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overwatch player types by gamemode
  • quick play: balanced people looking for a stress-free game
  • custom: tinkerers and comedy masters testing the numberless ways to crash OW until it needs to get reinstalled to start.
  • vs ai: too ashamed to practice genji in public;
  • comp: a vile den of wretched, sneering cynics; gall and bile flying through the air; everyone in it for the golden guns. kinda like a bonus level circle of hell.
  • arcade: be careful whom you trust; approach with extreme caution; closest thing in online gaming to stepping into a fairy ring.

Those spoilers for the shit show season 4 are total shit. Why? Let’s assume they are true, although I’m sure they aren’t. Let’s even assume they talk about Lexa all season, how wonderful she was and how much Clarke loved and still loves her. Let’s get crazier and imagine Clarke saying “I love and miss Lexa” every episode. Does that mean anything? In the shit show Lexa is dead. Dead. No declaration, no ode ever will resurrect her in the shit show. Even worse, she died with no meaning, no purpose, no dignity. And everything they did after her death in that shit show disrespected her and erased her legacy. Sky people marched on her throne room and on her bedroom. Ontari and ALIE sit on her throne. Ontari raped Murphy on her bed. The nightbloods got killed. Her fighting skills were denied by Luna. Even her lover, Clarke, said that Lexa was an AI, practically doubting her humanity. They disrespected her body, her soul and her legacy. How can anyone fall for these shit spoilers after all this?

Describing AI as an intelligent agent that attempts to maximize a goal function is an abstraction used to teach basic AI principles to undergraduates. It’s not typically how any AI actually works in practice, only conceptually. And the idea of a program taking arbitrary actions in the world to satisfy its supposed goal function in unexpected or harmful ways is uncompelling.


“Uh oh! I know that look!”

“So, what’cha looking at, Asami?” 


Everyone on Team Avatar plays for the Avatar if you know what I mean

I don’t care how overdone the idea of oggling at the Avatar’s muscles while she trains is. Nope. No cares. And the idea of Mako and Bolin catching Asami in the act and giving her crap for it is great!

[translation] The Eternal Summer I Spent with You ~Goodbye, Pyunsuke~

This is dedicated to princessbubblgum, thanks to her I absolutely CANNOT shake the image of sam fam au off my head when I was listening to this and I totally pissed myself laughing. XD


*next to the swimming pool*


Ai: C’mon, Momo-kun, stop crying~

Momo: Noooooo, I’m done for!

Ai: No you’re not!!

Rin: *opens door* It’s time for practice…

Ai: You’ll be okay! C’mon, smile!

Rin: Huh? What’s wrong, Momo?!

Momo: Waaahaaahaaaa, Rin-senpai~! Pyunsuke… Pyunsuke is…

Rin: W-What?

Ai: Rin-senpai! Please help me out here!

Rin: What is going on?! And what that’s on the floor?

Ai: Huh? Ah, it’s a housing case for stag beetles.

Rin: Housing case? Why did you bring something like this here?

Ai: Ehh, it’s because… it seems like the stag beetle Momo keeps at the dorm room has gone to heaven… normally when he calls his name, he would come out from the dirt, but he hasn’t been doing that since yesterday.

Rin: Oh.  Um… I guess it’s getting a bit cold these days…


Ai: Momo-kun~! Here, I’ll give you a free coupon for lunch at the cafeteria, you’ll feel much better after a tasty meal!

Momo: Meal…

Ai: Right?


Ai: Eeeeeeeh!!?

Momo: I took….great care with his food…and gave him the best beetle jelly there is…! Because I love seeing him eat heartily, and now, remembering all that, I’mmaaaahhhhh…!

Ai: Ugh… that kinda backfired…

Momo: Pyunsuke… he’s a shy boy… who I carefully tended since he was still a larva… and when he grew from a larva to an adult insect, when he finally came out of the dirt… I was so, so happy… even when I was exhausted from practices I still take care of him properly… and yet! AND YET! Waaahaaaaaaaa!!

Rin: Aaah, well, drink something and calm down! You like sweet drinks, don’t you?

Momo: Drinks… sweet…

Rin: Huh?


Rin: W-what!?

Ai: What did you remember this time?!

Momo: I… wanted to get just a little closer to stag beetles, that’s why I had those sweet drinks! I thought I might understand their feelings betterrrrrr……!

Rin: You’ve been drinking those stuff for that reason?

Ai: It might not be a good idea to try comfort him anymore…

Rin: But we can’t just leave him like this! *sigh*


Sousuke: *opens door* Rin, about this training regimen… what’s going on?

Rin: Oh, Sousuke, you came at a good time.

Ai: Yamazaki-senpai, please help us!

Sousuke: What’s happened to Mikoshiba?

Ai: The stag beetles he’s been keeping in our room are not coming out from the dirt, and he’s really upset because of that!

Sousuke: Oh… it’s already autumn, I guess.

