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hey seo what do i do with my sister? lately, she is into korean culture (but tbh it's only the pop side >>) and she keep trying to educate me about it. the sad thing is that she is educating falsely. for example she told me 애교 is pronounced (ai-go, but it's like ay-gyo) and called this sushi "omg it's kimbab" (even tho it doesn't have sesame oil/traditional kimbab seasoning and contained fish??) +among other instances...:/ i research most of what she said but they never correlate?

tell her that a true, 100% organic, pure, fresh Korean™ is telling her to chill

South Park’s ship pairing’s sketch commission for medical treatment’s expense

Sorry for lacking of update ;_;

I accidentally got a gastroenteritis(i assumed from my diagnosis because the doctor still can’t find the clue about my symptoms and have an allergy in medicines that i got from a doctor. Become worsening in this situation.

Due to medical treatment’s expense in Japan’s hospital is extremely expensive until it exceed my budget more than i can handle it well. So I decided to open sketch commission for support the expense that I have admitted in hospital since 23 June

Sketch Art Commission for South Park

Detail: -Fanart : South park any canon,non-canon ships -Shonen-ai/ Yaoi / shoujo-ai

My south park’s sketches ref : please click at tag sp under my south park’s work

**For custom order, please contact me and provide your details of commission


B/W (Pencil)

Head/Bust $6-10

Waist Up $9-15 

Full Body $14-20

Additional character(s):


Head/Bust +$5-10

Waist Up +$7-12

Full Body +$9-15

-This price include simple background upon request

***Paypal ONLY. 
**all prices in US dollars. (price included paypal fees) Please send e-mail ( *with subject: ‘Commission’ (I’ll get back to you within 2 days.)

Please provide:
-Your name (same as in paypal, so I can check)
-Character(s)’ references (link or attached files)
-Type of commission: 1) bust-up/waist-up/full body; 
-Preferences and specifications: eg. Pose & expression, details, clothes,situation

Process: -First I’ll make a sketch and send to you for approval. Edit can be made (max. 3 times altogether), then payment and I’ll finalize the artwork. -Will take within 1 week to finish, I’ll let you know first if it takes longer. -After I finish commission,If u have an requirement to keep the original work,I’ll ship it by ems to your address.The shipment’s price will include with commission’s also.the shipment is depend on countries and region zone

**Feel free to ask if any questions ** THANKS! **Signal boost is greatly appreciated!**


Isesaki,Gunma pref. da Minoru Hanada
Tramite Flickr:
Nikon F3 Ai-s nikkor 35/2 Kodak supergold400

A year from now, I am SURE Kizuna Ai’s mocapper is going to legit hang herself over live sharks and stream the digital equivalent.

Intuitively, we tend to think of forgetting as failure, as something gone wrong in our ability to remember.

Now, Canadian neuroscientists with the University of Toronto are challenging that notion. In a paper published Wednesday in the journal Neuron, they review the current research into the neurobiology of forgetting and hypothesize that our brains purposefully work to forget information in order to help us live our lives.

I spoke with Blake Richards, one of the co-authors of the paper, who applies artificial intelligence theories to his study of how the brain learns. He says that in the AI world, there’s something called over-fitting — a phenomenon in which a machine stores too much information, hindering its ability to behave intelligently. He hopes that greater understanding of how our brains decide what to keep and what to forget will lead to better AI systems that are able to interact with the world and make decisions in the way that we do.

Could The Best Memory System Be One That Forgets?

Photo: Jedrzej Kaminski/EyeEm/Getty Images


20160404 Sakura023 by S.Konnai