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overwatch player types by gamemode
  • quick play: balanced people looking for a stress-free game
  • custom: tinkerers and comedy masters testing the numberless ways to crash OW until it needs to get reinstalled to start.
  • vs ai: too ashamed to practice genji in public;
  • comp: a vile den of wretched, sneering cynics; gall and bile flying through the air; everyone in it for the golden guns. kinda like a bonus level circle of hell.
  • arcade: be careful whom you trust; approach with extreme caution; closest thing in online gaming to stepping into a fairy ring.

“Saved as draft” Part 1 of 7

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I think it might already be part of the headcanon that Daichi is actually a coward + a softie, especially when it comes to Suga (¬‿¬)

Soooo, I was wondering if you’d like to see the rest of my short comic idea? It’s really sweet and embarrassing (▰˘◡˘▰) Would you like to?

I’ve done a lot of things I hate, and which make me question myself as a self-proclaimed vegan.

I’ve learned from the corpses of animals, from horses to cats of all stages of life.

I’ve castrated young bulls without pain relief.

I’ve warred with dairy cows over getting them into the milking parlour and getting the milking cups on their teats. I almost broke a finger from a cow who would not stop kicking to prevent me from putting them on.

I’ve helped separate day-old calves from their mothers.

I’ve washed and prepped 2-year old racehorses.

I’ve saddled horses for riding schools, and helped during lessons.

I’ve stuck my hand into the rectums of horses and cows, and have practiced AI techniques on horses.

And that isn’t even the worst I will have to do. I will have to purposefully take the life of an animal in order to learn about anaesthesia depths, and I may have to perform vivisection on animals which will result in their deaths. I will have to advise farmers on how to optimize the productivity of their farm and animals. I will have to pretend like it doesn’t affect me otherwise I will lose any chance of being able to provide veterinary care to these animals.

I’m a veterinary student, and while I truly believe the veterinary industry desperately needs more vegans, the only thing stopping me from quitting is knowing that I am probably the only one in my year that truly hates and regrets doing all of these things. And vegan veterinary students are the key to changing that. It’s a degree that challenges your morals in every way possible from formulating productive diets to causing direct or indirect harm to an animal, but the veterinary field needs to be changed from the economic emphasis it has now, to an animal emphasis it should have. 


Warning: Low Quality Video

On the 15th anniversary of the “Practice” rant, here’s a clip from the documentary “Iverson” which includes Allen’s side of the infamous post season press conference. Very good documentary if you have the time to watch it.

Just 5 days before his end of season press conference, looking back on what could be his last season with his home-town team in Philadelphia, Iverson’s close friend, Rahsaan Langford was gunned down at age 29. 

The 76ers had just been eliminated by Detroit in the Eastern Conference Semifinals (2-4) ending their 48-34 season. Just a season before, Iverson was competing against Kobe Bryant and Shaq in the NBA Finals. 

“I went in and talked to coach, and I wasn’t going anywhere. Thats what I thought the press conference was going to be about.” 

It seems clear that Iverson felt the practice questions were almost insulting in the wake of everything else happening in his life and with his team. 

I was asked if I could make a tutorial of how I made the line art in this Castiel graphic. Well, I think it would be good to say that I used Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to make it. But if you don’t have Illustrator, don’t worry, Photoshop will be enough. Even though, I’ll try to explain how to do it on both ;)

Well, let’s go to the tutorial, right?

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Junkrat and Sombra?


How often: 3 hours, I really only pick him if lucio is already taken

Which maps: any map really

Which skin i have equipped: its one of his recolors? like hes just a green boi

Who I ship w/ them: meh???????? im fine w/ a couple of ships w/him. like roatrat is gr8, boombox is gr8, and there are prob others tht im aight with :O!


How often: i’ve only played her for 4 mins :,> really only bc there is usually too many offense characters

Which maps: i havent played her a lot so im indifferent w/ which maps to use her on

Which skin i have equipped: just like junkrat, i only have a recolor of her equipped, and its a green recolor wowie i lov green

Who I ship w/ them: tbh im hella up for sombra+widowmaker or sombra+symettra!! 


“Uh oh! I know that look!”

“So, what’cha looking at, Asami?” 


Everyone on Team Avatar plays for the Avatar if you know what I mean

I don’t care how overdone the idea of oggling at the Avatar’s muscles while she trains is. Nope. No cares. And the idea of Mako and Bolin catching Asami in the act and giving her crap for it is great!

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Could I ask for a NSFW scenario with reader and Ai-Ai? Maybe Ai has to practice for a new role he's gotten for a movie and asks reader to help him practice, only to realize the role is a lot different then how Ai usually acts ( like being sexy and teasing them, giving whispers and such?) and reader is just like super surprised by it (but doesn't necessarily hate it either ;3 ) Thank you, sorry if it's super long!!

For obvious reasons, we’re going by a bit of a time skip so that he’s at least 18 XD. This was SO DIFFICULT! I want to cry now that I’ve finally finished it. Anywho, I hope you like it.

You heard a very light knock on the door followed by, “______, are you busy?”

“No, come in!” You called.

The cyan haired idol slipped through the door with his movie script in tow, “Thank you.”

You looked over to him and smiled, “What do you need?”

“I need someone to read through my script with me.” Ai said, handing you his script as he took a seat next to you on the couch. “I’m having a hard time understanding how to approach one particular scene.”

