Concept: a movie about the first true artificial intelligence where it’s implied that there’s this big philosophical sturm und drang over the definition of personhood going on in the background, but we never get to see how it shakes out, because the actual plot is about the AI in question getting into speedrunning Super Mario 64 and the resulting controversy concerning whether its WRs should be treated as tool assisted.

why isn’t 5sos singing san francisco acoustically talked about enough?? especially ashton’s solo??

this boy doesn’t get to sing as much as he should be allowed to and when he does we should appreciate it!

and don’t get me started on that cashton harmony oh my 

anyone else just get extremely nostalgic yet also so sad when they think about old 5sos? like don’t get me wrong i love them so much now and i am so insanely proud of how far they’ve come, but some nights i just lay in bed and think of michael’s red hair and the keeks and luke’s lip ring and the fact that the last time i saw them is the last time i’m gonna hear disconnected live and the feeling of listening to the self titled album and hearing the leaked version of permanent vacation and the excitement of new EP’s and b sides and i’m sorry this is so long but i miss them so fucking much it hurts