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Mbti Types as Millennials You’ll Meet

Disclaimer: this post is purely for amusement & LOLs ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 

- has a fetish for Mon-Fri 9 to 5 jobs + benefits 
- traditional AF 
- this species is v endangered, please donate 
- has had the same goals and dreams since they were a fetus 
- productive member of society™ 

- working 27/9 on multiple projects, multiple jobs & multiple underlings to command
- getting more stuff done than you’ll ever do in your lifetime
- somehow has a neater desk than you but knows how to party it up when they’re finally off hours
- fav type of party is a networking party
- actually has time and money to Netflix 

- is on all the social medias but almost never posts
- knows all the tings but never really says it
- v secretive
 - will low-key become a billionaire overnight for starting a very important company that no one has heard of 

- is the only person who actually knows what they’re doing
- started taking on leadership roles since birth (re: shoved the doctor out of the way to cut their own umbilical cord)
- shows love via loud criticism – is only trying to help you help yourself
- so DONEEE with incompetence 

- shares so many Facebook posts that fb definitely knows who they voted for/where they shop at/intimate details even they don’t know
- actually writes Amazon reviews (thank you)
- replies to all messages from fam within 30 seconds
- attends annual mom convention just to maintain their status (Level 10 Mom Friend™) 

- has multiple social platforms to display their culinary skills (STATUS: black belt)
- charming AF but WILL throw shade if provoked
- hair is goals
- listed on Huffington Post as top 21 Pinterest users to follow 

- obsessed with the possibilities of the future
- topics all INTPs are pre-programmed to get excited about: AI, start-ups, technology, STEM jokes
- may combust when stupid arguments are portrayed as facts
- procrastination level: over 9000 

- speaks a foreign language invented by them
- beer parties & philosophical debates are always lit
- pretty WOKE actually
- Nerd™ 

- had first quarter life crisis at 15
- your official therapist
- writes self-love/compassion/know-yourself/nostalgia posts for a website
- stares through a window from time to time looking contemplative 

- actually has their life together despite repeat quarter life crises
- persuasive AF
- “I do what I want, I don’t need your validation … but also I consider how it affects everyone around me and how I’ll be perceived”
- won Volunteer of the Year award every year for the last 5 years; got promoted to presenting the Volunteer of the Year award instead 

- lives off of the Likes of friends and random Internet strangers
- needs social validation through an IV drip
- will most likely die of FOMO
- life motto: pics or it didn’t happen
- golden retriever but looks like a person (cute either way) 

- Feelings™
- overqualified for all the jobs but doesn’t know what jobs they actually care enough to apply for
- posts are always either WOKE AF or self-deprecating
- hopes and dreams are on life support 

- bucket-list longer than Santa’s list
- only has semi-naked pics on Tinder
- knows the most important words in every language (i.e. “what’s your phone number”)
- no honey, don’t call them; yes, they’re definitely seeing other people 

- self-employed
- will low-key land a steady 6 figure job for being in the right place at the right time 
- moonlights as a hand model
- credit card ebills show 20% of income spent on Redbull/coffee 

- somehow amassed a HUGE following from weekly 10 minute videos about their day
- will fake their death if no one is paying attention to them
- actually really savage
- sparkly 

- living embodiment of the word “aesthetic”
- hair/style/make-up/art is goals
- snapchat game is on point
- etsy is only their side hussle
- flower crowns filters 


Ice cream~


I LOVE YOUUUU AND HAVE A NICE WHITE DAY!! (or what’s left of it XDD)

really really bad highly cursed au where every epsilon ai calls epsilon dad:

  • delta does it probably mockingly? but it’s hard to tell with that deadpan
  • theta does it fully unironically and epsilon cries
  • gamma would just “Father” “do nOT”
  • eta and iota do it like ‘ugh sure whatever, dad”
  • omega either flat out would not, or he would but in the ‘this isn’t a phase dad this is who i really am’ ‘never call me that again’ way
  • sigma did it once to fuck with him and epsilon had a heart attack. sigma isnt allowed to talk anymore.

└ This is the way you two have fun off on-camera?