“Okay, sure.” You nodded, “Which scene is it?”

You leaned forward as Ai pointed at the scene in question. He’d told you that he’d been having issues with it before but you never understood why. Now, you had a much better idea what he was up against. This was Ai’s first ‘adult’ role since he began his career. So, it wasn’t very hard to believe that even he had a few troubles.

“I see…” you whispered.

“Would you mind if I practiced this scene with you?” he asked. It’d make him a little more comfortable practicing with you than it would have with someone like Syo, who was his original choice.

You took a deep breath, “S-sure!”

Ai removed himself from the couch and walked over to the door, “Well, start from the top.”

You nodded. The sound of the door closing was your cue to read the first line.

“You’re late.” you said, in a somewhat stern voice.

You heard the cyan haired idol chuckle, “Okay, okay. I can explain.”

“Can you really?”

“I could… Or…”

You felt Ai’s cold hands rest upon your shoulders before he began to work them. You’re eyes grew wide and you’d nearly forgotten to read the next line.


Ai leaned forward as his hands glided down your arms. He wrapped his arms around your waist and began to press kisses against your neck, starling you. Every tiny hair on your body stood at the feeling of his cool lips brushing against your skin. Again, you’d nearly forgotten to read the line.

“You smell like you’ve been drinking! Where have you been?” you asked, trying to remain in character.

Ai’s hand traveled up to cover your mouth, “Shh, you talk too much. Just relax.”

You smacked his hand away, “How do you expect me to relax when you’ve been gone for hours?! Doing God knows what with God knows who–”

He hopped over the back of the couch so that we was sitting next you, “My, you scorn me… Are you saying you don’t trust me anymore?”



Ai’s hand rubbed your thigh as he leaned forward, his lips mere inches away from touching yours. Your mind had gone blank when you realized how into this character Ai had become. You’d looked in his eyes but Ai was not there. He smirked before capturing your lips into a kiss. This kiss was like nothing you’d ever experience before with him. The way he pulled your body closer to his made you feel weak! Before you knew it, you were on you back and looking up at the idol. He caressed your cheek and whispered, “That’s more like it…”

You closed your eyes as he leaned forward to kiss you again. You began to feel almost anxious to see what’d happen next. You’d lost the strength in your body to push him off just as the script instructed. He snaked his tongue into your mouth. His kiss made your head spin. You found yourself slightly proud that you’d got to experience this before his co-star did. You shifted just a bit which resulted into you rocking into his crotch, earning a sudden moan from the boy above you. Startled by the feeling of his bulge, you dropped the script on the floor. He blinked repeatedly as if he’d snapped out of the man he’d become.

“Hm, I hadn’t expected that to happen… It seems I’ve become aroused.”

Your eyes grew wide and blush spread violently over your cheeks, “How can you say something like that so casually?!”

He tilted his head, “Why is that so wrong?”

You looked away in an attempt to avoid his gaze, “W-Well, what will you do about… that?”

He shrugged, “That would make things quite uncomfortable for my co-star considering we’ve only just met.”

Your head snapped up to meet his eyes with a stern expression, “Ai!”

“Which is why it wouldn’t happen.” Ai said with a small smile.

You found yourself struggling to look away from his gaze. You silently stared into his eyes before wrapping your arms around his neck. He blinked but it didn’t take him very long to realize what you wanted. He leaned into to press his lips against yours softly. Much different from the way he’d kissed you before. This kiss was much more like Ai. He began to gently nibble at your bottom lip to see what response he’d get. His ears perked up at the sound of you moaning softly under him. He had a sudden urge to add some friction to his hidden arousal. So he began to grind against you, causing not only you but himself to let out moans and gasps.

He felt the need to touch your warm skin. Ai snaked his hand under you shirt, running his fingers along your skin. He broke the kiss leaving you panting and confused. He gripped the tail of your shirt and began to lift it up. You were too startled by the idol taking the initiative to remove your shirt on your own. He’d rid you of your jeans immediately after. He took in the sight beneath him before you reached forward to undo his belt.

“_____.” he said softly, watching your hands carefully pull the belt out of each loop.

Soon, the cyan haired idol wore nothing but his shirt as he positioned himself in between your legs. He leaned in to capture your lips in a kiss as he pushed his length inside of you. He felt an overwhelming heat rush throughout his body. Each moan and gasp that escaped your lips encouraged him. His lips trembled at the feeling building up at the pit of his stomach. He buried his face in the nape of you neck. His breathing was uneven and heavy.

“____, I think I…Might be….At my limit.”  he gasped.

His strokes had grown quicker and you felt your climax building. He pressed soft kisses against your collarbone. Your back arched off of the couch and toes curled as your orgasm overtook you. Ai wasn’t very far behind. With a loud cry, Ai had spilled himself inside of you and fell over so that his head rested against your chest. Your arms fell limp at your sides as you both lie there attempting to regulate your breathing.

“I’ve never had a rehearsal like this before.” Ai said causing you to huff.

“Please, be quiet.”

Nitori Aiichirou 

                                          —— » [ @jikyuuryoku ]

♒ — Rin watched Ai quietly at the younger male was practicing his turn. He had to admit, all the practice Ai had been doing was paying off and he couldn’t be more prouder. He grinned down at him as he climbed out of the pool.

             “You’re doing a great job, Ai. Come on, lets get some lunch, Its on me.”