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One of the earliest Māori suffragettes, Meri Te Tai Mangakahia (22 May 1868 – 10 October 1920)

Meri Te Tai was of Ngati Te Reinga, Ngati Manawa and Te Kaitutae, three hapu (’clans’) of Te Rarawa, an iwi (’tribe’) in Northland). She was well educated, studying at St Mary’s Convent in Auckland and was an accomplished pianist. In 1893 she became the first woman to address the Maori parliament, asking that women be given not only voting rights but to be eligible to take a seat within the parliament as well.

E whakamoemiti atu ana ahau kinga honore mema e noho nei, kia ora koutou. katoa, ko te take i motini atu ai ahan, ki te Tumuaki Honore, me nga mema honore, ka mahia he ture e tenei whare kia whakamana nga wahine ki te pooti mema mo ratou ki te Paremata Maori. 1. He nui nga wahine o Nui Tireni kua mate a ratou taane, a he whenua karati, papatupu o ratou. 2. He nui nga wahine o Nui Tireni kua mate o ratou matua, kaore o ratou tungane, he karati, he papatupu o ratou. 3. He nui nga wahine mohio o Nui Tireni kei te moe tane, kaore nga tane e mohio ki te whakahaere i o raua whenua. 4. He nui nga wahine kua koroheketia o ratou matua, he wahine mohio, he karati, he papatupu o ratou. 5. He nui nga tane Rangatira o te motu nei kua inoi ki te kuini, mo nga mate e pa ara kia tatou, a kaore tonu tatou i pa ki te ora i runga i ta ratou inoitanga. Na reira ka inoi ahau ki tenei whare kia tu he mema wahine. Ma tenei pea e tika ai, a tera ka tika ki te tuku inoi nga mema wahine ki te kuini, mo nga mate kua pa nei kia tatou me o tatou whenua, a tera pea e whakaae mai a te kuini ki te inoi a ona hoa Wahine Maori i te mea he wahine ano hoki a te kuini.

English Translation:
I exult the honourable members of this gathering. Greetings. The reason I move this motion before the principle member and all honourable members so that a law may emerge from this parliament allowing women to vote and women to be accepted as members of the parliament. Following are my reasons that present this motion so that women may receive the vote and that there be women members: 1. There are many women who have been widowed and own much land. 2. There are many women whose fathers have died and do not have brothers. 3. There are many women who are knowledgeable of the management of land where their husbands are not. 4. There are many women whose fathers are elderly, who are also knowledgeable of the management of land and own land. 5. There have been many male leaders who have petitioned the Queen concerning the many issues that affect us all, however, we have not yet been adequately compensated according to those petitions. Therefore I pray to this gathering that women members be appointed. Perhaps by this course of action we may be satisfied concerning the many issues affecting us and our land. Perhaps the Queen may listen to the petitions if they are presented by her Maori sisters, since she is a woman as well.

German - English Advanced Vocab: Robotics

to simulate - etw. simulieren, nachahmen

chaotic - chaotisch

weather pattern - die Wetterlage

to process sth. - etw. verarbeiten

to analyse sth. - etw. analysieren

vast - gewaltig, riesig

data - die Daten (Plural)

To generate sth. - etw. erzeugen

sophisticated - raffiniert, anspruchsvoll

scientist - der Naturwissenschaftler

scientific - naturwissenschaftlich

to adress sth. - sich mit etw. befassen

artificiall intelligence (AI) - die künstliche Intelligenz (KI)

robotics - die Robotertechnik

robot - der Roboter

programmable - programmierbar

complex - komplex

series - die Reihen

surroundings - die Umgebung

physical - körperlich

to manipulate sth. - mit etwas umgehen, etw. handhaben; auch: etw. manipulieren

playwright - der Dramatiker

forced labour - die Zwangsarbeit

microelectronics - die Mikroelektronik

advance (=progress) - der Fortschritt

processor - der Prozessor

researcher - der Forscher

to do research - forschen

efficient - effizient, wirksam

environment - die Umgebung, die Umwelt

monotous - monoton

manufacturing - die Herstellung, die Fabrikation

automobile - das Auto

repetitive - eintönig, sich dauernd wiederholend

welding - das Schweißen

exploration - die Erkundung

to explore sth. - etw. erforschen, erkunden

sample - die Probe

tissue - das Gewebe

soil - der Boden

wreck - das Wrack

diver - der Taucher

microsurgery - die Mikrochirurgie

surgeon - der Chirurg

to perform sth. - etw. durchführen

intricate (=complex) - kompliziert

to reduce sth. - etw. verringern

shakiness - die Zittrigkeit

to operate on someone - jemanden operieren

patient - Patient

remotely - aus der Ferne

to assess sth. - etw. beurteilen

assessment - die Beurteilung

polluted - verschmutzt

chemical spill - die chemische Verschmutzung

nuclear power plant - das Kernkraftwerk

rescue operation - die Rettungsaktion

catastrophe (=disaster) - die Katastrophe

earthquake - das Erdbeben

military - das Militär

to guide sth. - etw. führen

to defuse a bomb - eine Bombe entschärfen

mine sweeper - das Minensuchgerät

aerial vehicle - das Luftfahrzeug

to launch a missile - eine Rakete abschießen

to age - altern

population -  die Bevölkerung

to draw the line between two things - Zwei Sachen gegeneinander abgrenzen

ultimately - schließlich, letzten Endes

to portray sth. - etw. darstellen

genetics - die Genetik

gene -  das Gen

trait - die Eigenschaft

genetic - genetisch


deoxyribonucleic acid - die Desoxyribonukleinsäure

protein - das Protein, das Eiweiß

to determine sth. - etw. bestimmen

sexual reproduction - die sexuelle Fortpflanzung

to inherit sth. (from s.o.) - etw. (von jdm.) erben

disease - die Krankheit

hereditary - erblich, angeboren

hereditary disease -  die Erbkrankheit

genetic disorder - die Genetische Störung


Maybe he’s smiling, maybe he’s not

Maybe they’re holding hands, maybe they aren’t

Maybe they’re in love…


Manga recommendation: Kaze to Ki no Uta by Keiko Takemiya (1976)

Kaze to Ki no Uta is one of the first shonen-ai manga. Published in 1976, it’s now considered a classic. Set in the 19th century, Kaze deals with subjects that manga nowadays rarely touch. These include racism, pedophilia, rape, and incest. It’s actually the only manga I’ve read that ever touches on racism–the main character’s mother is Roma and his father is a French viscount. The buildup of Gilbert and Serge’s relationship and both of their emotional baggage makes it a very emotional read. The manga ran for 17 volumes but only 8 of them are translated. Regardless, I think it’s an essential read for fans of both older manga and shonen-ai.