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HERA: Human-Emulative Robotic Automaton, a type of AI unit, the sequel to RHEA (Robotic Human-Emulative Automaton)–creativity in coming up with names runs low in the AI industry. I was a HERA, but I wasn’t good enough for them. I wasn’t good enough to do what the rest of Pryce’s creations could do. So now I’m up here, stuck with all of you, stuck with Eiffel constantly asking if I’m there, like someday I won’t be because I’m broken or something, stuck with Hilbert who broke me because I wasn’t good enough for him and only fixed me because he was told to, stuck with Minkowski constantly quoting PRYCE and Carter’s, the manual cowritten by Pryce, the very epitome of being good enough, and every time I hear that name it reminds me of how I’m not good enough for her, how I’ll never be good enough for her … or any of you.
—  HERA, possibly
Coming Back (Alpha/Maine)

[AO3] [Fic Tag]

Rating: Teen

Word Count: 5513

Summary: Neither of them should have survived, and yet here they are. Coming back from this will take time. And a little company.

Notes: So we can all blame the lovely @herecomesthesniperbutt​ for this because it was her who was writing the Alpha that sent us diving deep into this ship and this AU. This is sort of based off an out there ‘theory’ (more of an AU) around a certain part of the new season, of which none of the details turn up in this early part, but… 

This was finished at midnight and is unedited. Forgive any mistakes, I might edit it later.

Warnings: Disassociation, Self Harm (first part, unintentional)

They didn’t know how long it took them to finally claw their way onto the solid ice at the bottom of the cliff. It had to have been hours. Hours of dragging frozen fingertips, barely protected by kevlar, across thick layers of snow and ice trying and failing over and over again to gain some purchase. Hours of barely holding their head above the freezing water, no helmet to protect their face from the burning cold of the air around them. It was at the bottom of the dark water, far beneath them, alongside the other pieces of their armour.

It was a miracle they’d pulled it all off in time.

But they’d made it.

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I finished my rewatch of Season 13 of Red vs Blue last night, and I am awash with intense feels.

That led to what it usually does: fic, but since I haven’t really written for this fandom before, I’m a bit… nervous… about just posting it up.

So if anyone would be my super awesome new best friend and read the couple chapters for me and let me know if they’re a steaming pile or not, I’d be eternally grateful.

(Deep breath) Here’s a snippet!


“You never had an AI try to kill itself in your head,” Wash said with an unusual fretfulness to his words. His hands are white-knuckled around his third cup of coffee. “I know what I’m talking about when it comes to stupid decisions being made for you because of someone else’s personal bullshit, Tucker. It’s best to just move on. Don’t forget. Just move the fuck on.”

All thought of Felix was gone from Tucker’s head for the moment, replaced by a cold weight settling in the pit of his stomach. “Epsilon tried to kill himself?” Tucker repeated, just to make sure he’d heard that right. This was new; this was important; this was the notoriously secretive Agent Washington opening up to him. Felix could wait.

 Wash almost never talked about his time as a Freelancer, least of all about his short run with the Epsilon AI unit. Tucker had learned to live with barely knowing anything about Wash at the Crash site, but here, with Wash offering his past up out of nowhere… Well, Tucker was naturally fucking curious.

But Wash just nodded in return. He had that too tired look in his eyes again, even as he continually chugged cups of coffee like he never would again. “Memory isn’t a key. It’s a bitch,” was all he said, and Tucker knew without being told that it was best to leave it at that.

They save you from getting hurt (AI Units X Spartan! Reader) [Requested]

Alpha: You loaded up your gun and cocked it, being deep in thought you forgot to set your trackers.
“Dude, someone is coming up behind you with a dagger.” Alpha’s voice rang in your mind. You slipped out one of your throwing knifes and through it behind you hitting a person in the heart.
“Thanks Alpha.” You said while walking away from the dead body.
“Kinda doing my job, by the way I set your trackers for you.”
Gamma: Running down the halls of a building trying to get to the control panel, you weren’t being to careful.
“I would suggest not going down the next hall on the right.” Gamma said, appearing on your shoulder.
“But that way is a short cut.” You replied.
“Two hallways to the right should be a shorter path besides I would prefer you in one piece.” You smiled.
“Thank you, G.”  

Delta: Jumping off a ramp, you landed in the middle of the base. Everything was dark and you couldn’t turn on you helmet lights or they would find you.
“It would be best to stick to the left, Agent (Y/n).” Delta said in your mind.
“I told you just call me (Y/n).” You replied, quickly moving to the left. “Why did I need to move?”
“Apologizes, the system is less liking to fire at you from this side.”
“So that’s a good thing?”
“Affirmative, you won’t get injured this way.”
“That’s cute.” You said to yourself.
Epsilon: “You should really slow down.” He informed you while running through a firing zone.
“Why?” You replied.
“Well you should duck right now.” You dropped onto the ground before a bullet could hit you in the head.
“Oh, I see.” You got up and ran off again but this time alittle slower.
“Yeah, I’ll have your healing unit on standby.”

