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for the why YOI is not a yaoi anon: yaoi as a genre is explicit sexual content, dubious consent, flat characters, basically porn with zero to little plot. shounen ai is "aw they kissed without censorship," cutesy fluff, maybe okay characterisation(?). YOI doesn't fit the yaoi genre. YOI is a sport anime as it has a focus on sport and not explicit sexual stuff with 1 minute of skating in the first ep. YOI's only kiss was censored. it's fit to watch by anyone old enough to watch other sport anime.

Yes yes and yes! That’s a good way to summarize my text-wall lol

I would even dare to say that even if they kissed on-camera OR multiple times (maybe after the rings scene or during the hug post podium ceremony), things wouldn’t change. There would still be a heavy character construction and plot development that lasted for 12 whole episodes that lead to the fact these two love each other enough to spend their lives together; and we don’t need them having sex on camera to know how much they love each other.

My top OTPs from other series are overshadowed by Victuuri because no one could reach this level where both characters are equally fleshed and get to realistically express their emotions and deal with their own bad sides and also each other’s. 

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