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Fuji-yoshida,Yamanashi pref. by Minoru Hanada
Via Flickr:
Nikon F3 Ai-s nikkor 35/2 Kodak supergold400

Jvoulais vous dire merci

Jvoulais vous dire merci. A vous tous. D'avoir réveillé la féministe qui dormait en moi. C'est des trucs tout con du genre reprendre mon frère ou mon père sur certaines remarques, dire à un mec de tinder que non toutes les femmes n'ont pas envie d'enfant et que O surprise, on a le sens de l'orientation. Hier j'ai vu un couple s'embrasser, la fille le repousser et trente secondes après le mec revenait à la charge. Y avait 1 chance sur trente que la fille se fasse emmerdée mais j'ai pas voulu la prendre et je suis allé vérifier qu'elle allait bien. Sous les yeux ébahis de mon amie qui voulait juste passer son chemin. Alors oui j'ai gagné une insulte du mec mais franchement sur le moment jme suis sentie rassurée. Voilà tout ça pour dire que vous m'avez changé un peu. Et que je vous dis merci.

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God pillars of eternity is so good though

It really, really is! The story is very interesting. The world is complex and fun to explore. The characters are beautiful and engaging (Eder is my brand, but Sagani, Eloth, and the Grieving Mother also hit me in my feels so often). The writing and voice acting is A+. There were interesting little choices you could make that would butterfly through the world. I loved the interesting way they allowed you to set the events that happened thousands of years ago through dialogue choices, without making it seem overt.

I got pretty frustrated with the combat (especially if I was in a place with a lot of doorways), but I turned on each character’s AI and it helped a bunch. There were WAY too many loading screens, but I heard that the next one will have fewer. Both were irritating things to me but I’d still call this an awesome, fun, engaging RPG to play.

If you, Gentle Reader, have thought about getting Pillars of Eternity - I’d recommend it. I’ve seen it go on sale on Steam a few times. It’s worth the price.


I was tagged by @happyvirusdream thanks! (If you want to do this, take a look at how she did it…I only quoted songs.)

F- Fame girls money that my honey to the 100 to the 100
E- Every time I show up, blow up uh
E- Enemy enemy enemy woah
L- Love is four walls
T- Take me to the sky-y-y ayay
H- Hello bitches ta ta tada ta ta ta ta tada ta
E- Extra plus ordinary
J- Jingyokhae Bang! Tan! Sonyeondanchoreom!
A- Aju nice ta ta ta dada
M- Make it rai-ai-ain, FREEDOOOOM
S- Six bullets in my tongue, uh, six snakes in my lung, uh

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(If you want to know where I got those lines from, feel free to send an ask ^3^)

DAY 2: Your AU or Favorite AU

i hate myself for this,, i am so  so rry