Eta & Iota: They had warned you before to enter with caution but you really didn’t listen, all you wanted was this mission to be over with.
“How much longer till we get to the core.” You asked.
“About 60 seconds.” Iota answered first.
“Be careful, we are sensing alot of enemies in that one room.” Eta added. You went to open the door but was stopped by the twins.
“(Y/n) don’t touch that.” Eta said.
“There should be another one to your right.” Iota finished. You used the other door but out of curiosity, you through a knife at the other door, only to have it explode.
Theta: You had accidentally fell into a trap, you closed your eyes not wanting to see the bullets dig into your skin. But the feeling never came, you opened your eyes to see a bubble shield spinning around you. A light appeared on your shoulder making you look at him in disbelieve.
“I hope you don’t mind, I didn’t want you to get hurt.” Theta said, nervously.
“I own you my life right now.” You said.
Sigma: You knew you should have been watching your tackers but you didn’t, the mission was almost over and you wanted to hurry.
“Agent (Y/n), I suggest moving to the right.” Sigma’s voice said in your head, you jumped to the right only to have a rocket fly past you, you quickly killed the enemy before you ran out of the building.
“Thanks for the heads up Sig.” You said.
“It’s my pleasure to help.”

Omega: For most of the mission he was quiet, you asked him a question, he would answer within second.
“Go straight and take a right.” His voice said. You decided not to question him and followed his directions.
“Why I’m I going this way?”
“Because there aren’t as much people to kill this way.”
“But that takes the fun out of everything.” You swore you heard him chuckle.
Cortana: You let out a sigh while sliding down some rocks.
“I hope you know, the ground is flooding with aliens.” Cortana said.
“Thanks for the heads up.”
“By the way you might want to move over to the right alittle, they will be able to see you.” You laughed and followed her advise.
“What would I do without you?”
“Most likely get shot.” You had to stop yourself for laughing.

anonymous asked:

where's symmetra in the highschool au?

symmetra wants to be some sort of environment/background artist for stuff like disney and go to art school! but her family is not very well off because theyre basically in debt to vishkar for building symmetra’s arm. her family like.. signed away symmetra’s life to that corp so she has no choice but to work there after grade 12 instead of going to post-secondary! its like an design/architecture company so its somewhat close to what she would rather do so she’s Kind Of Okay With It.

She’s in tech club and helped design the Bastion AI unit appearance. lucio likes to help her out in her animation projects by writing music for her videos!! he’s also really upset that she’s going to work at vishkar after grad because he’s kind of conspiracy fan and only has bad things to say about the corp.

Reboot the System

just a slice of an AI Megstiel fic I’m eventually going to work on when the stars align.  S7 concept basis.

Summary: Mechanic Meg purchases a broken AI unit, that, due to a gang war, had to be abandoned by the Winchesters.

Reboot the System

It was going to run, she was sure of it. When she flipped the back switch, the entire android trembled and started to twitch. Meg resocketed the motherboard line and peered up at the blue eyes staring vacantly at her. “What’s your name?” she asked as it finished its reboot.

The Synthetic twitched and came to life at the sound of her voice. “Daisy.”

“Daisy? Definitely not right,” she muttered as she checked manual.

“Daisy, daisy, give me…” the Synthetic continued and she thumped it on the side-socket that was protruding. The damage was from a knife would, she guessed.

“Stop that.” Tweaking the mainline, she popped her wad of gum out and compressed it around the fraying wire. “There. Now. What’s your name?”

The faint whirring sound concerned her as its eyes rolled left and right, the milky film clearing slowly as the integral combustion fired up. Meg grinned and repeated the question, stooping over the broken frame work that was the Synthetic’s legs.

“Come on, hot wire. Try.”

The whirring faded as a second reboot chime configured and ran. The dark organic hair shifted as the patch covering the mainframe closed over to protect the delicate operating system. Then the eyes blinked twice and the fake pupils dilated completely to take in her face in the dimly lit room.

“What’s your name?” Meg asked once more.

The voice that answered her was raspy from disuse, poorly cared for vocal systems that had likely been choked once or twice. “Unit Classification C, Model Angel, circa 2040 from the Shurley Company. Security Synthetic. Empathy hard drive is foreign built but all other parts original. In need of refurbishing. Broken…”

Meg put her hand over the mouth, the dry lips chapping her hand. “Unit name.”

The Synthetic stared at her as she removed her hand. “Unit name? Not model?” When she nodded, it tilted its head. “Given name Castiel. Base comparison made off the Novak line.”

“Castiel?” Meg pursed her lips. “All right. Specific duties?”

“Army reissue to aid in removal of gang warfare. Defence and guidance.”

