number. And EVERY cup is proportional to the band size SO EVERY BRA IS DIFFERENT! 

Here’s a few things to know to figure out if you are wearing the wrong bra…

-the band around your back should be tight and doing all the work. NOT your straps.
-The connecting strap between your boobs should be flush with your chest. If its loose or hovering, you’ve got the wrong size!
-Your boobs shouldn’t be spilling out of your bra, AND your bra should not be covering above the curve of your boobs either!

You should also know about your sister size. I for example, am a 36C but I can also wear a 34D, because those sizes are proportional to each other with slight differences in cup and band. Learn about your boobie sizes and HOW TO SIZE YOURSELF here!  

Okay, so this is for all you who you need to wear a bra without anyone being able to TELL you are wearing a bra. 

Like if you are cosplaying Black Cat – you need ’The Plunge‘ 

External image

For cosplays with a bare back, I recommend the low back converter. I mean, you can always go with clear straps, but personally I find them as noticeable AND the plastic is uncomfortable. And some other backless bras just always sag forward. 
External image

But this thing is just simple and awesome, and you can use it with a bra you KNOW works already. 

Finally – everyone should know about the magic of Sin Bras. There a ton of different brands. Just search ebay!  I tried them and they are a bit funny to wear at first, but they are PERFECT for the times you need to perk up your boobs and your wearing something low cut and backless. It’s what I used for my Miku and Sigyn cosplays! 

External image

See how magically they work here!! Warning, you will see boobies.


For everyone who needs extreme cleavage in their costumes, I would look to investing in a double-cup push up bra. They sell em at Wet Seal for super cheap.  I couldn’t find a picture of the inside, but they are WAY CRAZY padded. 

External image

I’ve actually used this bra for Korra, Elizabeth, and Rosalind Lutece, because it helps balance out the layers of clothes and fill my proportions better. So its actually great to have when you need to pronounce the shape of your costume.  

Another way to give your babies some UNPH is by stuffing your bra with some chicken cutlets silicone inserts

External image

These actually work really great! Personally I prefer socks, because these tend to get sweaty and sticky, but that’s just me. 

Another cheap and easy way to get some big boobs is by wearing two bras. You put one bra on, and then another slightly bigger bra on top of that. BAM instant cup size. It feels weird at first but it is a great trick. 

External image

I can keep going on about big boobie tricks, but instead I will direct you guys to Jenna Marbles video. She covers some great tricks into great boobage.  Or if you don’t like Jenna, or feel like reading instead – this tutorial is great too!


A great way to keep your boobies perky no matter what bra your wearing, is to safety pin the bra straps together behind your neck. It’s an instant difference if your clothes are flattening you out. 

External image

These clippy thingies also help perk your boobies, while also hiding straps behind tank tops! 

Next up is SPANX. Spanx are really handy for costumes that are full leotards, tight fitting, or slimming. They really DO work, believe me – you will FEEL it working. They can be expensive, but they come in all different shapes and sizes. To hide your thighs or just slim out your stomach. 

External image

A great tip for leotard wearers and superhero cosplayers: Wear your push up bras and such and then put some spanx on top to hide your bra lines! 

THATS IT! I hope I helped some people and opened some eyes to new ways of taking care of your chestal area when cosplaying. ;D

I’d love to sit and talk to you guys about binding too – but I’m really not an authority on it. So instead I direct you here! 

anonymous asked:

I always feel like such a bad Cosplayer when I go to a con and I have a commission or bought costume and every other person made there's from scratch. I try to make my own costumes but they never turn out pretty. Can you give some advice for coping? And maybe some costume advice too?

You’d be surprised just how many others are in bught costumes or commissioned ones like you. 

You have to realize that there are TONS of people out there who love characters that just CAN’T sew.  I mean, if you think about it, what are the odds that every fan out there is a master costume maker?

We all do this because we just want to BE that character. So feeling bad is like expecting a little girl to feel bad that her disney princess costume was bought. Its ridiculous. 