Cr: Documentary Film ~ Are You Happy ~


Ai: Ai wants to marry a wonderful man like Lord Kenshin.
Yoshichi: But then Kanetsugu would cry… For multiple reasons.
Ai: Father should hurry up and marry a new bride. Ai would be happy to have a mother like MC!
Yoshichi: Ah, but MC is Lord Kenshin’s wife, so…
Ai: Ai thinks that luring someone else’s partner away* is very exciting!
Yoshichi: !??

AI… WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN READING… YOUR FATHER’S GOING TO CRY. Suddenly I feel like she’s going to grow up like Renge from Ouran.

*ryakudatsuai (略奪愛): literally stealing someone else’s partner. destroying the relationship of someone who’s already attached (whether married or not) in order to romance them. tl;dr HOMEWRECKER

@han-pan remember we talked about Kenshin and MC and Ai?? lmaoooo


A little comic for @cookies-hetaoni‘s ending. (・ωー)~☆

I don’t regret anything.

not to shit on fo4 per usual but fo4 never had and probably will never have funny jokes the way fnv has because it literally lacks the charm and personality of fnv and the fandom did reach peak comedy with the settlement jokes but they were also extremely unfunny and boring and they were still not lore jokes they were broken AI and engine jokes which is 99% of anything remotely funny that ever came out of this game or any bethesda game in general

anonymous asked:

5 reasons u love tony!! (random question but i saw another anon ask questions so i thought might as well lol)

1) He’s a big softie underneath his metaphoric or literal metal armour. He’s a mommy’s boy and he craves affection, just look at how soft and emotionally vulnerable when he’s around Pepper and Rhodey, when he doesn’t have to be Tony StarkTM. And he will openly admit to them that he loves them and he can’t lose them. 

2) He’s a sweetheart and he cares SO MUCH. He may not be good at telling everyone that he cares, but actions speak louder than words. He remembers Happy’s favourite show is Downton Abbey, he tells Coulson that he can arrange a flight for him to Vienna to meet up with his cellist, he brings green healthy juice for his teammates, he builds Sam Red wing, he wants Thor to stay, he’s playful around Banner to tell him that he doesn’t have to isolate himself because of Hulk, he sees the good in Banner and Hulk when everyone around is respectfully scared of them, he says ‘give me back my Rhodey’, he puts a heater in the Spidey suit, he knows about the old lady and the churro, he’s working on a prototype Cap shield even now they’re at odds, he unironically hopes Pepper likes the giant rabbit and then he apologises to her that maybe the rabbit is too big. And the fact that he created an AI and name it JARVIS because he loves and adore his butler/father figure Edwin Jarvis. His heart is so big and he loves everyone. 

3) He’s also a big dork, see here
He’s a nerd who banters with his robots and AI, who makes lame jokes and gets excited when there’s a secret door.

4) He’s never shunned away from admitting his fault, he accepts accountability and he takes responsibility of his action. (need proof? here ) He is well aware he sometimes makes questionable decisions but he really does what he best can under each circumstance, and you can count on him to be here to deal with the aftermath and consequences. You can blame him on his recklessness but never fault his good will and him not taking responsibility, he’s actually the only Avenger who deals with the responsibility of his and their action. 

5) He puts others well being before himself, not only that he’s always more than ready to sacrifice himself in order to save the rest of the world, he also listens to others. He will compromise if it means for the benefit for everyone, he will always want to find a solution that can help and save everyone. 

Bonus: He’s a hard worker. He loves what he does and I identify with him so much when he loses himself in work. He is the most human character despite being a genius, he doesn’t have superpower, all of it comes from his brain and his heart. It’s just really inspiring and uplifting and moving. 

God I love him so much thanks for asking :)) 

I had the most ridiculous dream. The Two Beast Challenge but with the ais and Alpha

Church approaches Delta and Gary who guard some gates.

Church: Okay I know what’s up. One of you always speaks the truth an the other lies right. Well Delta I know you so-

Delta: actually neither of us really speak the truth. And that isn’t the challenge

Church: .. what is it then

Delta: you must sit through all of Gary’s jokes and sincerely laugh

Church: no..

Gary: *opens a large folder*

Church: NO