Rin: Sousuke, you should saying something to him too!

Sousuke: Why do I have to…

Ai: I’m begging you, too! Yamazaki-senpai, you can definitely make it better! After all,  Pyunsuke was named after your name, “Sousuke”!

Sousuke: It has nothing to do with me.

Rin: He’s right! Pyunsuke and Sousuke, it’s like you are familiy!

Sousuke: Hey now…



Sousuke: *sigh* How annoying… Hey, Mikoshiba…

Momo: Ugh… Yamazaki-senpai… *sniff* Pyunsuke and the others are… *sob*

Sousuke: Ah… yeah I heard about what happened to them.

Momo: *sob* I told such great care of all of them… *sob*

Sousuke: Yeah.

Momo: I wanted to give them to Gou-san as a gift, but I couldn’t in the end… *sob*

Sousuke: Yeah.

Momo: And you almost took Pyunsuke back to the mountains…!

Sousuke: Aaaah, sorry about that…

Momo: I named him Pyunsuke, so he could group up to be manly, strong, and macho, just like you…! *wail*

Sousuke: Listen, Mikoshiba. You said… you gave him that name so he would be just like me, right? If that’s the case, I’m sure he’s fine.

Momo: Huh?

Sousuke: It’s true that you can’t bring him back to life. However, he lived a good, meaningful life showered with your love.  He has no regrets.

Momo: But!! Yamazaki-senpai, what do you know about him!!?

Sousuke: Of course I know! We are… connected.

Momo: huh?

Sousuke: By our “suke”.


Sousuke: Oh, hey! Don’t cling onto me! Geez…

Ai: *sigh* Yamazaki-senpai, you were kinda stretching it there…

Rin: *sniff* This is so beautiful…

Ai: Eh? Rin-senpai, are you actually crying…?

Rin: *sniff* I’m not crying…

Ai: But you are… wait, HUH?

Rin: *sniff* what is it?

Ai: Just now… I think I saw Pyunsuke moving…


Ai: See? The dirt moved a bit!

Momo: AAAH! You’re right! Pyunsuke, you’re alive! WAHAHAHA!

Rin: HAAAAH!? What the hell, so you raised such a ruckus for nothing!?

Momo: Oh! I KNOW! It’s because it’s warm here at the pool!

Ai: Huh?

Momo: When the temperature becomes low, stag beetles stop moving or hide in the dirt! I have completely forgotten! Hahahaha, I’m sorry!

Rin: Oh c’mon!

Ai: Ehh… more importantly, Momo-kun… quickly, go apologize…!

Momo: Huh? To whom?

Sousuke: I’m happy for you, Mikoshiba.

Momo: What’s the matter, Yamazaki-senpai? You look so scary!  Please be more happy! Pyunsuke is alive! WOOOOOOOOHH!

Sousuke: You are absolutely right.  In celebration, I’ll take all your stag beetles back to the mountains.

Momo: Nooooo! Please stop!

Rin: Well then…we should start training.


Ai: …indeed.

Rin: Let’s go, Ai.

Ai: Yes sir.

Momo: HELP!!!



Is he going to learn how to use that sword he always has in fanarts back when I was spiled of a lot of stuff?

Ah she’s going to show him how to do it first. That seems reasonable, I don’t think she’d give him an actual sword and send him against an AI on his first practice session.

Just like with everything, including guitar, you have to do the boring repetitive stuff first until you have it so engrained on your head that you could do it while asleep.

It sucks, but it’s how you do stuff.

lumiosecoffeeclub  asked:

18. What’s their favourite genre of: books, music, tv shows, films, video games and anything else (Ai)

books: she practically doesn’t read much considered every book she would want to buy is damn expensive. But she likes books on the side of history(toward war,weapons and such) and those poem books written by Lang Leav.war,weapons and such) and those poem books written by Lang Leav.

music: she listens to plenty of kinds of music. Country isn’t really her sweet side but she does listen to it if she likes the song itself. She likes alternate rock like ONLAP and Breakaway.Country isn’t really her sweet side but she does listen to it if she likes the song itself. She likes alternate rock like ONLAP and Breakaway. She likes to listen to ambient/background music most of the time like Boy Tedson.

TV shows: she uses Youtube instead of TV nowadays. But she does watch shows on Discovery Channel and Nat Geo like River Monsters. She also watches cooking shows from time to time. And oh MTV. She watches Agents of SHIELD too.

Film: She rarely and I mean RARELY watches movies. She likes action and sci-fi though like the Avengers and Interstellar. She likes horror too but only if she finds that movie interesting.

Video games: Gamer all the way! She likes to play games from the Need For Speed franchise. She plays horror RPG like Ib, the Witch’s House, Dreaming Mary and Blank Dream. Games from the Fatal Frame franchise is her fave too. Not forgetting Counter Strike as she is the ultimate champion. In a nutshell, horror,action and racing.

Anything else? Up to you guys to send me!

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