And I’ll let you in on another little secret. 

Most japanese cosplayers (culturally the country that started cosplay in the first place) BUY their costumes. 

There are literally tons of places in Akihabara that you can just go and buy brand new costumes at. 

Because they can! This resource, these cosplay houses have ALWAYS been available to them. Its common and more mainstream in Japan, so its widely acceptable to buy cosplays. Almost no one in Japan makes their costume. And if they do — they also take it to a tailoring house. 

You can literally commission costumes in Japan from special occasion stores and tailors. Its not unheard of. 

Really, the only reason most people started making costumes here in the US and the western world is because we just didn’t have access to stores and tailors like this. It was out of necessity, not elitism. 

So the fact that we now bash each other for not pouring blood on making yourself is just stupid. 

In fact, in Japan, its more culturally important to be able to look and act like the character. They could care less where the costume came from. 

A while back I wrote out a huge breakdown on things that go into Buying vs Making and why the differences are important!

Many times I buy costumes to — because I don’t have certain skills to make them — or I don’t have the TIME.

And sometimes I make costumes because I don’t have the MONEY to buy one. 

Try thinking about buying vs making not as an insecurity but as different ways to accomplish your ultimate goal : being your favorite character. 

Eventually you will come across things like, ‘this costume isn’t available to buy’ but you want it so bad that you decide to take a whack at making. So you start by altering clothes from a thrift store. That’s a great start on understanding what goes into making clothes. And its way easy to accomplish a costume just by altering premade clothes. (Plus its hella cheap) I STILL do that. 

So, its not about getting better at making, its about changing the way you think of it. Don’t shame yourself for not having a skill. Encourage yourself to enjoy your hobby without it and learn it if you feel you have to to keep enjoying it. 

lyriumlass  asked:

I know you've answered this before but for the life of me, I can't find it! So I'm so sorry for making you repeat yourself! I've a cosplay where I need to have bare shoulders (Belle's pink winter dress) but I'm a bustier girl so I kind of need a bra, but a strapless bra kind of slides down weather I want it to or not. I've seen you suggest some alternatives or ideas. Do you remember what those were? Again, I'm so sorry for making you repeat yourself!

OYO Strapless bras are such bullshit, but here’s a trick to stop them from sliding down to your feet like the skeezy bastards they are. 

It should look like this:


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sheila can you give me any advice that you learned from art school that you wished you knew before you went?

I can give you MULTITUDES. But a lot of it isn’t something that can be said without demonstration.  Let me see if I can put together a list of good advice or tips anyway….

1. Stop being picky about what you draw. 
Stop that shit right now. Yes, people are funner and you love that one character. But stop that and start drawing everything you see instead. Cars, heaphones, cups, houses, trees. DRAW EVERYTHING. GET GOOD AT DRAWING EVERYTHING. That will make you BETTER at drawing that one character you love. I promise. 

2. There are no concave curves on the human body.
There are only series of starting and ending convex ones. Stop drawing them. 

3. If the light of your picture is warm — the shadows will be cool. 
And vice versa.  

4. Complimentary colors MATTER. In more ways than one. 
Yellow & purple incite calmness. Orange & Blue mean excitement. Red & Green make someone anxious. People will be amazed with your ‘color sense’ if you start mastering these.  They will be FLOORED when you start being able to use a bit of each of them in your pictures. Literally every movie, animation, poster, etc uses this color math. I DARE YOU to watch a movie and notice when they movie all of a sudden goes really yellow and purple to make you calm. 

5. Draw fast and move on. 
STOP messsing with it. Stop trying to fix it. MOVE ON. Get it over with, continue, leave it alone, leave it in the dust. Think about how much you are stressing over that one sketch and then think of the MILLION SKETCHES YOUVE ALREADY MADE AND WILL MAKE. Stop it. Just throw it away. 

Do you see how many shortcuts he took to make that masterpiece? Its nice to be able to draw everything from scratch — but why would you WANT to make it harder on yourself? Especially if you are on a deadline or working for someone like this. 

