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one actor, eight roles—narimiya hiroki

aio takumi (ima ai ni yukimasu) | aida shohei (orange days) | morita shinobu (honey & clover) |  j (bloody monday) | shinagawa daichi (yankee-kun to megane-chan) | takato yoichi (kindaichi neo) | asahina motoharu (37.5°C no namida) | katsumura hideo (kaito yamaneko)


I was busy working on a school project all weekend and I had no time to draw–but now I am in class so I did this really quick, sorry for my absence!!

Even when he’s outside of his “body” Lance can still sense what goes on outside his cube, and Keith knows this too so he takes every opportunity to embarrass him lol

Last Christmas - Ashton Irwin

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“Are you sure you’re going to be okay here,  Ash?”Luke questioned as they headed to the front door. Ashton the only one without bags for their trip home for the Christmas holiday.

“Why wouldn’t I be?” he questioned, tone coming off colder than really necessary as Luke brushed it off knowing it wasn’t anything personal. He was supposed to be going home with his girlfriend over the holiday to meet her family, but caught her in bed with another guy just two days prior. Way too late to purchase a plane ticket home to Australia.

“You can always take my ticket,” Luke said smiling softly, gesture being appreciated by Ashton, but not taken as he shook his head.

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