ahwon min

All the Lion and Lamb anyone could ever want

Thank you to all the artists who submitted. It’s inspiring to see so many artists actively searching for ideas. Here are the rest of the images that arrived this week. I believe artists can learn a lot from looking at each other’s thinking process. I hope you enjoy looking at these as much as I did. 

Art by: Maria Eugenia Longo, Bill Carman, Adam Koford, Enui, Diego Jourdan, George Bletsis, Jamie Carter, Dan McConnell, Andrew Wales, adpuchalski, Ahwon Min, Alex Fine, Michal Dziekan, Paolou Berti, Angie Wu, Artaksiniya, Delton Demarest, Christel Devue, Couty Julien,Daniel Warner, Facets of the Jewel, Fred Blunt, Fred Stesney, Guillaume Chauchat, Jeannie Lee, Karl Kotas, Kate Willaert, Marcelo Badari, Matthew Kalamidas, Michael Greaney, Mike Everett, Nancy Pierson, Nicholas Larkin, Philip McKenney, Robin Mork, Sascha Eckes, Tim Hamilton