7. Use refrences, stock photos and more. 
Because why would you not?  Other than some other artists think that its ‘cheating.’   Its not. Its learning. 

8. Draw drawings. 
Yep you heard me. Draw from other peoples drawings. Draw some of Leonardo’s sketches (and then when your done crying about it) draw from Leyendecker’s paintings, Norman rockwells illustrations, and any other artists (including modern ones). Drawing from drawings is easier than drawing from life (but you should do both.) You’ll get to see exactly how different styles expand your knowledge of drawing.

9. Good character design is actually just good shapes. 
Its.  Just.  That.  Simple.

10. DRAW.
A lot. All the time. Everything. Quickly. Slowly. With chalk, crayon, a tablet, paint. Just ALWAYS do it. You only get better with experience. 

Hope those help! Sorry for the bombardment of links! But yeah, thats all the stuff thats stuck with me and that I wish I know before college. 

Watch on

Cosplay Makeup & Wig Care 101

Everything from wig caps, eyebrows, wig brushing/washing, and more. So I tried to do a General Makeup/Wig video that covered everything I usually talk about in my Cosplay Makeup 101 panel. I hope this helps on all the basics! 

If you click through to Youtube – you can use the shortcuts in the description to jump to specific topics. :) 

A lot!

There’s this weird sort of expectation for cosplayers that’s dependent on craftsmanship. For some reason hot glue, fabric glue & tac seem to be this weird taboo. As if, if you use hot glue to make a costume then you are ‘less’ of a cosplayer. 

Which in the end, is strange — since hot glue is only a tool. Just like a sewing machine. Just like the machine, if you are bad at using the glue gun it will look bad. Just because you sew doesn’t mean it’s going to look better than the gun. In fact, some of my glued trim looks way better than my shoddy sewing jobs. Especially since I’ve been using a glue gun longer, I have more experience with manipulating it to make it presentable. Wether it’s the machine or the gun, being good at either just takes practice. 

However! I will say that glue isn’t ‘durable’ or lasting. But this trait is all circumstantial. If you aren’t aiming for a long lasting, permanent costume that will be judged in a craftsmanship competition, then there’s no need to make your project harder. 

I have recently tried to sew more than I glue. But this is only because I want to be a better tailor for my professional career — not because I think one is better than the other in a cosplay way.

Cosplay doesn’t have to be hard. And I think a lot of people feel like it should be in order to validate what they are doing. 

Many times, when I find myself stressing about something that I want to sew perfectly, to the point where I’m getting frustrated… I take a step back, breath, remind myself that this is for me and no one else. This doesn’t have to be hard because others think it does. And then I smile and say, “Fuck it. Where’s my badass baby glue gun?”

Rebloggable by request!

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Do you guys have any embarrassing middle school photos, or were you always this attractive?

Where did I put those puberty pictures…

Oh yeah. 

Have a comparison of our oldest and newest cosplays too, just for kicks. 

anonymous asked:

Know of any cool costume internships/apprenticeships in los angeles?

Disneyland does Costume internships at the park every year. 

Apprenticehsips aren’t really a thing, unless you are already close friends with a Costume Designer or Supervisor. Even then, you probably need to enter the Costumers Union. 

BUT, working at a costume rental house for 30 days, automatically gets you into the Union. It also teaches you A LOT about the industry. I’d start there. 

If you are looking to become a film or tv costume designer/costumer. I recommend picking up Costuming for Film by Holly Cole. It will literally teach you EVERYTHING. E V E R  Y  T H I N G you need to know. Its a bible. 

anonymous asked:

So um - I understand this is a sort of a personal question, and please delete it if you're uncomfortable with answering or something, but you guys have been together for quite some time, and I imagine you've had your share of ups and downs. How do you guys push through some of the worst of those downs?


