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Just a Dream

Word Count: 356
Characters: dean, sis!reader(mentioned), sam (mentioned)
Warnings: I don’t want to spoil it so I’ll just put it has mentions of character death
Tagging: @winchesters-favorite-girl@angelkurenai@deanwinchester-af
K: First attempt at a short little angsty drabble, enjoy! :D Feedback would be greatly appreciated! 

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He has so much planned. Everything is ready, he spent so much time planning and organizing it that it was finally ready. Now he just has to take action. He’s going to take her to the place she’s always dreamed of going.

The place she’s always talks about. Anywhere they were at, she would talk all about it, just making him smile as he heard her talk about her big dream. That when she was old enough she would go and make her dream come true.

But he decided to make her dream come true. He’s going to pick her up, along with his brother and all three of them would go. They will have fun as a family. She’ll have her notebook and sketchbook with her. And she’ll be writing and drawing about the amazing adventure she’s having with her two brothers. He can picture the beautiful smile on her face once they’re there. Her laughter and her goofy self pulling her brothers along with her as they walk. He is going to show her the big surprise he has for her and he can’t wait to see her reaction once he tells her.

Except he can’t.

She’s not here anymore. She hasn’t been here for 5 years. Because she’s gone, lost to death. But he can’t seem to let go of her. How could he? This was his baby sister, but he lost her and he can’t bring her back.

The plan he had and the thoughts of it fade away. The thoughts of her being happy towards being there, gone. All the happy thoughts he had towards telling her, disappeared.

He tries to replay the good memories of her and his younger brother, their smile and how goofy they acted when they were all together, hoping that this was all just a bad dream he was having and that his little sister wasn’t actually gone.

But it isn’t a dream, it’s reality, his baby sister is gone, and now so is his younger brother. With no way to bring them back. They only exist in his memories.

But in reality Dean was alone, forever…