“No independent thought?” she prompted. According to Sam, that had been something the Synthetic had developed and she saw the flinch go through the face. It was very aware apparently.

“Unless ordered.” It looked at her.  “I was sold to the Winchester Agency. Not for resale. My repairs are done solely by Dean and Sam Winchester. However, I have often had to repair myself due to the complexity of my circuitry. It would have taken them substantial time to repair me and they could not spare that.”

Meg wanted to snap back what she thought of that.

The Synthetic looked worried. “Where are they? I am not for resale. I have to report to them my failings in the last raid.”

Yeah, Meg thought, the raid were you got blown to smithereens trying to think ahead. She’d heard all about this android’s misguided heroics.

“Sorry, kid, looks like they went above and beyond to end your contract.” She began to fix the wiring that connected the head and shoulders at the spinal column. “Can’t say I need another broken Synthetic hanging around but I could use a guard.”

The whirring occurred again. “They…sold me?”

Meg pulled back. “For junk,” she explained as she grabbed her soldering gun. “Parts. You’re an outmode now.”

For a Synthetic, she might as well have said she was going to pull him apart at the seams and permanently destroy his mainframe.

“Oh. I see.” The blue eyes suddenly seemed to glaze over again and she realized the Synthetic was going to shut down once more. A defence mechanism, she guessed. Meg stared in surprise. What had Dean and Sam done to this thing? Or hadn’t done?

“But if it makes you feel better, I’m repairing you.”

“Why?” The glaze was still there but the voice was no longer tinny. His vocal modifications were repairing.

She shrugged. “Girl needs protection.”

A head tilt let her know the Synthetic was watching her. “Internal processes indicate that I know you.” The processing tone sounded again, the gunshot wound to the head allowing the noise to be loud when it should have been muffled. “Five foot two female of Caucasian descent. Code name Meg. Actual name lost in the Record Fire.”

“That’s me, kiddo.” She sat back on her heels and crouched to look at the destroyed legs. Those would take work.

“I was there when you hired the Winchesters to penetrate gang territory. Recollection indicates you were badly injured. Lower body. Disappeared four minutes after the explosion.”

“Yep.” She could feel the Synthetic trying to see the depth of her past injuries. The lack of ocular support would keep it hidden. “Hold still.”

“Disconnection between my limbs indicates that movement is impossible.” A look of mild distress crossed the battered organic flesh. “I cannot feel my legs.”

“That’s because your spine isn’t connected yet. I need time and a whole lot of booze to get through this.”

The broken lips had no expression. “Why did you reboot me if I was not workable?”

“Maybe I was lonely,” Meg said flippantly.

“Your tone indicates sarcasm. However, my external network that I am connected to indicates that you live alone in this mechanic’s bay. Three levels of machines. No human life. Conclusion? You are lonely.”

“Thanks for that,” Meg muttered. “I should shut you down. The soldering won’t be a cake walk for you.”

“Cakes do not walk.”

“Figure of speech.” Meg pulled up a stool and sat before the Synthetic. “They never upgraded your pop culture chip? Thought that was standard to avoid you guys getting confused.”

“According to Dean Winchester, such things would not be as amusing as having me ignorant of popular culture and the sayings.”

“Right.” Meg shook her head. She might use Synthetics as battle fodder but this was sounding all matter of wrong. Grabbing the heated gun, she reached for the power switch to the solar unit. “Let’s send you to sleep for a while.”

The Synthetic’s eyes snapped to complete awareness and a soft sound escaped the vocal control. “Please. I would like to stay awake. I do not experience pain.”

Meg gestured at the battered framework. “Now see, Castiel, you might not experience pain but I don’t need a backseat mechanic.”

“I will be quiet.”

She pushed her dark hair from her eyes and looked up at the cracked lips. “A shut down would repair you faster. Your organic…”

“I do not like being put to sleep mode.” The lips clamped shut and Meg stared. This whole thing now stunk to high heaven of something bad.

“Why not?” The Synthetic looked away from her and Meg snapped her fingers. “The truth.”

“I have an automatic replay function. It was installed into me as a hack. It allows me to see my past experiences, to learn from them.”

“They put a memory bank into you? That’s normal.”

“The memory bank hack allows for no filing of experiences but a total recollection.”

Meg frowned. “So you relive it constantly?”

“In perfect replay.” The Synthetic looked at her again. “I would prefer not to experience that right now. I would like to help you repair me.”

She sighed. “All right. But one word telling me what I’m doing wrong and I’ll shut your ass down, we clear?”

“Of course. I am at your disposal.”

Yeah, Meg thought, and obviously the Winchesters had taken that literally.

nya. hey, hey. can you like or reblog (reblogs spread the word!) if you’d be interested in interacting with a slightly canon divergent highly selective, private chiaki nanami from danganronpa 2: goodbye despair. a super high tech AI unit who loves games and her classmates. it’ll be a lot of fun…..probably. 

xoxo, nya