We talk, constantly. And about everything. Even the negative. We don’t hold back. No matter where we are. If Sylar says something that hurts me while we’re driving I immediately say “Hey, thats not cool I dont like that” and then we proceed to talk about it. I explaing my feelings, he explains his intentions and if we have a spat then we have it. We aren’t afraid to have the argument. And we always try and resolve it right then. We do not hold it in, or wait for a better time to talk. 

We have a spat, we argue until it resolves itself, one hour or 20 minutes or 3 hrs. And then once its over we immediately give each other a type of ‘after care’ we’re lovey dovey and romantic, make sure to tell the other that we still think they are pretty,smart,handsome, great. And usually we try to spend the time after together. Watching a movie or playing games or just talking. 

After a bad argument we usually drop the current plans and make sure the other is feeling good again. 

But yes, communication is KEY. KEEEYYY. Its driven our whole relationship. We never not know how the other person feels.

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I was casually looking through your cosplay tag and I just realized Sheila has only one arm in her Trespasser Lavellan cosplay 0o0 (I don't know how I missed that at first) How did she hide her arm so well? I assume it's partly due to the fur, but how could someone do that if they had different armor from the other classes?

It’s literally just me with my arm bent up to hold my shoulder. It didn’t hurt but it sweat a lot! As for armor from the other classes  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

anonymous asked:

I'm scared to go to a con. I'm not pretty enough and I'm way shy. Ever famous cosplayer is gorgeous and has perfect costumes. I just...I'd be made fun of.

“Ever famous cosplayer is gorgeous and has perfect costumes.”

Okay first off, that’s so not true. And really, I don’t think any ‘famous cosplayer’ would admit to being perfect even the most celebrated ones. AND BELIEVE ME that no costume is perfect. Even the best ones are all still made from people who started small first, without skills, and before they were famous they were just like you, fans. 

Second – you GOTTA go to cons because THEY are what will help you get over your shyness! Con’s are chalk full of people who are kind, connecting, and friendly. It’s super hard to go to a convention and not meet someone or make friends. 

When I first started, I was utter crap at costumes. I didn’t know how to sew let alone how to work EYELINER. I was not pretty nor skilled. 

But you won’t ever get BETTER at these things without experience. The more you go, the closer you get to being one of those 'beautiful, skilled, famous’ people. 

Your a rookie, sure, but once you start you can only get better. Believe me. And you can learn and grow to be less shy, learn how to sew, learn to make friends and deal with talking to stangers, and just have a good time all around. 

We all start somewhere – so just build a little courage to get started. :) 

anonymous asked:

Do you ever feel too old to be doing cosplay? (I do sometimes)

Not yet man. 

Besides, Sylar and I are biding our time until we are old enough to cosplay these guys: 

emmaandthatisall  asked:

How do you figure out the makeup for each individual cosplay?

By staring endlessly at the picture of the original character. 

I cannot stress how much references are important in makeup. 

Most characters have a key look in makeup, and sometimes it’s within their actual makeup and sometimes it’s in the shape and features of their face. 

Normally, I approach makeup as if I’m going to DRAW the character I’m looking at, not dress up as them.  So I treat my face like a canvas. If their eyes are angular, I draw angles on my eyes. If their cheeks are round I add highlights to the apples of my cheeks to make them pop. If they wear eyeshadow I put eyeshadow - if they don’t, then I don’t either. If their cheeks look thin and gaunt, I bronze my own. 

I’ll see if I can show you some comparisons, maybe that will better explain things. 

I tried to point out the key things that made me do the my makeup the way I did. 

It’s the same with Sylar too! You aren’t just putting makeup on the way they do, your trying to change the features in your face (shading your nose or cheeks to make the more pronounced, or concealing them to make them less noticable) in order to look like the character. 

I hope this helps!!! Sorry if it doesn’t, makeup’s a hard thing to explain. :/

anonymous asked:

Has anyone ever taken inappropriate shots of sheila at a convention?

Do you mean like ass-shots and upskirts? 

Sylar has always made sure that doesn’t happen.