World’s first pop song composed by AI released this week
Earlier this week, Sony CSL research released the first ever pop song to be composed entirely by an AI system which is called Flow Machines. A human musician, a French composer named Benoit Carre produced, mixed, and wrote the lyrics for the song but the melody and harmony of the track were…

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Youtuber: Try Candid! It’s an app that promotes anonymity and free speech!


5 Minutes later:

Viewer: CANDID collects my data and watches me with their AI WAAAAAAH!

Me: Yea. No shit. You should have done research.

Viewer: Youtubers sold us out, other youtuber said so ITS PAYBACK TIME!

Me: …

You guys aren’t very smart, are you?

Scientists Gave a Computer One Directive: Write a Song Like the Beatles
And so it did.
By Jenn Gidman

I would hope that all aspiring musicians, regardless of style or genre, take heart at this line: …”First, it sounds somewhat emotionless…” The human element is not be taken lightly when it comes to music or any form of self-expression. Now, that’s not to say that AI of some future (or perhaps current) sort couldn’t compose a perfectly good or great sounding song of its own design and in its own right. In fact, I’d rather hear THAT than some sort of facsimile of a Beatles or other band’s tune.